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  1. Now i cant remember the exact explanation for this but what you gotta remember is that you cant move the things in Duisburg too much. Cause if you move things around too much then they will be too out of line to where they normally are. That causes problems with World Of Trucks jobs. Since your position is checked all the time in that you would not be able to get into most of these places since you would be "out of map". Not only that but you probably wouldent be able to get World Of Trucks jobs to Duisburg. And that is a problem. It might even make World Of Trucks jobs not work at all to anywhere. So we cant change too much. Which is why moving companies and roads around too much causes problems. Also why World Of Trucks jobs dosent work on Promods
  2. -I think the driving performance of the truck seems real enough. At least from the experience i have from being in a truck. -1:1 map? That would actually be impossible. Well if they only did the roads they have now, and then just extended them so they would be as long to drive as in real life, then maybe it would be possible. But the amount of time they would need to put in houses and grass and scenery would be insane. Something like Microsoft Flight Simulator gets away with it since they really have no detail on ground. Only on airports. If you fly close to the ground there is no real landmarks. Its just randomly generate trees and "grass". Where as in ETS2 and ATS, there is all sorts of scenery on ground since there has to be. And they have tried to make that as realistic as possible. So for them to have to create roads where its 1:1 with the map they have, would take a very very long time. Might almost be impossible. -Well from what i know the sounds seems realistic enough. Yes there might be a sound or two they can still get in there, but with 1.37 and the new sound system that might actually come in the future. -Well they do have more than that in there. But the main reason why they dont have more in the game is because of licensing. If they had to get every single real company in game it would take till the end of time of the universe to get those licenses for those companies. It is incredible tedious work to acquire licenses for these. Which is also why it takes so long to get a new truck in ATS and ETS2. I am sure they would love to have all those companies in there, its just not worth the years and years of time that would be spent on it. -Well sure, i can agree on the economic things here. But i think the main reason for this is simply because they dont want people to spent 100 hours just to be able to buy your own truck. And then spent another 100 hours to buy a second truck for a driver. Its made this way to be more including for everyone. Just so you dont have to spent an eternity before you can buy your own truck. And if you do play MP you will be earning a lot more money since the game passes a lot of time when ever you go on MP so when ever you sleep or fast travel or what ever it will give you a lot of money from the drivers you have. It wont if you just play SP. -So the reason for no realistic damage models on trucks, is again because of licensing. If they had told Mercedes or Volvo or what ever that the truck they would license off to SCS could be smashed into pieces then they would not allow SCS to get that license for that truck. Its a matter of image. They dont want people driving around in their truck brand smashing up the truck. I am sure SCS would love to include it, they are simply not allowed to do it. So i think this is a simulation. As best as it can be with what SCS can do. They are at least trying to make it as good of a simulator as it can be.
  3. Alright! That event on saturday has been planned and worked on LOOOOOONG before 1.37 was even a thing. Why was it held last Saturday? Because it was ready. It has nothing to do with why 1.37 isent ready yet. And not only that, its different people who are working on Real Ops compared to 1.37. So even if this big event had not been there last Saturday you would still have had to wait just as long for 1.37 anyway. As far as i know Real Ops would have worked just fine under 1.37. So real op has nothing to do with you waiting for 1.37. And its nothing new to wait this long for an update. I Think we waited just as long when 1.36 came out since that was the one that changed everything from DX 9 to DX 11. These big updates just takes a long long time to get working since they always have major changes to the game. You also complain that you get no information on when its ready. Well what do you want? Some staff member coming on to the forums and saying "We know you are all waiting but its not ready yet and we dont know when it will be" every day? Cause thats all the information you can get atm. I dont even think our developers can give an estimate on when its finished. Because lets say they came out and said it should be ready on Monday. And then Sunday they discover new bugs so then they have to say alright it will be ready Thursday! But then they fix the bugs and they discover new ones. So it has to be postponed again. That is why they dont give a date. And just say it will be ready when its ready. And whats the problem? Just downgrade to 1.36 and play MP anyway.. Yes you might not be able to roll down your window or use the new volvo tuning pack but you can still play MP just like you did before. And this is a totally free MP mod. No one says you have to play it. If you want to play 1.37 you can play single player. What would you do if MP was shut down by lets say SCS tomorrow? Dont complain. You get a free MP where you only have to install a few files and then you can drive with your friends for free. If you think its so bad to wait, then lets see you make a free MP for everyone. Maybe then you can see why it takes so long to update. You should be grateful that this even exists for you to play. You have been waiting for a month. Its not that bad. Just go and play MP and then be happy when the new update releases
  4. And also the fact that a lot of countries are letting people go back to almost normal again in these corona virus times, means that there is less people playing since people have got back to work or something else. And as others said with 1.37 not supported that also keeps some people from not playing.
