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  1. SCS MP is not hosted on SCS servers. When you play Convoy mode you are the host. And so you will have to have your computer act as the server for 128 people while also playing the game. I am not sure how your computer would handle that. I cant imagine it will be good. With TMP event servers the event is hosted on a TMP server and so that server does all the "heavy lifting" and you will only have to run the game as you normally do on TMP. And so this could mean a better experience for you and the people joining your event.
  2. Now i havent seen a video of what happened here so i cant comment on the specific case here, but if you sit in Calais and post a VTC message every 5 minutes its not spam. Spamming means posting the same message or nonsense over and over every few seconds. Every 5 minutes is not spam in my opinion.
  3. We do the best we can. We cant always be online doing moderation, we are all volunteers with jobs and families and what not, and so we just cant sit on here all the time. We try to have a lot of different moderators from different time zones, but we just cant cover everything all the time. And when the servers are full there are so many reports coming in that we just cant keep up. Even with a bunch of moderators on, fighting 4000 people is just impossible. And so the in game reporting system gets just filled to the brim with reports all the time. But we do get a lot more reports done than we used to. With 1.2 million in game reports and we issuing 118K bans it shows that we did at least 10% of all those reports and for sure more than that since not all reports leads to a ban. But if you want to make sure people get punished for the things they did wrong. They record your gameplay and report them on the website, that way you can be sure someone looks at the report and takes action if needed.
  4. Drivers license? Who is gonna examinate all these people? You want a driving test as well? Even if we where to do a written exam only, then what ever questions on there would just be shared with everyone so they can take the test easier. And then who are gonna look through all of those answers? We have thousands of people coming through here all the time, having people taking tests is just not a viable option. It would be way too much work for the TMP team.
  5. Likely this means a goodbye to the CD road. I assume SCS is gonna change the roads surrounding the area as well and so this specific road might be gone or changed. And so this might be the end of the CD road.
  6. I dont agree with that. I have billions of dollars because my game profile is old. I dont drive any worse because of it and i am not bored with the game. And so even if we made server side only profiles somehow, it wouldent remove the trolls or the people driving badly. People will drive badly no matter what. And so this suggestion wont fix anything, it will only limit people and people dont tend to like that.
  7. I dont think SCS is against trucks being damaged, its the trucking companies as in Volvo, Mercedes and so forth that is against it. They dont want their trucks to be visibly damaged. The virtual damage is fine, but any real damage to the truck is not something they want. Its just not good for their brand. I dont think there are many games out there that has licensed real brands for their games that then also does total damage. Something like Forza Horizon 5 mostly just does scratches and the odd dent. Nothing big, nothing like the GTA damage or BeamNG damage. And so unless the brands change their mind we likely wont see much of it in this game. Sure that could be a thing, with the point and click. But i just dont think its very high on SCS list to make that sort of thing, as it would require quite a rewrite of some code to allow for this and to make it happen and they have enough on their hands with reworks of the map and new map DLC. I was just saying that its highly unlikely that we would see such a future ever. And if we do its not gonna be any time soon.
  8. Well lets just say that what SCS has got is the most realistic sounds. Then all the other mods would never be as realistic. And so why would we want them instead? You might think they sound better, but they probably arent as realistic.
  9. Well what i meant is that the sound you hear in game is probably as realistic as it gets. Its probably close to what it would be if you where in a real truck. Te mods probably just enhances that so it sounds louder or larger or something. But it wont make it more real. And that is what SCS is going for, the real sound. Fair enough. But adding that would require a whole new game almost. It would almost turn into Car Mechanic Simulator then. And i dont think the game engine is made to handle that sort of things. The small bolts and screws, and different engine parts and all that. I think a lot of the limitations to this game comes from the game engine. Without knowing 100%. And so i think its highly unlikely we will ever see anything like that or any of the other things i mentioned.
  10. 3. is probably never gonna happen. As we are not meant to walk outside the truck and the game engine is not really made for us to have hands and feet and all that. And so i highly doubt this will be a thing. 4. This would probably be too much work and if it ever was a thing it would be pretty generic and would probably just be some truck that would reverse up to us and we would just sort of automatically hook up to the tow truck and be towed, as the game is not meant for people to walk around. And this probably have very little chance of happening. 6. Again this game is not meant for people to walk around and have hands and all that, and so having police walk up to your truck and you finding papers is just not something that will probably ever happen as the engine used for the game is not made for that sort of stuff. 7. We really havent got much to do with SCS. We are just a mod for the game. And so having SCS add a way to join our servers from their single player game is just not likely to happen. Also because they have their own Convoy mode. And so we dont have that level of connection with SCS for them to make us any official multiplayer. 10. You might be able to see AI cars gets damaged, but you are likely never gonna see your truck get damaged. As the trucking companies wouldent want that. And so Volvo and all the others have to give the okay for there to be real damage to the trucks and they will probably never to that, as it will not look good for their brand. 11. Knocking over signs could be a thing as it already is in many areas, but you getting wanted by the police for running a tollbooth or anything like it, is probably not gonna be a thing. As this is not GTA and so we dont really have wanted levels. You would get a fine just like you already do for speeding but you wont have police chase you. 13. Again we are not meant to have hands and feet and to move around on feet, and so its unlikely that we will have manually be able to repair the truck. Also cause that would be a while new big game in it self. And again i dont think the game engine is made to be able to handle that sort of thing. The level of detail it would require for you to move around objects from the engine and all that is just not something this game would be very good at i dont think.
  11. SCS spents quite a lot of time with microphones recording truck sounds from different angles and inside the cap and all that. What you get in the game is probably as realistic as you are gonna get it. If you want unrealistic sounds then use those mods, but the sounds you get in game is probably pretty close to how they sound when you are in the truck.
  12. I wouldent change a thing, I never drive on the CD road so it wouldent matter to me. I always drive all over the map. That of cause does not mean i dont moderate the CD road. I just never drive there.
  13. As Mystere says further up, we are not discriminating against Chinese players. But the website you use to upload your evidence must have the evidence viewable in a quality where we can make out the name of the perpetrator, without us or the perpetrator having to make an account. And with some Chinese sites like Bilibili or Yoku, we have to make an account to watch the evidence in a higher quality and that means that we often cant see the name of the perpetrator, and so we cant accept that evidence. Its all about making sure that we can see who the perpetrator is and to make sure the perpetrator can see them self.
  14. Does your friend have an automatically changing desktop background image? There has been a slight bug in windows where sometimes when the desktop background image would change it would sort of refresh any folders you have open and sometimes alt tap full screen applications. And so i suggest turning that off if your friend have a changing background image.
  15. Well i can tell you that i really dont think TMP would fake that. And yes i am part of staff so of cause i would say that. But there are as many people in staff that would like 150km/h as there is people who would want 110km/h and 90km/h. So i really dont think that we would fake anything. Not since we could just create such a server if we really wanted one, we would not have to ask anyone to do so. So it makes no sense to fake the results. Having people with multiple accounts vote multiple times, seems possible, but that would be a lot of effort just to get a 150km/h server that only they would use, also since that every account has to own the game. Some has suggested that it could just be because its Sim 1 and that people are used to driving on that and so just sort of automatically join that server. And that if we switched Sim 1 and Sim 2 around, the 150kmh server would be the popular one. But i doubt that would have that effect, some would of cause just join Sim 1 as they usually do, but then realize that the server is 150km/h and then switch server. So i dont really know why its not more popular. All i can say, is that i am just happy its not. Cause that would be a lot more work for me.
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