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  1. Actually I think my least used truck might be Volvo or the new Mercedes Actros.
  2. So as said before the speed limit in cities is defined by the city area. So every city has an area that is marked as a city area by SCS, i take it they are all in the same game folder or something. So what i think TMP does is just take that area and apply a limit to it. Its how the No Collision zones work too. Cause each of the factories and stores and other delivery places you go to is a prefab. And all these are probably stored in the same folders. So all we do is apply No collision to those folders. Which is also why when a new DLC comes out, some delivery places already have no collision and also why cities usually have a limit on them. Because they are all prefabs used before so they are just added to folders that are under the no collision system. And also why some areas dont have No Collision, because they are new prefabs and those folders havent been added to the no collision system yet. I think that is how it works. But this also means that highways that runs though what SCS defines as a city area will be caught by the speed limiter. And i am not sure we can even take individual roads and add a different limit to them. Or at least that would take a lot of work if it could be done, work that would be spent better on other things. So sadly you will have to live with the limit.
  3. Just as long as he wins something Like it would not be fair that he is the only Add-On Manager so he cant win cause he has no one to go up against He has still been doing a great job for TMP for many years.
  4. @EchoSpot Damit! Hey btw! where is Foreunner? I dont think i saw him in there. And i wanted to vote for him at least once! He has done such a great job on the Real Ops stuff!
  5. I might as well vote for my self as best moderator! No one else is gonna do it!
  6. No as said above its not possible to go 20mph faster than the speedlimit. Unless they have a heavy cargo and are going down hill. If its a long enough hill, gravity could get them to speeds like that. If its on flat ground its impossible and they would probably be using speed hacks. Weather or not it was a moderator going faster i dont know and i cant really comment on how fast they can go. So if you see someone going that much faster i would record them and report them on the website.
  7. I really dont think its coming any time soon. You can always do something like BootCamp and run windows on mac to get TMP. But thats up to you. Mac's where never meant for gaming.
  8. So even i dont know exactly what is going on but what Lonewolf5805 is saying about them waiting till ETS2 1.36 comes out i really dont think is true. I believe the main issues is that ATS is now fully DX 11. And that it takes a lot of time for the devs to get MP to work with a DX 11 only version. And everybody always complains that ETS2 always gets the updates faster. Well that is usually because ATS is the game that get all the newest updates first. So when ATS already has them the updates for ETS2 is easier to implement since they are so similar to ATS i think. I think when ETS2 goes 1.36 we will see a faster update out for ETS2 if they get ATS working before that, because they have it working for ATS. Its not about them not working as hard on ATS as ETS2, its just the fact that ATS just gets the newest updates first.
  9. I usually just go with the External Contracts if i am playing the normal map. And then it dosent really matter what trailer it is, i just look at where its going. So if its heavy or what it is dosent really matter. If i drive on promods map i am sort of the same way. I usually just see if its going anywhere i like and then i take it
  10. This image is from 13/03-2015. And this is from back when i was a DJ on Euro Truck Radio (ETR) and long before i became a moderator. And here we are trying to make art after a convoy i think. Sadly enough my skills in photographing wasent as good as they are now. But it was a fun time. Dont think ETR exists any more, these days the big radio is Truckers FM
  11. So funny enough. That is not actually what we do as moderators. Most of our work consists of doing reports. Either Web Reports or in game reports. Why is that? Cause thats the most efficient way of keeping the servers running. Since there is a lot more users than moderators, its more efficient to have the users report people and then have us look at it and deal with what ever has been done. Cause if we had to drive around in a police car and spot people doing bad stuff we wouldent be able to catch a lot of people. And we dont guide traffic either. We use the tools we have to kick people and ban people to keep things going. But we dont actually guide traffic that much. Mostly because our time can be spent better than that. So most of our time goes with handling web reports and in game reports. But if you would like to become a moderator then keep an eye on this page: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment You will be able to see there if we are recruiting for moderation But that is not to say we dont have fun cause we do (and reports can be fun too!). There is always the different events and stuff. They are always fun to do And other stuff we get to do. So its not all just work
  12. @FernandoCR [ESP] Back before i was an admin, i made web reports myself. I usually got the date right, but not always the time. And from my experience the people who get banned most likely never records. So they wont have any evidence them self. And the people who do get banned and records at the same time they often know exactly when a situation happened, simply cause they can remember it. But as i was saying, the field when did the incident happen could be used for this, but we cant promise that it will be correct. Since as i said, even when i made web reports, my timing could be one or two hours off. Since people drive in game for lets say 4 hours, and then after that go make web reports, they cant always remember if this was at 2pm or if it was 3pm. So the person banned would still have to search through their video evidence.
  13. Well the rules just state that evidence cant be more than a month old. And when an incident happened dosent really matter for the ban. Cause the evidence clearly shows that someone did something bad. And then it dosent matter if that was wedensday or thursday. Since the evidence has to show who did what ever they are reported for. So if someone is ramming in the video i need to be able to see who did it. And why would it matter if it happened on wedensday or thursday? the person reported still did what they did.
  14. No you can only see at what day you got banned and at what time you got banned. Not when the offence happened. Well we could tell you at what day it happened. But it might not be correct since its the reporters job to put in the day it happened. And if you have 10 reports to make, that happened over multiple days, you dont always remember at what specific day an incident happened so reporters just put something close to it. Now if you where banned with an in game report, the date and time of when it happened will be on screen.
  15. But isent that just like real life? If you drive in any major city like Copenhagen or New York or Paris you are bound to run in to traffic constantly but if you then move out of the city on to smaller roads there will be times where you dont see any traffic for minutes at a time. We drive MP for the possibility of meeting other people on the road. In some areas we will meet lots of MP people and in some areas we wont. As i said just like real life.
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