  5. So as said above: If you lets say get a 1000hp engine for your truck in SP and then start MP that mod will be disabled by us and your truck will be given a default engine instead. So lets say you made a mod that put the scania engine in the Renault. If you buy that truck in SP and then open MP that truck will still be there with the scania engine since the scania engine is a standard truck engine in game. And MP only recognizes things that are in game originally. So if you add anything like lets say a 1000hp engine or modify a game file to give you faster acceleration it wont work in MP since its not originally from the game. There is of cause things in game that are not originally there, like the scout car modification. But that is put in my us so you can drive it. So the only way to get an engine mod that is not originally in game is to have MP add it so everyone can use it. And i really really dont think we are gonna do that ever.
  6. I played the ATS 1.37 SP and i LOVE the new MACK truck. And opening the windows is cool but pretty useless. Not sure why they made that but i guess its cool. I liked the new sounds. So all in all its a pretty good update. I am sure ETS2 is gonna be the same.
  7. But this can still hit players that shouldent be hit by it. As said earlier, people will find ways of miss using that system. So players that has just started the game and has 0 money gets fined a lot of money because someone found a way to cheat the system. We cant have automated systems like that. Cause people are always gonna find ways to miss use it. Like even if we have an auto kick for something people still find ways to get around it. There is a reason why we have a permanent ban if you are caught getting around the auto kicks. So even a system that kicks someone for multiple rammings or something wouldent be a good idea cause people will always find a way to cheat it. And a system like that would be a huge and complicated system that would take a very long time to make, just for someone to find a way to cheat it. Which is why almost everything to do with kicks and bans is done by moderators. Simply to make sure everything is done right. And someone said that a kick is nothing so it wouldent be that bad. But if you forget your headlights or get kicked for AFK timer, then thats your own fault. But if you get kicked because someone found a way to cheat the system and 10 trolls does this to you, then its not a little thing any more. And in the end a system like that could just get us moderators even more work, cause then the trolls will be reported for cheating the system. It would be a mess. Easiest way to avoid the rammers and trolls is to not drive near duisburg and calais and the road between them.
  8. I have as many workers as you can in ETS2 and they all have a truck. The same in ATS. No idea how many that is. But they are all mixed. Got a fair few for my self. Which again is all of the trucks. I like to switch quite often. But i have a soft spot for the Renaults
  9. But we cant just get more people. In order to be a moderator you have to go through a long training period before we can let you on the servers as a moderator. So we cant just have someone look at other roads just cause they want to. Everyones life changes from time to time. So someone we would have to do that might one month later not be able to do that any more. Since we dont pay people a normal salary to moderate we cant require people to be at specific places at specific hours. Cause no one can do that at all times. If we paid people to do this we could of cause require moderators to be specific hours and work specific places but we dont pay anyone. Everyone is here voluntary so we cant require people to spent x amount of time in game at certain hours. So it wont matter that you would love to help with that. It would require x amount of training that you dont have at the moment. You could of cause apply the next time we open up recruitment for moderators if you want
  10. So what people should know is that we dont have a schedule for when moderators are online on the server. Moderators are here on their own time. And a lot of them has families and jobs. So we cant tell moderators that you are on from 2pm to 4pm and then you are on from 4pm to 6pm. Moderators decide when they will go online to do work. So we cant have a moderator that watches CD road and then another one that watches another road. So when moderators are on they will either be driving around the map just playing, or they will be doing game reports or they will fly around and look at problems. But i think a lot of time the moderators look at reports. So we cant really space out moderators like that since they decide themself what they are doing online. So we cant really do that. For the same reason as to why we wont make a no speed limit server with collision. I think the problem is that making that road a no moderation zone would be impossible. Not only cause people would still be able to make reports from there and people will no matter if you tell them not to, but they will also record stuff and post it in web reports. And sometimes we might not be able to tell that its from the CD road. And no matter what the report would be there in the system which means that a moderator would still have to look at it and decline it since it was from the CD road. Its the same reason i think to why we are not making a no speed limit server with collision. Even if we said that we would not moderate it, people would still make web reports from it. And yes we could put a letter in front of the server id as we do with the Arcade server but with a collision server that is not moderated it would just mean a lot of extra web reports that we would have to decline and it would mean a huge amount of extra work for us as moderators. So even tho the idea of not moderating the CD road is good, it simply couldent be done.
