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  1. MrSirViking

    Should TruckersMP change their ban system?

    I would have banned him for that too. The admin was right here. I dont see the admin making any space for him to overtake. And the player should clearly be able to see that there is oncoming traffic. Why would he even overtake in that situation? Its dangerous and could cause an accident as it did right here. I am not trying to protect the admin here, I dont have to cause the admin was right. But if the person who got banned has a problem with it the person can make a feedback ticket and it will be looked at
  2. I like the idea of 60km/h on the CD road. The only problem is that it would take a lot of work. I dont know how the current city limiter works. But i would think that the Cities has something in the game files that defines them as cities. And then you can just apply the limiter to all those city files. But with this, a CD road limiter would have to be manually applyd to the whole road, if that can even be done. But with a limiter of 60 we would probably take away most of the overtaking. Since everyone would drive 60 on that road, nobody would be able to overtake, and even if an accident would happen people are going 60, so they would easily be able to stop in time. Maybe it would even make a lot of the CD road people drive somewhere else or move to an Arcade server.
  3. Yes i play ATS. I own all the DLC for ATS. I said it was not as popular as ETS2 yes, but i never said we should not fiddle with it. We work hard on both games for this. Like we just had a special Operations on ATS. One of the best we have ever had. So we are doing things for ATS all the time. Why remove that cars? Do you actually believe that people would start playing ATS more if there was no cars? I dont think so. And if you think it will make trolls go away, that wont happen either. They will just move to a truck. Which hits way harder than the car. All that i know is that an arcade server should be coming. Thats what i heard. No idea why it hasent yet. But i am sure it is being worked on. But you see we are thinking about the long run. All these changes came because we wanted to think of this MP in the long run. And having people racing around with 150km/h it not the right direction. We have had plenty of feedback from people who wanted a more simulation oriented MP in the past, so we listened to the community. So thats what we did. And you do know that the angry people are always the most loud right? Because if you are happy about things you never take to the street to demonstrate right? Its always the unhappy that yell the most. And we know we have a lot of people out there that are happy about the changes. They just dont make posts on the forum about it.
  4. Hello Sir/Maam You might think that because i am staff that i need to like all the new changes. But no i dont have to like them. But i actually do. I remember back before we had the 150km/h limiter on ETS2 the limiter was 90km/h. No matter if you did External Contracts or not. I for one would love to see us going back to that. And i am pretty sure we have gotten a lot of feedback that says people like the changes. And as far as i can tell people are not leaving anywhere. We still have the same amount of people playing that we always had. And as far as i know an ATS Arcade server is coming. But you also gotta remember that ATS is just not as popular as ETs2. That is not something we have done. That is just cause ETS2 still have the bigger map and the more content. And a cheaper base game most of the time. Most sites just have an offer on ETS2 more than ATS i feel. And since ETS2 has the bigger player base people that own both games just tend to play more ATS since thats where all the people are. Thats not something we have done. Thats just how people are. Removing a speed limiter on ATS wont change that. But i do feel like that the stricter bans and limiters will help us make TMP a safer place to drive for everyone.
  5. SCS would not have made it like that if it wasent like that in real life in that area. Around here we have something similar in some places. So its not impossible that it is like that on this road in real life. And its not that hard. See the yield sign? You yield. Problem solved.
  6. MrSirViking

    Screenshots with F12

    So it is this way because as other say, you game will lag for a split second. This could cause trouble for people behind you, but it could also be used by trolls to cause damage to other people. Thats why you have to stop in order to take a picture
  7. MrSirViking

    [ATS] Trailer Stablility forsed to 100%???

