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  1. Global speed limiter

    Well done. 120km/h would be better...
  2. Event Team

    Come on, make it simple guys! Do not create more useless "ranks" and "teams"...
  3. With every argument: We need to hear both sides before judging. 

  4. Am I getting this right: information was leaked? Hope you do not mind me asking, but what kind of information was leaked?
  5. Are GMs on strike? What is happening? Nobody sees the reports?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Landark


      It usually takes 2 is getting slower and slower...

    3. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley

      Real life is more important so just be patient

    4. Landark


      I assume nobody got the point of my comment...It was not addressed to GMs...

  6. I wanted to do more, but I can't.

    I am thinking about giving up on reporting others... I sent over 100 reports over the last 3 months and it seems to me that it is useless.

    I just want to have fun with the game and I am wasting too much time with reports. 


    1. TrademarkGamer


      How is it useless? You get to know exactly what the result of your report with a reason.

    2. Landark


      Because I believe the current punishments are not stopping offenders at all.


    Hi @Aestrial, no your suggestion did not work. The only way is to shut down Plays Beta App, and then I can get to the menu as before. I will have to use a different software for now. FORUM MODs: You may close this, as I am not sure if there is a solution for now. Many thanks.

    @?? Powerful Yes that is correct. Only when I press TAB and try to activate the mouse via "right click" (when is running). When the game is starting, choosing the server, or going to settings I can see the mouse. It is just mid game, when I want to use the in game menu that I can not activate the mouse (yellow cursor).

    That is the old I am talking about the NEW app.

    Good evening Yesterday I installed the new app (Beta). It works well and in my case better than the previous version. The problem that I noticed is that when it is recording in the background, I am not able to use the mouse (activate it via "right click" ) after I press "Tab", in order to go to the Options or report someone. As soon as I disable the, I can use the mouse as usual. Does anyone knows how to solve this in case the found a similar case in the past? Is it a problem from app and therefore has nothing to do with TruckersMP? Is this a bug that shall be reported to TruckersMP so that they can look into it and improve? Many thanks ---------------------------------- Just to clarify: - I had the previous version of and never had this problem. This is in relation to the NEW Plays Beta app. - The mouse works during the game. It is JUST when I press TAB to see the players list/menu, that I can not get the mouse to show up so I can go to the options/report someone. Therefore, I suspect the problem is only in regards to TruckersMP, as ETS2 shows the mouse. - I have changed the keys before, but this is not related to that in my opinion. It is just when I need to activate the mouse (right click) to be able to use it with the players list/menu from TruckersMP.
  11. Simulation and /Fix

    Players that use EU1 (simulation) most likely would not use that command anyway.
  12. New multiplayer mods.

    Good evening! People are naturally interested in other projects, as those projects might have different approaches to the problems we see in TruckersMP. However, only when those projects are available can we draw conclusions. That is a really disappointing comment @scarface0359! Are you trying to sell copies of the game for SCS or develop a MOD and a community around it? If the true objective of this MOD is to have "new players", that explains everything that is wrong with this MOD. TruckersMP as a multiplayer MOD for a simulator should value the principles of the original game (a simulator!).
  13. Weekend is coming. Stay away from CD road! :D

    1. CrackPrewier


      I Agree With You :D

  14. Allow fatigue simulation

    @Joao Rodrigues and @megadethsteve666, this is getting out of hand isn't it? In life there will be always someone that will disagree with your opinion. There is no need to keep with this useless confrontation ad nauseum...
  15. Allow fatigue simulation

    As an optional feature it does not bother me. However, as the clock will not move forward while one sleep, it is not interesting to have that feature on for the sake of "simulation". In the singleplayer you can control the rest breaks you have to maximize the delivery time and arrive earlier as possible. In the multiplayer, this feature is fairly useless as the clock will not change.