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  1. I wonder what's gonna happen to all map edits of TruckersMP once SCS reworks the BeNeLux Union?
  2. And while we're on it, should we also have servers by race, ethnic, religion, gender and sexual orientation? Here are two quotes from the TruckersMP website worth considering:
  3. You can find the official decision here: Road to Simulation - https://truckersmp.com/blog/167
  4. I dare say, all players would do themselves and others a favor if they actually read, (try to) understand and follow the in-game rules and national road traffic rules.
  5. I very much enjoy the Iberian Peninsula and Southern France, which both I know well from real life.
  6. It's not "only one road" (otherwise it wouldn't be a junction) and it's not a "one way junction". According to the road signage, you are required to yield at this junction. It's irrelevant, if cross traffic can continue straight or if the road is blocked on the other side of the junction, because they are still on a priority road. Furthermore, as the other road user didn't signal that he intended to turn right, you'd to assume he'd continue to drive straight over the junction. If, for example, cross traffic decided to continue straight, made a u-turn in front of the blocking barriers and drove back you are required to yield. As you can't always know for sure where other road users are planning to drive to, it's more safe to give way one time too many than too few. Safe travels!
  7. In the northern hemisphere the meteorological beginning of winter 2022 will be on December 1st the calendrical beginning of winter 2022 wil be on December 22nd I assume, the TruckerMP team will introduce the winter mod at some point in between these two dates.
  8. This must (hopefully) be an error in translation...
  9. Why would you apologize for the (mis)behavior of others? You aren't their parent! You are only responsible for your own actions. I don't agree to introduce a kick-out option , as it can lead to abuse. For example, a group of friends decides to target another (random) player and votes to kick him/ her out. That would be unfair.
  10. I guess with "hilderen" you mean "children"... ? Not all young players are bad drivers, and not all bad drivers are young. Therefore it's rather player's acting "childish". This community has talented young players, and it wouldn't be fair to color everyone with the same brush. Save driving requires knowledge, experience and skills. Not knowing is tolerable, because one can learn, improve and progress. Intentionally ignoring on the other hand is "childish" and selfish, because it doesn't consider others.
  11. I wasn't referring to your system, but to the system of players who occationally freeze. If it's not a performance issue of a player's system but rather of the server in peak times, wouldn't all players be affected in the same way? Just thinking aloud.
  12. Manchmal hat die bucklige Verwandschaft auch etwas von Gefechtsdienst...
  13. Can you describe the issue you experienced a little more in detail? Maybe you have a video sequence which you can provide? From what I understood by your post, players in front suddenly freeze. Could it be a de-sync? Or an overload of the computer's performance?
  14. Hallo @HerzoginLeyla, versuchst du dich in einem Gebiet mit sehr vielen Spielern einzuloggen? Ggf. zu einem Ort wechseln, an dem weniger Spieler sind und danach den Log-in erneut versuchen.
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