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  1. I use what ever 12 speed retarded gearbox the truck comes with, and i use sequential since i am on controller.
  2. No SCS is not gonna do 60 people as it is right now. Not unless they make it possible to have dedicated servers. Cause right now its P2P And that is not gonna be able to handle 60 players. 16 maybe, but i doubt that too. And as said by others, SCS is not trying to destroy us. We have as far as i know a good relationship with SCS, so they are not trying to destroy us. And since SCS is probably never gonna do the kind of servers we have here, then i dont see us here at TMP being "destroyed" anytime soon.
  3. But i could say the same to you? If that area is a problem with traffic then why dont you drive somewhere else? This should never be about catering to those who just drive up and down the CD road. This should always be about catering to those who want to play the simulator. And telling people that they can just take a different route so that you can have the map edited so you can drive up and down the CD road is not a solution to ruining the intentional gameplay. This is a trucking simulator and that should always be first priority. And as far as i know these map edits comes to all the servers
  4. I am against this idea. As the intersection made on the CD road is already causing enough trouble as it is with the players who play the game normally. Cause if you do World Of Trucks contracts that intersection can cause trouble. Cause you go slight out of place if you change from the highway to the CD road. The same would happen here. If you came from Calais and had to go up to the highway Or if you came from the highway and had to go to Calais, you would go slightly out of place compared to where the normal road would be and it would again cause trouble with World Of Trucks contracts. And w
  5. the majority of accidents happens because people where not paying attention to what they are doing. They might be using their phone, or using the radio or GPS. But quite a lot of accidents happen because of this. Which is why its illegal to be using your phone while driving and so forth. So adding something like this to the trucks? Thats a bad idea. People drive badly enough as it is!
  6. So what FernandoCR [ESP] is saying is one of the main reasons for this. Cause if you drive on the CD road, you know how bad that road is. And its solely your own decision to drive on that road. We are not forcing you to drive down that road. Most of the time the GPS dosent even want you to take that road. So if you drive down that road you do it on your own accord. And there are players that drive up and down that road and report anyone that brakes the rules. Which ends up causing a whole lot of reports from an area that everyone knows is full of accidents. Its like participating in a Demoliti
  7. As far as i can tell from the things i have seen from the new SCS Multiplayer, you can only play with a maximum of 8 friends. Yes you might have AI traffic and mods. But you can still only drive with up to 8 friends. So you have to know people to drive with. And on TMP you can meet lots of new people to drive with. And you can have 100 people convoys or more if you can organize it. So we are vastly superior to what SCS is offering
  8. So yes you technically need to keep the evidence for ever. Even if the profile is deleted. Cause in case they ever recreate their profile they will still be permanently banned. Unless their evidence is gone against them. So if you delete that evidence you might set a permanently banned person free.
  9. I love the Magnum. Its one of my favourite trucks along side the Renault Premium. I like that its square and sits on a sort of springs. I think its a cool truck and that its fun to drive. And i think its got like a 450-500 HP engine and in real life that is a normal engine to have in a long distance truck. No one actually drives 730/750 trucks for day to day driving. Its usually for special deliveries. So i think its nice. It looks different and i like that.
  10. Now i dont know this for sure. But i dont think we really edit maps a whole lot. There is a few examples of us having done it of cause, like just outside Duisburg. But we did not change where the road was going. The same In Calais itself. We just moved the Service station. We did not really change any roads. And i think that is the main thing here. We dont really change roads. Cause changing roads might mean that World Of Trucks contracts dosent work. If the roads are not where World Of Trucks contracts thinks it should be, you cant do World of Trucks contracts as far as i understand, but i mi
  11. As mentioned above we dont have the staff to manually have someone do tests with people. We could of cause make like a form you have to fill out and then it will automatically check if you have the correct answers, but then someone could just post the answers on the internet somewhere so everyone could copy them. And in order to work against that we would need to have staff members always changing the answers and questions. And then it comes back to us not having the staff to do so. And all the tests would probably need to be translated into many different languages. And it would just require
  12. I think the main reason is that the servers cant handle more than 4500 people. More than that and the servers start to get unstable. I dont know if we could get better servers that could run more people. But at the moment i think that is the main reason to why we have 4500 people as a maximum
  13. So the bus stops is for an upcoming Bus simulator that SCS is working on and has been for a long time. They plan to use the base map and DLC's for a bus simulator, which is why the bus stops are added. Now the questions people is debating is weather or not SCS is gonna do the bus simulator as a DLC for ETS2 or as a separate game using the map and DLC maps from ETS2. But they will have to change the game name of ETS2 if they add it as a DLC. Since you cant have a trucking simulator where you drive buses. And as explained above the car was added as a Police car for the moderators. But then
  14. Slow them down? I am pretty sure it would not help. Actually i think they would just create more chaos by stopping the AI traffic, which would cause a huge build up of traffic. And that traffic would have to be synced with all players at all time. Imagine the CD road with AI traffic on top of the traffic already there. It would be even more chaos that it already is. So i am really not sure AI traffic would be a fix for anything. It might just be more chaos with the amount of people we have playing. I am not a developer so i dont know about the UI and the scaling. But you could make a suggesti
  15. But that is where you can do something about those people ramming. You can record them and report them. If you dont do that it will never end. If you want a better experience you gotta help us do that by reporting them on the website. But with so many people joining all the time we might not be rid of all of them ever. Thats just how it is with this many people playing. Just look at GTA online. Even a giant company like Rockstar cant even keep their servers free from Hackers. We are trying our best but we do need the players help. And if you keep clear of the CD road and Calais and Duisburg yo
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