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  1. My favorite DLC is hands down the Iberia DLC. It's details are unmatched.
  2. Unfortunately, you missed the point of my post. It's not about me. It's about treating all members equally independent of their status and rank. Again: no member may suffer a disadvantage from the benefit that's given to another member. I wonder why you promote the removal respectively the extension of the AFK timer for patreons, when according to your above opinion a waiting time in the queue of 2 minutes is reasonable.
  3. 1st time MMB SCROLL DOWN turns on the first wiper speed 2nd time MMB SCROLL DOWN turns on the second wiper speed 3rd time MMB SCROLL DOWN turns on the third wiper speed 4th time MMB SCROLL DOWN turns off the wipers I hope this helps to understand how it works.
  4. It's a standard office mouse with 3 buttons of which the MMB also acts a scroll wheel: LMB PRESS left turn Indicator on / off RMB PRESS right turn Indicator on / off MMB PRESS center view to front MMB SCROLL UP high beams on / off MMB SCROLL DOWN wipers on / off (LMB = Left Mouse Button, RMB = Right Mouse Button, MMB = Middle Mouse Button)
  5. I'm using the mouse to steer, give turning signals, turn on/ off the high beams and center my view after I moved it out of the center with ALT + mouse. I'm using my keyboard to drive forwards / backwards and other interactions like attaching the trailer, etc. I've got a Logitech steering wheel, shifter and pedals as well as a Trackir 5, but unfortunately not enough space to Mount them permanently.
  6. The forum title (which you could edit after 500 posts) now states "obsolete". Does this mean it's not visible anymore?
  7. All patreons donate voluntary. That's the whole idea of patronage. Non-Patreons mustn't suffer any disadvantage from Patreon benefits. Making them wait in a queue for the sake of the comfort of a patreon is discriminating and therefore not reasonable at all.
  8. It's remarkable how many users witnessed or were a victim of an incident that happened on the road between Duisburg an Calais.
  9. True, but as I stated, it's a highway passing a city. These are often subject to a reduced speed limit for the given reason of a higher traffic volume in and around cities.
  10. A lower speed limit on highways around cities and on so called city highways isn't unusual in real life. It can be explained by a higher traffic volume that usually occurs in and around cities, and it increases safety in road traffic. It doesn't bother me, because it increases realism.
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