    I would remind you all about this rule: §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing - PERMANENT BAN Using any kind of tool to change gameplay, including but not limited to using the in-game console, trainers or cheat engine in order to bypass the speed limiter, to jump hack, no collision hack or anything similar. Misusing features such as the ghost mode to cause damage to others or similar. Using any kind of tool to change gameplay, including but not limited to using the in-game console Just reminding you that you shouldent change suspension or trailer stability in the console. or anything else with the console. If a setting cant be changed via the games options you shouldent use the console to change them. Now if you set them between the default values 0-1 then its usually not a problem but this is to make sure that people dont set their settings to crazy values to make them do crazy stuff in game. Also because we dont want other people to see you drive around with it. so if you set a setting to 11 instead of 1 and dont realize it you could end up with a permanent ban. But i am sure we are not forcing a trailer stability. If you can change it in the game settings you are allowed to do so.
  8. MrSirViking

    PINFO command

    Yeah i am up for this too! This would help a lot in certain situations Like if someone has been banned in game but there is also a web report, a pinfo date and time will help to determine weather or not its the same thing the person is banned for.
  9. MrSirViking

    Road to Simulation

    Now i cant say this for sure, but i think one of the main reasons why Eu2 was changed to simulation and the arcade servers was made like they where made, is not only to make this trucking simulator multiplayer more simulator oriented, but also to lessen the work of the moderators. Eu2 ALWAYS gave a lot of work. And with making it more simulator oriented we are trying to bring down the amount of reports i think. Which is also why the arcade servers are no collision. We could have one of them Collision and then just have us not moderate it, but when we made Eu4 collision and no rules for the TMP birthday it was utter chaos. And if we made it collision with no moderation people would still report people from it on the web reports which would give us a lot of useless reports and even more work. If people wanna drive fast then fine they can do so on the arcade servers. And even if it is no collision, If everyone drove like they should no one would hit each other so no one would know it was No Collision. And even if they do hit you its No Collision so you get no damage and isent that good?
  10. MrSirViking

    How do you see TMP updates to servers and rules?

    I love the new changes! I have been waiting for this for a long time. This is a simulation game and we have been drifting from that for a little too long. So i am happy we are now going back towards Simulation. And i feel like these rules are also made to lessen some of the work that we moderators have to do. The speed limiter will make people cause less problems i am sure, so that is gonna be nice. And i am sure there is gonna be people who dosent like the new changes. But there is always the Arcade servers to play on. And i am sure that after a little time most people will have gotten used to the changes anyway. Its like when ever facebook and other sites like that changes designs. People are always mad about it. But now no one can remember the old design any more. So i am sure everyone but the trolls will come to love the changes too
  11. MrSirViking

    Special Transport Rule Reminder

    No as far as i am aware nothing from the special cargo DLC can be used in MP. Not trailers or cargo or anything.
  12. MrSirViking

    Should TruckersMP change their ban system?

    This is not the case. I have banned people who have been here since the start of MP. Even perma banned some. We do not do favouritism. If you break the rules you get punished just like everyone else. Even moderators. Depending on the rule we broke we can get punished too. So we do not punish friends or old players any less. I dont believe we should change the rules from how they are now. You get 3 chances before we give you a one month ban. 3 chances is more then enough. You should change the way you drive or act after your first ban. Its not that hard to not swear at people or not drive into them. We are fair people. But even if you by accident drive into someone, if it happened because you where driving too fast or diddent keep enough distance then its your fault still and you do get banned. So i think the whole system is very fair. And as said by others, there are people on here that have been here since we started and never had a ban, so it is more than possible to do
  13. MrSirViking

    Do Game Moderators abuse the Police Siren?

    I usually dont use the Sirens a whole lot. Sometimes i will pull people over just for the "role playing" and i feel like a lot of people think its cool if i pull them over and tell them they where speeding or ask if they have any suspicious things in their trailer. Usually i do this when i am sure they know english so they know whats going on. Just a little fun. Other than that i dont really use the sirens a whole lot
  14. MrSirViking

    Too many kicks for no reason ?

    I have been permanently banned by mistake once. So stuff like that does happen. Not often but it does happen. So it could just have been an accident. It happens. We try our best to always get the right person. But with 4500 people or what it is on eu2 if we want to kick or ban ID 1738 but instead punch in 1739 or 1737 or something like that someone else than we intended gets kicked. So it can happen. So we are sorry if we kick you by accident. We try our best
  15. MrSirViking

    Speedlimiet cities disabled

    Now i havent tested that right now. But i am pretty sure the speed limit in cities is 80km/h and has been for a pretty long time at least on EU2 and 3