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  1. kultrex

    Kus kõik postitused on?

    Kui aus olla, siis vähemalt MINA isiklikult ei jälgi *TAB* et vaadata kas mõni EST tag kasutaja või kohaliku nimega kaaskodanik kuskil lähedal on. Vahest ikka näen kaaskodanike möödumas, siis lasen tiba õhku pasunast ja vilgutan tuledega nagu disko saalis
  2. kultrex

    Christmas Convoy 2018

    Cool, cant wait.
  3. kultrex

    Which Truck Should Come In 2019?

    I have a funny feeling Renault might come by the end of year.....Maybe, dont get your hopes up
  4. This is not just for ETS but it would be also a must in ATS to have the reefer fuel option.
  5. Oh huh, another new truck sim?


  6. kultrex

    Bullied for having a slower truck than others

    I remember when me and my silver DAF went up the hill in Norway and rolled down the hill(Evil manual) i actualy thought me and my silver slow bullet DAF went up the hill but nahh.....Moody #### went down the hill, taking me with him
  7. Thinks blinker fluid is real
  8. Believes ETS2 map is flat
  9. kultrex

    Do I need a racing wheel to play on truckersmp?

    I use my telepathy powers to play ETS and sometimes ATS.....Allmost true story, i swear But, sometimes i use my keyboard.
  10. kultrex

    [Forum Game] 3 words story

    Library of weird
  11. kultrex

    Hot topic #5: Oregon released

    Well, even though we got a new state now and the slow Swed Vülvü VNL is coming next week? I do wonder if my grandchildren will see rest of the states added do this game
  12. kultrex

    [SCS Blog] Oregon: Final Countdown

    02:37 A red old Swed on left side
  13. kultrex

    Hot topic #3: Oregon and Baltic DLC

    Cant wait, as Estonian im happy to drive trough Latvia and Lithuania, but but....Bigger but, i cant wait driving trough ST Petersburg, i have actualy visited that city 1998