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  1. happy 50 followers!

    1. blabberbeak


      Thanks for the follow! ❤️

  2. Besides of it being dangerous, I regard such behavior also as unrealistic. If one wants to fully enjoy the aspect of truck simulation, one should consider national real world traffic road traffic regulations (including speed limits), as well as driving times and rest periods regulations.
  3. Hello fellow truckers, I'm interested in how many trucks you have in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) and in American Truck Simulator (ATS). You answers are much appreciated!
  4. For me, TruckersMP is community. I'm fascinated by the fact, that despite our different believes, backgrounds and experiences, over 4 million users peacefully unite in the common interest of trucks and truck simulation. Thanks TruckersMP team for making this possible.
  5. It's what drove me away from TruckersMP quite some time ago, plus the empty highways throughout Europe. Instead, I enjoy Singleplayer again, where AI traffic drives better than many of the users you've mentioned. And now that Convoy supports Mods, it's difficult to see reason to come back.
  6. Thanks, SCS! Convoy Mod support is something I was really looking forward to.
  7. Hello fellow truckers, as most of us spend many hours in configurating and painting our beloved trucks, I wonder if you also take the time to give them a personal name or nickname. So,tell me below in the comments: What is your truck's name? And why did you give it that name? Include a photo of your truck, if you like. I'm curious about your answers!
  8. My favorite truck manufacturer in ATS is Peterbilt. In particular, I enjoy the model 389 the most. Here‘s my Peterbilt 389 Day Cab in a classic light blue Seminole paint scheme:
  9. Have you guys actually watched the video? ... Didn't you notice something? ... No? ... Nothing? ... Well, let me help you: HIS GRAPHIC SETTINGS ARE EPIC!
  10. Depending on where you live, each or even every season can have its charm. I enjoy spring and autumn for turning the flora and fauna into spectacular colors, summer for its warmth and winter for its peaceful snowfall. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd chose spring for the beauty and smell, its temperatures being moderate and its mixture of rain and sun.
  11. My favorite DLCs I´d like to see being released next are Greece and Cyprus (including the northern part which is illegally occupied by Turkey).
  12. I´ve never joined any VTC, because I never found one which would meet my expectations regarding realism.
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