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  1. hero84

    Event Team

    It is very interesting team I think for the TMP!!!
  2. Until when do I must wait for results? or should I need to wait for more time?
  3. hero84

    How to pilot

    This is a really nice guide for pilot users thank you!
  4. Thank you, TMP for noticing.
  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. @Carrera18 thx, I will try~
  7. How do I post a picture to my post? I do not know how to do it...
  8. There is an eng Sub at youtube CC settings
  9. @Akoa What evidence do I need for reporting 0ton mods and no damage?
  10. I find a KOREAN VTC using Oton mod and no damage mod how do I report it? I Know no damage mod is possible to ban but what about 0 ton mod?
  11. hero84


  12. Great news!!! Good luck to all people
  13. @InvasiveSpark problem solved thx!! @Syntackz thank you for your help
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