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So the way i enforce this rule. Is so immediate area means near the lights. If there is people at the lights, lets say that has green you should not run a red cause others then have priority. Same goes if you can see other trucks on your GPS coming towards the lights that will have green you should stop too if you have a red. But if you are alone at the lights you can run a red light. And by alone i mean the only truck driving through the the intersection. Or if others are there going the same way as you. So in general if there are other people at the lights you should just stop if you have red lights.

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Here is how I proceed.

I approach at an intersection controlled by traffic light. 4 things can happen:

  1. Green light > I safely drive through the intersection;
  2. Green light turning yellow > I drive through if I don't have enough space to safely come to a stop, otherwise I do so;
  3. Red/yellow light turning green > I drive at low speed then speeding up once it turns green;
  4. Red light > If there is no one in the GPS, no one appears in tab  > I drive through;
    Red light > Someone is in the GPS or in the tab > I come to a complete stop.


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On 1/13/2021 at 5:52 PM, Joao Rodrigues said:

Sitting in front of a red light while nobody is visible on your TAB list doesn't make much sense to you, I understand.
Let's imagine you would not have a TAB list nor little dots on your GPS that visualize players nearby.
How would you then proceed? Maybe even more cautious?

Would you still run the red light if you had to solely trust your judgment on what you can see (or not) out of the truck cabin windows?



If there were no TAB option, then running a red light would be more dangerous and I wouldn't do it. You can't really rely in the GPS because it doesn't show players early enough, and the truck's built-in one doesn't have enough FOV to see beyond a small area, especially to the rear and sides.

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