  11. I will just remind you all that you are allowed to go through a red light if there is no traffic coming that has green (in game). And in Denmark the lights go Green then yellow then red. And the other way its Red then yellow then green. So in Denmark you are allowed to go through the light when green. And you are allowed to go through it when its yellow IF you are so close you cant stop or of you are already in the lights. And when it changes from Red to yellow you can start to go.
  12. So the main reason why reports time out is simply because they have to i think. As FernandoCR says on a server like SIM 1 there is 4000 players. The amount of reports that comes in every minute is insane. If we would keep all those reports from on the sever until they where dealt with, the reports would go into the 1000's very very quick, and people tend to report a lot of much smaller things in game than with web reports since they dont have to record and can just press a button and make a report, so they tend to report much more than they do with web reports since that requires a little more work. which as i said, means that we get a lot of reports every minute, like it would be impossible to keep up with. And i am not sure the server could handle that. Which is why we have the Web report system. We might not get to every single in game report but we do get to ALL web reports. So we always encourage people to record if possible and make web reports, cause that way it will be dealt with. But with that said we do get to a lot of in game reports too. They just come so fast that we cant get to them all. Now with the idea of turning every single in game report into a video that is automatically saved on a server and then made automatically into a report i dont think is possible. I think the in game report systems isent really a video. I think it saves all the data of people, and where they where and their trucks and all that and then uses my computer and my game to display that data. Which is why i can move around in the "recordings" and look at it from different angles. Which is also why that when you see a recording i have taken from in game of an in game report, you might not see the paint job you had on at that time. Cause if i dont have that paint job on my game, my game is just gonna display a default one instead. So the in game report just sort of loads a bunch of data about what players and trucks are there, how it all looked, where they where driving and all that, and then loads that data in my game and displays that data using my game to do it. So there really isent a video for the server to save somewhere and make a report with, cause it really only has a bunch of data on things and not a video. And you need a game to load that data in order to display that data. Like if the server was actually constantly recording 4000 players and then saving a video of them every single time they made a report the amount of ram and CPU power the server would need and the amount of hard drive space it would need would be insane. Which is why its done like i said, because that is just data files it has to save or keep. And they dont take up nearly as much space as videos. And the way its done here also means that i can control the "recording" and fly around and look at it from different angles. But i am not 100% sure how that system actually works. I just think its like i said
  13. I have played ETS2 since it came out well almost since it came out, And i joined TMP on 15 Dec 2014. So i have been here a long time. And i joined TMP staff soon to be 2 years ago.
  14. I am part of TMP staff VTC. But i really dont participate much. I have nothing against driving convoys. And i have lead a giant amount of convoys, but normally i just drive alone or maybe with one other person. Maybe i am just a lonesome viking?
  15. So stealing a truck from someone else is NEVER gonna happen. This game was never made for Multiplayer. So SCS is not gonna add a possibility for stealing trucks simply because there is no one else to steel trucks from in game. And we probably wont add such a feature to our MP Mod since why would we? It would just be chaos. Weather or not you should be able to walk around outside your truck? Hmm i dont think the graphics and game is made for that. The only reason you should be able to do that is so you could hook your trailer up yourself and fuel up your self. But it would require a lot of work by SCS. Work i am not sure they are willing to do atm with all the other stuff they have going.
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