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Happy New Year!


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Hi there!


Since the New Year has already started in some countries, and is yet to start in others we'd like to create a post which summarises 2016.


American Truck Simulator was released on 2 February 2016, the date ETS2MP changed its name to TruckersMP.  We've went from around 650.000 users to 1,2 million in 1 year, this has been an incredible milestone for us and we are happy it has come so far. But this succes is not only on our side, without you, the community, this mod might've not even existed and the whole team likes to thank you for your support and contribution to us this year once again. Some of you are veterans who have been with us from the beginning, others just joined and have a whole journey ahead of them. 


The TruckersMP team wishes everybody a happy new year.


Happy trucking! 

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I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind..


Be slow to critize, be fast to appreciate.

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This year has been really hard for me cause of work, studies, etc. But, It was also good. In April I entered this AWESOME team, which I´m really proud of all of my partners, I finally finished my studies, I started studying private security (that was a thing that I wanted to do time ago) and, of course, I´ve meet awesome people.


The community has grown a lot, and I have good expectations to this following year. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to work with this awesome team, I´ll keep doing my best in 2017!


Much love for all of you!




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Hello TruckersMP family. :)


Happy new year. / Frohes neues Jahr. :)



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I wish anyone "Happy New year" and Hugs & love >3

So i share this picture

Once agian HAPPY NEW YEAR <3

so just take care and be safe <3

Ur member Angel_Dark <3




ladda ned.jpg

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