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  1. So, because I'm such a law obiding young women, I do stick to the speed limits, always, never ever driving faster then 5 kph over the allowed speed. It's a game about hauling stuff from A to B to C, no need to do it fast. I'm not completeley sure about men have to be so fast in all they do, yes, I MEAN EVERYTHING. We girls like it slow, you'll reach the desired destination even with sticking to the speed limits or doing it slow.... just a hint from me boys.. But still, so many people drive as fast as if they were running away from their masters' whips when doing their daily haul. But why? Tell me your opinions on that Topic.
  2. To be honest with you.. I always stop at red lights. And at Stopp Signs. Yes I DO! Why? There are so many ppl driving full speed you might not even see before running the red light. They can be with you pretty fast when driving 100kph in a 50s zone, which I encounter a lot. Why the hazzle? Why be so damn fast? This is not GTA Online, nor it's any other game where "Running" is always turned on for your character. It's a game about hauling stuff. If you join the multiplayer part of it, do it with common sense and respect others. Last night I was arriving at a toll gate. It was just one lane for each side of the road. I had a heavy load and another trucker came up from behind. What did he do? He seriously overtook me 6 meters before the toll gate and squeezed himself into the remaining space between me and the toll gate, causing a near crash scenario. Why for gods sake? Because I'm slower? People doing that in front of me should always remember they get recorded and a special place in my next "TruckersMP Insights" Video on Youtube. Love, Linny
  3. My first thought when joining the servers is.. The hell you lovely ppl if one of you is scratching my paint job! This is stil one of my worst problems on the servers so I think about it a lot. Yesterday I thought "Let's hope my new nails won't break off again when playing"! Yes, girly problems I know.. Love, Linny
  4. Well I can see that most ppl are reacting with flashing lights when I do the same, when I honk my horn like it's burning, yeah, they honk too. Not all though, some ppl are just lazy passersby or are otherwise distracted from the road. Maybe it's my shiny Truck Skin they are so into that they forget to greet? Who knows! Love, Linny
  5. 農曆新年快樂!You see, I can chinese.. (translate for the win) I'm not even sure that's correct. I hope it is. ^^
  6. I use, like most ppl, Nvidia Geforce Experience for recordings. It's automatically started at startup so I can be myself, Lazy Linny, and just start the game!
  7. I love long distance for some weird reasons. You know, starting in my garage at Palermo, the whole world of ETS2 is available for me and I use it! Ha! Can't stand short trips, less money.. Need atleast 2000km to be happy! :)
  8. Good day to my fellow truckers, I am new to TruckersMP and so far it's a Gem I am glad to have found. It's fun to drive through europe and see others driving with me on the streets. There's a lot of people greeting me while passing by, which is a thing you normally will not see in most multiplayer based games. However, I do noticed some toxic behavior, a hell lot of reckless driving, speeding, crashing, lazy ppl not using their mirrors/indicators etc, which is something that starts to hit my wallet. When I do a contract to bring stuff from A to B, I always drive within the boundaries of street rules. I mean driving carefully and always obey to street signs and signals. But there's a lot of people recently which are driving in a way that constantly damages my truck seriously because they are speeding and crashing into me or in other things due to their speeding, and I crash into them often when they crash into objects. Is that normal? I mean I don't mind ppl speeding, but reckless overtaking (or undertaking on the slip road) which results in crashing into my truck is something I don't want to have happening to me. There was one situation yesterday, I did overtake another truck correctly and indicated right to get back into the right lane on a street with two lanes for both directions. Then, the truck behind me started to speed up and then he undertake me on the hard shoulder. He then wanted to get back onto the normal lane way too early and crashed into my truck. While he did that maneuvre he honked his horn like crazy. My truck and my cargo got badly damaged, resulting in a los of 50% of the money and a bill for repairing my truck and trailer ofr another 60000€. I did a 3500km hauling which is a long run of about 3 realtime hours and in the end I paid more then I was rewarded. Also, nobody really cares about traffic lights, honking their horns and calling me idiot for waiting at a red light, especially when they are not able to overtake me. I get constantly crashed into from people not stopping at red lights or stopp signs! Also, a lot of ppl are overtaking in the cities where you shoud only drive 50kph. I wittnessed some really crazy maneuvres just to overtake someone in the city, and when it's really busy, they crush into others coming from the opposite direction because they can't get back onto their lane due to someone next to them. I really suggest that the speed limit of 90kph should be applied again! And, can I report people driving in a reckless manner, even if no one gets crashed? I don't want to spend 200000€ every day just to repair everything again and again and again. As I said, I love this Multiplayer and will continue to play on your servers, but I wanted to share you my experience after 3 days of playing with you guys! And, I will keep a video recording program running to save the most craziest maneuvres from other people. So should you see Lindsey McTavish on the roads, behave! P.S. I play on Sim 1!
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