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  1. This isn´t by far a new chapter for TruckersMP, as similar server configurations existed in the past. It´s therefore a back to the pre-Road To Simulation-era. Considering these new respectively old facts, Road to Simulation has come to an abrupt and violent end and, in retrospect, looks like a hoax at the expense of the simulation fans. The TruckersMP team didn´t listen to the community´s voice, but they capitulated to a bunch of screaming Need For Speed fans, who I am sure of will continued to be pampered in the future under the guise of the majority´s interest. For me, TruckersMP ended already years ago, caused by decisions I refused to bear and endure. Today, you´ve not only lost the interest but also the trust of longtime, loyal, and respected members of this community. I hope you had this in mind when you made your decisions.
  2. Warning: This post may be of ironic or cynical content and Readers discretion is advised. While we're at it, let's rework the road between Duisburg and Calais to a straight course and add 12 lanes for each direction of travel to remove any possible nuisances once and for all.
  3. I'm sorry about the incident that has happened to you. Reports sent with the in-game report system have to be claimed by a game moderator on duty within a certain time period, which is 10 minutes. If the report hasn't been claimed in that time, it will be lost, and you will receive an automated notification in the chat. The in-game report system is inefficient because the number of game moderators is too small to handle the high number of in-game reports in a timely manner. It is therefore always better to record incidents and use the video as evidence for a report via the web reporting system. Please note that there are many different ways to video record your game play, many of which don't have a noticeable impact on your computer's performance. A search in the forum for recording software tips and suggestions will likely come up with some useful advice.
  4. The rear view camera shown in the screenshot does not allow one to see the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle due to its horizontal orientation. To be useful, its position needs to be higher and its angle needs to face more downwards. For the sake of safety and realism, I prefer and recommend that you G.O.A.L. (Go Out And Look) as often as necessary for safe maneuvering of the vehicle.
  5. What is the purpose of this topic? In particular, why is one interested in the number of minors in this community?
  6. The largest distance I've driven was on a job from Portugal to Turkey and was approx. 4000 kilometers (2400 miles) long.
  7. Didn't the same issue arise when the Krone trailer DLC was introduced and players without the DLC were shown a beautifully drafted replacement* by the TruckersMP team? * ironic for: a plain grey block with static wheels and a white imprint stating "Buy Krone DLC"
  8. I find it difficult to comprehend what benefit such a decision would bring to the community.
  9. I'm looking forward to the introduction of the Volvo VNL 860 to American Truck Simulator.
  10. I regard the Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden as an impressive architectural masterpiece.
  11. Thanks for the follow 

    1. blabberbeak


      The pleasure is all mine.

  12. I wouldn't call it a surprise, but the satisfying realization that in every country I visited I met friendly, courteous, helpful, and interesting people Borders are only drawn on a map, but if you look at earth from space, we're one.
  13. The TruckersMP community has proven more than once that it is capable and willing to congest even a simple road without the additional help of AI traffic.
  14. This appears to be more a matter of personal taste and preference. The first truck I ever bought in American Truck Simulator was a quite simple Peterbilt 389 Day Cab, similar to the one below. We traveled a lot of miles together and had a jolly good time.
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