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  • No pornographic, nude or sexual content

Multiple warning points / ban - No pornographic content or content with an nude or sexual nature. This applies to any links posted, images uploaded, or content written.


  • No profanity or vulgar content/language

Post edited / verbal warning / warning point - Profanity or vulgar content/language is not allowed.


  • No discrimination, sexism, racism or similar

Verbal warning / warning point / ban - We do not allow anyone to judge based on nationality, religion, gender, beliefs or any similar factor on our forum and in our community.


  • No impersonating staff

Verbal warning / warning point / ban  - You are not allowed to attempt to impersonate any staff members, including by name, avatar, signature or anything else.


  • No attacking or insulting other users

Verbal warning / warning point / ban - You may not post any content attacking or insulting other users.


  • No aggressive behaviour

Verbal warning / warning point / ban - You may not post content with an aggressive/negative behavior, especially not when directed at the community or other users.


  • No off topic posting

Verbal warning / warning point / ban - You may not post replies not relevant to the topic or previous posts in the topic.


  • No posting personal details of other users

Verbal warning / warning point / ban - You are not allowed to post any personal details about another user, including address, phone numbers, etc.


  • No bumping threads more than once every 3 days, or unnecessarily

Verbal warning / warning point - You can only post to bump a topic once every 3 days. In addition, you are not allowed to bump topics unnecessarily, for example you are not allowed to bump your VTC topic unless the post adds content to the topic.


  • Use descriptive titles

Title edited / verbal warning - Do not use titles such as "Help me", instead try to describe the content of the topic.


  • No linking to websites violating these rules

Same punishment as breaking the rule - All the forum rules also apply to any link you post on the forum.


  • No reputation farming

Warning / removal of reputation - Do not use other accounts to upvote your own posts, "farming" likes or upvotes.


  • No useless posting or spamming

Post deleted / verbal warning / warning point / ban - Do not post posts with little to no content or spam.


  • No political nicknames / avatars / backgrounds

Verbal warning / warning point - nickname / avatar / background removed




  • Respect the law

Warning point / ban - No violation of international laws or national laws that can apply to TruckersMP is allowed.


  • No posts informing about methods to break the law or encouraging it

Warning point / ban - You are not allowed to post encouraging or asking other users to break any law, nor provide info on methods a user can use to do this. This includes drugs, warez, pirated software, etc.


  • No piracy

Ban - You are not allowed to share, upload or otherwise enable software piracy using any of our platforms.




In addition, no blinking gifs or other animations are allowed.

Moving gifs or animations are allowed.




We have the following restrictions on signature size:

  • Max height: 150px (Any height excess of 150 px will be hidden automatically)
  • Max filesize: 150KB total download

In addition, no blinking gifs or other animations are allowed.

Moving gifs or animations are allowed.




Category use/purpose

A description of the intended purpose or use of a forum category can be found in the category description. Any topic that does not follow this can be moved, and even hidden or deleted. In case of users frequently posting in the wrong category, a verbal warning or even a warning point can be issued.


Category specific rules and requirements

Any category on the forum can have specific rules or requirements that only applies to that category. When this applies, information will be given in either the category description, above the category content or in a pinned topic in the category.

Subcategory have the same category specific rules and requirements as the parent category unless otherwise specified. For example, the ETS2MP bug reports category has the same rules as the general Bug report section.

When a category has a specified format, using this format is required unless otherwise specified. Formats are given in the same way as category specific rules.


Strict moderation

In a category with strict moderation, any off topic posts will be given a warning point, without verbal warnings prior.

This is to ensure the quality of the information found in certain sections.

These sections are identified with a [STRICT MODERATION] tag in the section description.




We do not allow complete deletion of user accounts - however we do offer to disable user accounts by permanently banning them. If you would like to request this, please contact a Community Manager or higher by email. Send the email to feedback@truckersmp.com.




Punishments chosen:

  • Even though a ban is not a specified punishment, the user can be banned for breaking this rule depending on previous warnings and/or warning point given.
  • Which punishment is chosen depends on both previous punishments, warnings and the severity of each case.
  • Hiding and/or deleting the relevant post(s) is done for most rule violations.
  • In very severe cases, upper staff can decide to give harsher punishments than specified in these rules.


Server and forum bans:

  • Bans and punishments on the forum and on the game servers are separated as a general rule - a ban in game does not apply on the forum, and a ban on the forum does not apply in game.
  • In severe cases there can be exceptions, where a punishment carries over between the game servers and the forum. This can be decided by upper staff on a case by case basis.




Please use the search function before posting a topic to avoid duplicate topics.


We have the right to deny any user access to our website, servers and entire network for any reason.


Appealing warning points/bans

In game bans should be appealed on the main website, here.

Warning points or bans on the forum can be appealed by email, send an email to feedback@truckersmp.com.


Word clarifications

User - Anyone browsing our website or this forum.


Staff member - Any member participating in our staff, a full list can be found here.


Subcategory - A category placed under a parent category, used when the parent category is relevant.


Upper staff - Any staff member with a rank of Community Manager or above.


Verbal warning - A warning either posted in the topic or sent by private message to the relevant user.


Warning point - A permanent point visible to the user themself and staff members. Multiple warning points lead to further punishments based on the amount.




Original written by @HumaneWolf.


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  • Blinking GIFs or other blinking animations are no longer allowed.
  • Moving GIFs and animations are still allowed.

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Updated logo to TruckersMP logo.



  • Blinking GIF's or other blinking animations are NOT allowed
  • Moving GIF's or animations are allowed



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Forum rules completely rewritten.


The rules have mostly stayed the same, though they should now be clarified better than before.


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Changed the wording of a couple of rules, clarifying some aspects we enforce, but that wasn't visible enough in the rules.


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