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  1. A rework of the Benelux countries is needed and I'd welcome it. I'd be surprised if the road between Duisburg and Calais wasn't part of a rework. Depending on how it's changed, it could make players leave or even attract more players. We'll see.
  2. The road between Duisburg and Calais was closed once in the past. Players created long traffic jams in front of the blocked entries. After the event was over everything went back to normal. I doubt a monthly held event will change the behavior of players. They will rather drive in circles around their favorite area for two days than exploring the beauty that Europe has to offer. Many of the players you find on that road joined TruckersMP because they watched a misleading "idiots on the road" video. Their only interest is to drive this road up and down all day l
  3. My favorite cabin accessory is the Galo de Barcelos.
  4. If you want to enjoy a realistic approach of the simulator, I suggest to continue to earn money by finishing jobs. It will take longer, but it also will be more rewarding than using a maxed out pre-made profile.
  5. A point system is a clever idea. But I would use it different. Players collect points for rule violations. If a player reaches a certain number of points, he or she will be abandoned from the simulation server.
  6. His comment was just off-topic, never mind. Back to topic: bottle instead of can.
  7. I'm not sure if TruckersMP makes enough money by Patreons to maintain a server exclusive for them.
  8. @Giovi. seems to refer to your status of punishment, which is permanently banned.
  9. Are you asking for a server which offers trucks and passenger vehicles for Patreons only? Or for a server which offers trucks and the Patreons specific passenger vehicles? I'm confused.
  10. I'd report this admin for abetting another person to violate the game rules.
  11. Have you driven this route? If so, how long did it take you?
  12. This is exactly what happens when TruckersMP is promoted in a way which gives the audience the idea of TruckersMP being a place for people to behave recklessly. It attracts the like which leads to more incidents, more videos... you get the picture.
  13. When I was driving in multiplayer, I recorded my gameplay with Overwolf Game Capture. I set it up to record the past 40 seconds of gameplay. The created evidence has helped to punish hundreds of players who violated the game rules.
  14. I like the Renault Magnum. It was one of my first owned trucks in ETS2. From the cabin one has an excellent overview due to its huge windshield.
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