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Community Answers

  1. Players are not banned for being uneducated or not knowing road traffic rules, but rather for violating the game rules. I agree however that education is fundamentally important and would improve the game experience. Thank you for sharing the how-to videos. I believe they will be a great support for many players.
  2. I don´t mind having a discussion, but I think everything has been said already. To my knowledge, the TruckersMP multiplayer is monitored by game moderators. But I haven´t logged for some time and it is possible that I missed some significant changes. You are perfectly entitled to enjoy unexpected events on the road. They can actually make the experience even more realistic. That is why I wouldn´t want to have them all forbidden. However, in some cases and areas, certain restrictions are necessary, even if not everybody is happy about it. This also is part of a community and multiplayer.
  3. Naturally, this doesn't necessarily apply to players who enjoy the simulation aspect of it... Restrictions are not made thpoughtless, but are based on monitoring a situation over time and determine the cause of a problem. If e.g. predominantly the usage of a double-trailer causes problems at Kirkenes it is a logic consequence to prohibit it in that area. These decisions are made with the goal of a better game experience for all players in mind.
  4. Quote


    Rework of §2.8 - How bans are issued

    After consideration, it was decided to remove permanent bans due to §2.8. We understand that people's behaviour and attitudes towards rules can change over time, so we want to give those who have made mistakes in the past another chance to drive on TruckersMP. Therefore, when a user has 5 active bans, they will now be banned for 90 days, rather than permanently. This gives players enough time to understand their mistake was serious, but also provides an opportunity for them to learn from the incident.

    If you were permanently banned within the last 90 days, your ban will be modified to expire 90 days from the day it was issued. Any permanent §2.8 bans older than 90 days have been disabled, and therefore these users will be able to return to TruckersMP immediately.



    TruckersMP opens up their streets again for players, who evidentially lack the ability of following their rules.


    Frankly, this decision surprised me.


    A player who failed five (or more) times to play by the rules doesn't seem to be a suitable candidate to do so after the sixth (seventh, eighth...) time. Don't get me wrong - nobody is perfect and everybody can make mistakes. But multiple times? The same mistake?


    What alerts me is that with the return of the (former) permanently banned players comes an increased risk that innocent players will be the ones who suffer. Again.


    The next weeks and months will reveal if the made decision is for the better or for the worse of TruckersMP.

  5. Not at all anymore. I did only if a job would take me there, but never without a purpose. Following local speed limts eventually led to impatient and reckless players crashing into me. Though all of them were reported and punished, I never drove there again.
  6. I miss meeting players on the the road. The number of players has dropped significantly, which made driving most of the time look like I was alone on the (simulation) server. This turned me away from the multiplayer and towards singleplayer again. I'd prefer to see players more evenly spread over the map than flock together on two spots, driving the same road back and forth all day long.
  7. Frankly, I never used the phrase "rec ban" ever, simply because it wouldn't be true. Though I record and save parts of my drives as evidence for reports of rule violations, I'm not a TruckersMP team member and don't have the authority to ban anybody.
  8. How do you define heavy cargo? There is no the best truck. It is rather a question of performance than brand. Therefore any truck that meets the requirement of the job is suitable.
  9. The darker the chocolate, the better. Occationally, I enjoy a piece of Lindt Excellence Dark 100% Cocoa Chocolate the most. It combines well with a Reserva Tawny Port wine.
  10. Players don't have an obsession with traffic jams, they are attracted by other players. First, it was the ports of Rotterdam. The road between Duisburg and Calais is amother prime example. It isn't a challenging course of road, and there aren't any beautiful or interesting sight seeings on it. Nevertheless, some players drive this road up and down all day. The same is the case with the TruckersMP headquarters. From a simulation point of view, traffic jams are part of a truckers life and add to realism. Driving there intentionally however is a waste of time.
  11. Ich simuliere die Realität so gut ich das mit den gegebenen Mitteln kann. Nationale StraßenVerkehrsregeln gehören ebenso dazu wie lokale Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungen. Außerdem berücksichtige ich Pausen- und Ruhezeiten. Meine Fahrzeuge entsprechen in Ausstattung und Leistung weitestgehend den realen Vorbildern, d.h. schlicht und funktional.
  12. Another pro tip: If you suffer from an anxiety disorders, like homophobia, please consult a psychologist of your choice. The TruckersMP community welcomes everybody independent of race, ethnicity, religion, origin, sexual orientation, ability and gender. I kindly ask you to respect that and refrain from questionable comments from now on.
  13. While pineapple is perfect for eating as a dessert, it's a big no-no on pizza. To my knowledge, this kind of pizza isn't even originated in Italy.
  14. Thanks @dragonslayingmaster1000 for these good advice. In this context I'd like to mention another issue which is often disregarded: A safe log-in location. Your log-in location is usually the location where you logged-out the last time. It therefore is important to park your vehicle in a location, which won't block, damage and/ or bother other players after you logged-in. For example, the middle of the road is a big no-go! Instead, choose a non-collision zone or parking facility. Drive safely everyone!
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