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  1. MrSirViking's post in What's the difference between the in-game report system and the website report system? was marked as the answer   
    So the in game report system works by saving the data of what happened when you reported someone. That means that i as a moderator can look at that evidence and move around in it and look at everything. But since that evidence is stored on the server, we dont have an unlimited amount of space and so there can only be a certain amount of reports on the server. So sometimes the reports will time out and get deleted if no moderator has looked at it for a while. This will happen quite often since there is a lot of people on the servers. And since we as moderators can always be on the server to check every single report, that means that some of them will time out and no action will be taken on the report. And so you cant always be sure that a moderator sees your report if its made on the in game system.
    The website report system requites you as a player to record your gameplay and then upload that recording to something like youtube and then add that youtube video to the website report. You then also add the Truckers MP ID of the perpetrator in the evidence and some other information. And then its put into the web report system. This reports never gets timed out and will stay there until a moderator looks at it. And so you can always be sure that if you have made a web report with evidence, a moderator will look at it and will take the correct action on the report. So if you really want someone banned for something they did, you should use the web report system. So we always recommend that you record your gameplay and that you use the web report system.
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