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  1. But we can not take SCS's model trucks and change the logos. Any car we use here for lets say alternating vehicles are unaltered from the outside. The Scout car is a model made for TMP by someone. The bus is a model made by someone that we can use. Most of the things we use in game to change things like cities, are either SCS stuff already in there or stuff created by us. We would not be able to take an ATS truck made by SCS and then change the logo as we dont own the rights to that design and truck and so cant really change it. If we where to do that we would need someone to recreate every single truck of ETS2 and ATS. And that is just not very viable.
  2. And on the front of our website we even state this: "At TruckersMP we take simulation seriously. Here you can immerse yourself in a virtual world surrounded by other truckers from all over the globe driving across the USA and Europe, and with the addition of ProMods, the world is your oyster." We clearly dont take simulation seriously as we have stepped away further from road to simulation with the resent change. We have decided to take rule brakes less serious. And i do believe that the change to ban evading will be less of a deterrent to ban evading than a permanent ban will. Some would have read the rules and thought "i am not risking a permanent ban" but now more people will be willing to risk it as its only a 3 month ban. So i do agree with Bean above.
  3. I agree with the creator of this thread. People who ban evade likely does so with intent. And if they cant even wait out a small ban, then that shows they have no regards for the rules at all and so frankly i dont think they should be allowed to drive here. And i feel that we will have more ban evaders now since they will only get a 3 month ban and so there is no real punishment for ban evading any more. So i for one does not agree with the rule change, but since i dont make the rules, i will just have to follow them. And while we cant still use §2.9 to get ban evaders permanently banned, i feel that hardly anyone will be permanently banned with that because it will take quite some ban evading before the rule will be used, and i feel that some people will just not bother to ask for someone to be extended to permanent ban. But we will have to see, maybe this will all turn out well? I highly doubt that though, as we are likely to get more ban evaders as they wont be afraid of the consequences any more.
  4. I i mostly drive WoT jobs. Its not very often i drive a normal contract. Why? Well because it forces me to drive a certain way, cause if i crash and destroy the cargo i cant load a save and not have that damage any more. So you have to be more careful. And it also gives me WoT achievements. And there are WoT Events now and again that usually gives items like paint jobs, cabin things and so on. Like right now there is a valentines event on where you have to use WoT Contracts to deliver valentines cargo. You might be forced to a speed limiter of 90km/h in ETS2 and 65mph in ATS. But it just gives it a more real feeling. And why are we in a hurry anyway? Is this game not about delivering cargo and driving a truck? Why would we want to do that faster?
  5. Yes but you gotta remember that the International 9900 is probably a truck that a lot of people still drive and so its probably a truck that you see quite often on the road, even if its not in production. Where as the Scania T is not something you really see anymore. I cant remember seeing one on the road in forever, maybe not since i was young. And it was stopped in 2005. And so its not really relevant any more in the general trucking world. But as you say, we dont know, they do have good relations with Scania and so maybe one day they will let us have it.
  6. I think this is correct. Either a mod has to be created by someone else with permission to do so, and then they lets us use it, or someone has to create a lookalike and call it something different (like with the scout car) and let us use it. Or the easiest way is for SCS Software to simply just put it into the game. But i highly doubt that SCS is gonna make this truck and put it into the game as this truck is not a new truck and so its unlikely that Scania would let SCS create it.
  7. Back in the day your steam profile picture or TMP profile picture would show in game. But i think that feature was removed because of people using inappropriate images. And so you cant do that any more.
  8. Let say its just 500 new users every day (its probably way more than that) it would take 11 people spending 8 hours straight with no brakes to give 10 minute talks to 500 people. There is no way we could get 11 people to spent 8 hours a day 7 days a week talking to new users. Many of whom might not even understand English. It is pretty much impossible for us to do such a thing.
  9. And who would conduct a driving test? You are aware that we have more then 4 million registered users right? We probably had more than 500 new users today. It would probably be impossible to give all of these a driving test. And with banned people having to retake the test there would be even more that needs to be tested. I dont think it can be done.
  10. Both the Volvo FH 2020 face lifted truck and new interior and rigid trucks would be something SCS would have to implement, and would have nothing to do with us here at Truckers MP. But they would be nice to see though. I have no idea what i expect to see in 2023. But i am sure there is great things to come.
  11. As said above, if they start to block traffic or try to control traffic then you should record them and report them. If not then they are allowed to park there as long as they dont interfere with the flow of the traffic. Personally i think that we should not allowed people to park in certain zones as they just add to the traffic without moving. Especially if they have their beacons on, it could mean more frame drops. But that is not a rule and they are allowed to park there.
  12. The way it works is that the moderator decides your ban length for the first 3 bans depending on what you did. Then for the 4th ban you always get 30 days ban no matter what you did (except for anything that would give a permanent ban) and then for the 5th ban its always a 90 day ban. Each ban expires a year after it has been given. So not at the start of the new year. So lets say you got your first ban on 23 of September 2022. Then that ban will be active and count towards the history bans until the 23 of September 2023. So any of your bans is always active for a year from when they where given. Now lets say you have 4 bans active and one ban expires cause its a year old. Now you have 3 active bans where one of them is a 30 day ban. And then you get a new ban, and since that is now the 4th active ban that will be a 30 day ban. Now then another ban expires, so you again have 3 active bans, and you then get a new ban. The new 4th ban will not be another 30 day ban. Cause since you have two active history bans, in this case the two 30 day bans, your new 4th ban will be a 90 day ban. Because if you have two active history bans, your next ban will always be a 90 day ban. And so even if you only have two active bans, if those are history bans your next ban will always be a 90 day ban.
  13. Winter mod comes when winter mod comes (if it comes). I have no idea when it will come or if it will come. If it comes i hope it wont have the physics as that will make my job a lot easier.
  14. The report video can be any length, it dosent matter. But if the video is more than 2 minutes long you need to provide a time stamp to where you want us to watch from. That can be done by simply writing: "start at 23:44" or by using youtubes function of copying the video URL at a given time. where you go to the point where you want it to start and then either right click the video on youtube and select copy URL at current time. Or click Share and then click Start At. That way the video will start at that time. And if you have multiple people in one video that you want to report, then you need to make multiple reports. And remember we need to be able to see at least the name of the user you are reporting in the video. And we would really like to have the TMP ID as well. You can press TAB in game to get the little window up that shows users around you, and then right click to get mouse, and then click the little cogwheel and somewhere in the settings you can set it so it shows TMP ID next to usernames above trucks. If we cant see at least the name above the truck you are reporting, we cant know for sure that the person you are reporting is also in the video. Other than that its not super hard, you just have to select the correct time of when it happened, and then the server where it happened. And then a moderator will look at it. Depending of the amounts of reports in the system it could take a little while, but a moderator will get to it, so be patient.
  15. Two wrongs dosent make a right. Just cause someone brakes the rules against you or your friends, you cant just do something back. That is not how that works. It dosent give you permission to brake the rules. You are not the one to decide what should happen to them. We as moderators are. And since we cant be everywhere to watch everything, you should always record and report them on the website. That way you can be sure someone will look at it and take action if needed. Taking matters into your own hands is not the way to do it.
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