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  1. DirtyQTipz2

    new map-dlc

    I hope it brings some folks back too. I swap between Europe and America to break up the monotony of the same old US roads.
  2. DirtyQTipz2

    Why Is Europe 2 The Busiest Server?

    I agree with Killu. If you're a socialite EU2 is the place to be...you either love it or hate it.
  3. DirtyQTipz2

    Why are so many players joining the forum? Discussion

    Because the highways were so lonely Honestly, when I first started, I learned just about EVERYTHING from searching the forums. There is tons of cool stuff buried in the threads....all ya gotta do is search.
  4. DirtyQTipz2

    Automatically detect when a Skoda has a trailer

    I say why not? It used to be a much bigger problem and it seems to come in waves for the most part.
  5. DirtyQTipz2

    Missions/Routes with Friends (Party System)

    WoT contracts is your easiest fix. As said above, you're speed limited but that's ok if you're enjoying a leisure drive with friends.
  6. DirtyQTipz2

    ATS most used truck

    I prefer the Kenworth W900...you can roll down the highway!
  7. DirtyQTipz2

    new map-dlc

    700 is a pretty big stretch. Some folks refused to pay for the DLC, others will. Numbers fluctuate but you will see the hangouts migrate to the North.
  8. DirtyQTipz2

    New Police design (American)

    Four thumbs up. The design is in line with many US police departments. The LAPD made the black/white famous and a lot of agencies are switching to that design. Our local police department just switched to black and whites and they look slick
  9. DirtyQTipz2

    What do you think about that Light rule?

    I'm with ya'll. There was a previous topic arguing against and auto kick. To me it's always made sense just to cut them on prior to driving so it's one less thing to worry about. It's just part of my rotation (start engine, lights on, shift). It's kinda like waiting to plug in your mic when ya wanna respond to someone.....
  10. DirtyQTipz2

    What if AI traffic is added?

    AI is only artificial and surely lacks intelligence. I could imagine lot of rage quits
  11. DirtyQTipz2

    Event Team

    Congrats all!
  12. DirtyQTipz2

    Headlights-ON warning beep

    I understand and that would be frustrating, for sure.
  13. DirtyQTipz2

    Headlights-ON warning beep

    I'm not opposed to this suggestion, but I struggle to understand how one wouldn't realize their headlights aren't on. Sometimes I struggle to see everything with just the low beams on....I couldn't imagine attempting to drive without headlights...Just my 2 cents.
  14. DirtyQTipz2

    CB Radio Buttons

    Yes, please. Love the suggestion! This would make gameplay so much easier