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  1. It most likely has to do with the fact, that your friend is not using "External Contracts 90/Kmh limit" to haul cargo.
  2. Im getting old, sry little buddy...Happy belated Birthday🎂

  3. Happy NEW and the BEST YEAR to you also

  4. Happy new and the BEST freakin year to you👍

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      Happy New Year ❤️ 

  5. Happy new and the BEST freakin year to you👍

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  9. Here is a video tutorial that explains step by step how to share your truck paintjob.
  10. kultrex

    TMP Promods

    Years and years ago when i still used to play ProMods and chat with the........You realy did not need any of the original maps made by SCS Ill be quiet now
  11. kultrex

    TMP Promods

    Realy? SCS actualy will not take any legal action? I know one of the ProMods Ex-Map/Dev is working at SCS, but this would make all future and present SCS official map DLC,s absolute and thats their main source of income.This all topic sounds like one of those "he told me and she told me and nobody actually told anything" situations.Dont get me wrong, it would be cool to drive around in Spain and Greece, but but...............
  12. Покидать любую бета-версию, игра поддерживает новое обновление "Мерседес DLC"
  13. Happy Birthday, shorty:P

  14. *Quote: Your TruckersMP project can bring you income from 30’000 € per month. Answer: What is the point of this post? I cant understand where did you get that ammount of money from? I hope some friend/GM has not told you some rumors? No offence, but the donations and donatores topic is a delicate subject. *Quote: In the Baltic there are many gas stations Rosneft and only two Gazprom. Answer: Nope, most of the Gas stations in Estonia are Neste and Statoil(Norway and Finland) *Quote: P.S. The administration should write a user agreement stating that the players do not buy fuel cards, but make a voluntary donation for the development of the public server, the administration gives the players gifts. Answer: ??? I hope this is a Google Translate mistake. *Quote: Bottom line: the new economy, the sale of fuel cards, will bring a monthly income of ~ 35,000 € euro. Answer: TMP can not make any modifications that can or will be turned into unofficial extra/DLC sale for their own server usage, SCS would take legal action.
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