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  1. I have played ETS2 since it came out well almost since it came out, And i joined TMP on 15 Dec 2014. So i have been here a long time. And i joined TMP staff soon to be 2 years ago.
  2. I am part of TMP staff VTC. But i really dont participate much. I have nothing against driving convoys. And i have lead a giant amount of convoys, but normally i just drive alone or maybe with one other person. Maybe i am just a lonesome viking?
  3. So stealing a truck from someone else is NEVER gonna happen. This game was never made for Multiplayer. So SCS is not gonna add a possibility for stealing trucks simply because there is no one else to steel trucks from in game. And we probably wont add such a feature to our MP Mod since why would we? It would just be chaos. Weather or not you should be able to walk around outside your truck? Hmm i dont think the graphics and game is made for that. The only reason you should be able to do that is so you could hook your trailer up yourself and fuel up your self. But it would require a lot of work by SCS. Work i am not sure they are willing to do atm with all the other stuff they have going.
  4. So the thing is. We all have personal lives. So we cant all sit here 24/7 and do reports. And with corona virus running mad, a lot of people are home and playing ETS2/ATS which of cause means we get a lot of extra reports. Not only that but Corona could affect members of staff too. But with the extra people home it just means more reports. And all reports are handled after the principle First in First Out. So the reports that are the oldest gets handled first. But we are doing what we can. And dont worry your report in the web report system will be dealt with! So we are doing the best we can.
  5. So ATS has less content than ETS2. It has less cabin accessories, it has less wheels, it has less truck brands and diffrerent trucks, it has less paint jobs and less trailers. And the customisation options on trucks are also much better in ETS2 on some trucks with the DLC that are for some trucks. So in general there are just more options for variety in ETS2, even for the base game. And ETS2 is still the biggest map. I did a going round the entire edge of the map for both ETS2 and ATS and i cant remember the specific times but ETS2 took way longer to drive the edge of the map than ATS did. Like we are talking that if ATS took 10 hours to do, ETS2 would take 15 hours at least and with the latest Map DLC for ETS2 that has just added even more time to it. Which also means people want to drive ETS2 more. A lot of people that buy this game dosent know that MP exists. When someone tells them and they check it out a lot of people buy ETS2 because they realize that there is many more people on that. And as you say a lot of people who see someone playing TMP on twitch will buy ETS2 since they can clearly see that ETS2 has more players online. And i am not sure about this but i feel like a lot of the people who owns ETS2 or ATS or Both are European, Russian, Turkish or like Asian. So at least more players from those areas than Americans. Which might also be why there are more players on ETS2, cause they have a chance of driving on roads they know or even in their own country. And if you look at the steam stats ATS had an average of 3870 players the last 30 days and ETS2 had 17735 average players in the last 30 days. So almost 4 times as many people playing the game. Its not a better game than ATS it just has more general content and a bigger player base. Its just like if you look at two bars. They are equally as good and it costs the same to buy drinks in them. But one bar has more people than the other just because it has been there longer and it has a little more to do in it. Most people would go for the one with more people in it. Its just how it is. But again i agree with you that ATS is a fun game. And usually if i go for a normal long distance drive myself i drive in ATS. But on day to day moderating i spent more time on ETS2 simply cause it provides more moderator work. Not that we neglect ATS at all, its just much quicker done since there is less work with ATS cause of the lesser user base.
  6. So did you not just quote this rule? : §2.6 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse Convoy pilots are not permitted to slow down, block or control traffic, acting as a moderator and otherwise abusing the pilot scheme paint job. You are not permitted to take a convoy into highly populated area intentionally. This can include (but is not limited to) Calais, Duisburg, Calais-Duisburg road or surrounding areas. It does state as you pointed out that its not allowed to take a convoy down the CD road. But if its you and 2 friends driving that way you can hardly call that a convoy. But if you are 5-10-20 people i would not go and do that. That would be against the rules. And that rule is made to not cause more chaos these places more than there already is. Also if you drive 10 people in a row at lets say 60km/h down the CD road, its gonna cause a mess more than it already is. So depending on how many people you and your friends are i would reconsider driving down the CD road
  7. I have every single slider at its max. So everything is as safe as it can be. I drive 90km/h for the most part. I keep good distance to people in front of me. I use the GPS a lot to track people. Like i am a very safe driver. And i rarely speed. Gotta set the right example as a moderator right?
  8. Hello there So with the in game GPS, SCS tries to make these as realistic as possible i think. So with your list SCS would only add stuff that the truck might have in real life. But let me look at the list - A media player for movies or other videos, but DISABLED when driving and ENABLED when the truck is stopped. - This might be done, not sure if any of the trucks in game has this feature in the GPS screen in real life. - Search for jobs, buy trailers, trucks and garages. - This they might not do since all these things are purely a game thing and not something the truck would normally have. - Be used as a reversing camera. - Do trucks even have reversing cameras? I wouldent imagine it would be on the trailer. Maybe on the truck in self but that wouldent help much if you have a trailer on. - Work as F7 to get towed, refueled, etc. - Again not something the truck would normally have since its not a truck feature but a game feature. - Have like a social network so players can look for convoys and join them. - Social network to look for convoys and join them? What single player convoys? Dont think SCS would make you be able to drive with AI trucks in a convoy. And since SCS has nothing to do with this Multiplayer its not something SCS would add. And i am pretty sure we as TMP wouldent either but i really dont know if we would. - Have a list of the most congested cities, or a live map of players (something that might not happen). - Again SCS has nothing to do with this MP. So that would not be something SCS would add. And you sort of already have a live map of players. At least those around you. The colored dots on the map. But a lot of these things would be for TMP to make and i am not sure that would be a high priority. - Have the local time of real life. - SCS could do this. But what would you use it for, other than to know time? Most people have their phone within arms reach and i know on mine i can just tap the screen and it shows the time. So not sure if this is really something SCS would spent time on. - Look how damaged is your truck. - Again a game feature not a truck feature. And you gotta remember that SCS dosent decide what goes into the truck, at least not without approval from the truck company. So i would imagine that SCS would have to ask permission to add all this to the GPS. And i am not sure SCS wants to spent time doing that. I am sure they have plenty of stuff they want to do with the trucks before adding more things to the GPS But some of it is cool stuff. So one can always hope
  9. Sure. But the problem is that there is a lot of people that wont wait in a traffic jam so they start overtaking it or drive past it on the grass. Then there is all the overtakings on that road that causes accidents. So yes the traffic jams might feel more realistic but that road in general comes with a lot of trouble.
  10. As said by others one of the main reasons for this is the updates to the rules and simulation we have made. That has given the bad drivers a lot of longer bans and a few more perma bans. So a lot of the worst drivers on that road are banned. That means less traffic. And just in general people are starting to avoid that road to not risk getting banned. And the fact that we have been trying to tell people to drive on other roads. At every chance i have when someone is talking about CD road, i try to tell them to drive somewhere else. But maybe history is repeating itself? We have had roads like this before like Euro Port. And that got unpopular because of rules we did back then to try ad move people out. After some time people found the CD road and started to use that. Maybe people are finally getting tired of that and moving on? Lets hope.
  11. MrSirViking

