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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! :D 

  3. #prayfortheworld 

  4. You really deserve your new rank :) <3 

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      Thank you very much, that means a lot <3

    2. Jutonk


      Or The moderator witch never sleeps 

  5. Good morning everyone :D 

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      Good morning, have a great day. ;)

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      Good morning gardash

    4. BurakPow [TR-DK-ENG-DE]
  6. Oh, cool a Heavy Haul Pack for ats. I hope the trucks will get upgraded with more hp engines. I can´t wait.
  7. Jutonk

    Next Map DLC

    Hai, Well I think the next DLC what SCS release would be Spain and Portugal, because the "new" France DLC is in that direction and why don´t add Spain then? Also Spain is a great and intresting country imo. Kind regards. Jutonk
  8. Schrijf een support ticket: https://support.truckersmp.com/
  9. Probeer de MP verwijderen en opnieuw installeren.
  10. Thank you for your follow <3 

  11. Uhh congratulations new moderation team leader. You really deserve it. :) 

  12. Julius is back <3 :D

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      Welcome back topraam :troll:

  13. Uiii new profile picture <3


  14. Very nice YouTube channel. <3
  15. ets200170c9dvbkajut.png

    It was a really nice convoi. We had much fun! Thanks for driving @bluesbass @RaichuTR @LIGHTOFGOD @Nymrodeth

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