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  1. Sure. But not if people just drove sort of normally. Where as if you are using a trailer mod that i cant see, no matter how nice you drive i might still hit you cause your trailer is way longer than it seems on my screen. And i have no way of knowing. Sure the drifters in wintermod is a problem but they can get a ban for that, but i cant know if you have a different trailer cause of some mod i dont have.
  2. I admire your persistence, because there are few people who can do this without retiring once in three years, so I feel a little surprised. You did a great job. Have a good life🥰


                                                              Best wishes from the Chinese players

  3. See with the winter mod not everyone will have to have the mod in order to play. And that is because its just a winter mod. Its just snow on the road. So if you have snow and i dont, it wont matter to me. But if you lets say have a different trailer and i dont have that mod? I cant see your trailer and so it might just look like a default trailer and so i would think its a default trailer and i might hit your trailer cause i cant see how long it is. And that would cause a whole heap of trouble when half the players use a trailer that the other half cant see. Which is why that when it comes to anything that is not just a cosmetic mod everyone has to have it. The other problem with all this is the fact that the server also has to have this mod. And so if a there is an update to the game and the mod stops working, we would have to remove the mod from the server and wait till the mod was fixed. Or if there was a bug with the mod after an update we would not be able to fix that bug since the mod is not ours. Its way too much of a pain and work to keep different mods working if we havent made them. And it would never be so that anyone could just download a mod and use it. Cause everyone else would like have to have that too. And if you constantly had to download a mod from somewhere to join a server we would loose quite a lot of players.
  4. TMP will likely never support mods like SCSMP will. The main reason is that everyone on the server will have to have the same mod. So just cause one person wants to use a truck mod then everyone else will have to have that mod too. Which is impossible when you have thousands of people like we do. Its the sheer scale of TMP that makes a lot of the things SCSMP can do impossible. But it also means that on TMP you dont have to only drive with a few friends and some dumb AI traffic. And we can and do host some very big events and you can be part of a big VTC and drive with all of the members of that VTC on TMP. There is very few things we cant do because of the size of TMP but there is quite a lot of things we can do like said here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/255 So i see a bright future ahead of TMP. And so i am sure the players will be back at some point when they get tired of playing with their few friends on SCS MP.
  5. You wonder why? It has nothing really to do with SCS. Well some of it has. Since SCS has made a few features, that we can implement then why not do it? And the other stuff? Well we are always working on improving the experience of TMP. A lot of it is also due to the fact that we have full time devs working on the project. Which has given more time to make these updates. And yes i know SCS Says they want to open servers at some point. But i still doubt that it is gonna happen. Not only will it be an expense that they will not make any money on, but they will also have to deal with all the trolls, just like us. And they dont have the more than 100 moderators to do that. We have almost as many staff here at TMP as they do at SCS. And i dont think they are gonna hire a whole heap of people just to run MP servers. What they are doing with the P2P MP is much better for them, as they wont have to do anything with moderation or servers and it really dosent cost them anything.
  6. Open war? Where? We are not fighting with SCS. There is two completely different multiplayer experiences. If you want to play with a few friends only then you can use SCS MP. Where as here we offer large scale multiplayer with thousands of players at once. SCS cant do that and probably never will do that. So we are not fighting anyone.
  7. No. I dont even want the CD road we have now in ETS2. As a game moderator that road is just a headache.
  8. So i cant know this for certain cause i cant see into the future. But my answer to this would be no. 150km/h is not coming back. I even think 110km/h is too much, i think it should be 90km/h. But i am pretty sure that 150km/h is a thing of the past and we wont see that again.
  9. I only drive World Of Trucks contracts. It might limit me to 90km/h or 65mph in ATS. But i dont mind.
  10. And if you play SCS MP with 8 people you can already see your frames dropping, even if you are not the host. Its a problem we know very well here at TMP. I think we run better with 8 people around, but when we get to have 20-30 or more people around most peoples computers loose frames. And that is simply cause this game is not optimised for running with all these high resolution trucks at the same time. And so SCS has to do quite a lot of optimisation before they can increase the limit to more than 8 trucks. And not only that but the host computer is also gonna struggle much more, the more people it has to host as the host of SCS MP. Your computer is essentially turned into a server when you host it. And so low end computers will really struggle and its gonna be even worse if they also have bad internet.
  11. Yeah okay. But as he said its probably in years time. Cause they will have to figure out all these things i mentioned. We rely on ad money and patreons i think for covering the cost of the servers and all that. And i cant see SCS asking people to be patreons to run a TMP like server. Its just an expense they wont really make any money from unless they find a way to make money from it in some way. And i dont see a subscription based thing either. Cause this here is all free, you dont have to pay a dime. You just need the base ATS or ETS 2 game. So i think its gonna be interesting to see how they plan to do that.
  12. Where have they said that they plan to evolve their MP to something like ours? I highly doubt that. We here at TMP are about 200 staff members, which is about the same as what SCS has employed. But we "only" deal with this MP. Where as SCS deals with creating their games, DLC's, and making money to pay those 200 employees. So unless SCS decides to make their MP a subscription based thing then how are they gonna make money, to run x amount of MP servers and to get the quite a lot of extra people to run an MP like ours? We have over 100 moderators just to try and keep the servers free of trolls. It would just be a big expense for them with no real income on it.
  13. I often ban and kick people as part of being a Moderator. But when i dont do that i do World Of Truck jobs. And go where ever they take me
  14. This is the middle of summer. So there is quite a lot of people on vacation. And its been a few days since we released the update. It takes time for people to realize we are updated and people have to be home from vacation too. And numbers where up today. From like 1200 to like 2200 today. So up by a 1000 people. And so as more people realize we are updated and as people get home from vacation i am sure numbers are gonna go up again. And some of it is of cause because people are checking out the SCS convoy function. But they will soon be back again.
  15. I highly doubt that. Not as long as what they are doing is P2P as it is right now. Cause with P2P, multiplayer is dependant on everyone computers and internet connections. And so if one person has a really bad internet connection of PC it will affect everyone else playing. So unless SCS makes servers like the ones we have here, then they wont be raising that limit too much cause it could ruin the other peoples multiplayer experience. And i dont seem then add the servers we have here. They dont have the staff to handle servers like the ones we have here. They would need the same amount of moderators and an appeal system and all that. I just really dont see it happen. Now to why we have had lower numbers on TMP recently? Well the main cause is the fact that SCS updated the game to 1.41. And so people had to downgrade and use a backup profile in order to play TMP. And a lot of people has just not done that. And not only that but its the middle of summer. So people are on vacation and all that. So with TMP now supporting 1.41 i suspect that the numbers are gonna go up again within a little time, as people realize TMP is now updated and as people get home from vacations.
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