    Overtake C-D

    I dont recommend people to overtake on the CD road. I have seen a lot of reports of people overtaking on the CD road where it ends badly. So there is a high chance for an accident if you overtake on the CD road. So i really dont recommend you to overtake on the CD road. If there is an accident slow down and wait till its cleared.
  12. I actually have this video on how to do it. this way makes it so that you can make a mod file and place it on your mod folder and then you can just buy the truck from the scania dealer with the engine in it. I think i put a scania engine into a renault but it the same way to do it for a volvo engine to a scania or what ever.
  13. So what i do is that i usually drive 90km/h anywhere. Except for the CD road. There i drive the posted speed limit to be safe. If i come to a red light i check all roads for people that might have green, and if there isent any i drive over. If i see anybody else at the other roads that has green i always stop. I always use turn signals and check my mirrors before changing lanes and all that So i would call my self a good driver. But then again with my job here i really should be
  14. MrSirViking


    First off I want to point to this rule: §1.4 - Reporting users: Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record or anything similar will lead to a ban from the report system. So this rule says that you cant just fly around in devcam/freecam and just record users for the sole purpose to report them. I sort of see the idea of just driving down the CD road for the sole purpose of finding people who is braking rules just to report them as sort of the same. Its always a good idea record your driving. I highly recommend that. But your time could be spent much better just driving around all of the map for the fun of driving rather than just driving down CD road to report people. A lot people on the CD road ends up braking the rules anyway at some point just because of that road. So i dont really recommend anyone driving on the CD road at all.
  15. Actually I think my least used truck might be Volvo or the new Mercedes Actros.
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