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  • Birthday 08/22/1999

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    Denmark (near Germany)
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    Family, fitness & health, cars and trucks ;)
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    Germany: Berlin
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    Danish (Native), Turkish (Native), English and German

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  1. Good morning, how are you doing ? 👋

    I wish you a happy birthday ! 🎂


    Have a nice day ! 😁

    See you soon ! 😃
    /:\ Octopi /:\ 😉

    1. BurakPow [TR-DK-ENG-DE]

      BurakPow [TR-DK-ENG-DE]

      Hello there, I was working.. 

      Thank you mate, I wish you a great day as well, see you on the roads 😉


      Safe drives! 🙏

  2. Happy birthday to you, may good things happen to you every day!🎂

  3. Bayraminiz kutlu olsun beyler
  4. Already missed the winter mod haha, just like in real life we will freeze when we get out of our trucks (jk) Dear truckers remember to take your jackets on!
  5. Hello dear truckers, it's my birthday today ;) 

  6. Well then they should ban all the trollers and idiots, who ruins the game from every single witnesses and evidences.
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