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  1. I don't really have a specific thing I always have to get before launching ETS2 or ATS. The only thing I do every time, which isn't even a physical thing you can drink, eat or get. Is that I always get updated on Discord before going on a drive. I simple can't turn on my PC and then just go for a drive, before I have made sure that there isn't anything I need to handle or do on DIscord.
  2. Right now I like driving at sunrise, because the WinterMod some days make it foggy. But other than that I would sunset is also a good time to be driving. I have no problem with driving at night, but it can sometimes be a bit tricky since WinterMod makes it pretty dark, and also you can't really enjoy the scenery. But then again driving in daytime just makes the trucks look pretty basic because you can't see the lights that well. So I would say all time of the day has its pros and cons. Which is probably also why I like driving in all times of the day, and often gets to. Since I sometimes do some long drives.
  3. I think it will be a great new addition to the game. Not sure how much I'll be driving them myself. But if it gets more people back into TMP, or gets some new people to join TMP I'm all for it. It also gives some more realism to the game since in the real world it aren't all Trucks and then a car here and there.
  4. The idea is good, however I see some problems with it. 1) Not everyone is in a VTC. I actually thinks the majority of this community aren't in a VTC 2) It might be confusing when users are helping out at another VTC/Event Team Convoys as CC, Supervisor or Media. So as I said the idea is good. But I can't really see it working in a proper way that will not cause confusion, or make non-VTC drivers not feel they're in the wrong because they aren't in a VTC.
  5. An addition of new countris are always welcome in my book. Russia is coming, but there is still so much more to make. In the perfect world I would like to some day see all of Europe being included in the game. I personally would like to see e.g. Greece being added to the game, and an expansion to Scandinavia would also be a great addition.
  6. It is a tricky one, cause it can be difficult to determine if another driver is a lagging. Sometimes when someone is overtaking me I can see it straight away because they're lagging during the overtaking. Then I would slow down a bit to create some distance between me and the other driver. But in your video the driver didn't lag at all before already having merged back into the right lane. So you would have had no way of knowing that they could lag. So in your situation there wasn't much you could do. As some had said before it's always a good idea to try and brake, and possible go onto the grass to avoid collision. But not everyone has a reaction time good enough to do that. Personally I would say your distance to the driver overtaking was reasonable given that they didn't seem to be lagging. I guess this is just one of those things that happens when you play on a server with players from all over the world.
  7. Thanks for a great Christmas Convoy 🎄


    Saw a lot of recognizable names today, and got to spend 12 hours (almost) with the best CC Team 👍


    Also got a chance to get a new photo with @Cevil and @qsr89 📸



  8. I must be honest. I don't look after if driver say sorry to me, or not. I look at the incident itself. If it was a minor thing, and didn't seem to be intentionally I just let it go. It doesn't matter if they say sorry or not. Cause some driver just stress out when they accidentally are involved in a collision. So they're more focused on getting out of the way (either by driving to the side, Alt+F4 or F7). So they simply forget to say sorry, and don't realise it until after it is too late.
  9. I get that some drivers can find it annoying to be stuck behind another driver hauling a heavy cargo. The only advice I can give to those drivers is to have patience, and not be in a rush when going on C-D Road. I personally have a rule that I never overtake another driver on C-D Road no matter how slow they're going. And I only go on C-D Road if I have the time for it. I would never go on C-D Road if I knew I had to go offline within the next 30 minutes. I always makes sure to have plenty of time available so if I meet a driver with a heavy cargo going "slow" I have the time to just stick behind them and enjoy the trip. Actually, sometimes it can be nice to just take it slow. There is still parts of C-D Road I haven't looked at properly yet, do to having to focus on the road due to the speed. But when you are going 60 kmh you can actually find the time to just enjoy the view. While of course still being observant of the other drivers on the road, so you don't cause a crash, or anything similar.
  10. Thanks for the follow 🙂

  11. Thanks for the follow 👍

  12. I tried the new update for ProMods Canada yeserday, and I most say it is a great addition to the already existing map. I think it has added something to the game that ATS has been missing compared to ETS2 and ETS2 ProMods. I was actually thinking just the same thing yesterday, when I drove it. It will probably never be as popular as Kirkenes (or C-D Road). But it would be nice to see some more driver driving around in the same area, since ATS can be pretty dead from time to time.
  13. I'm not expert of Local Modding (actually I have no idea how it works). But from what I know there is some things that can be changed through local modding, and as far as I can tell you didn't get kicked due to your engine or transmission but because you apparently used something on your trailer that isn't allowed. What it was I wouldn't be able to say, but I guess it was something that wasn't intended for a trailer, but possible the truck itself. As some users has previously mentioned their is a limit to what you can actually mod, since if you mod something that e.g. makes your trailers hitbox (have no idea if that's actually a thing) then all TMP Users would need to have the same mod to be able to see the modification so they don't end up hitting your trailer. At least that's how I understands it from listening to others talk about modding in TMP. But as I mentioned I don't know that much about local mod, or save editing for that matter. I can save edit my licens plate that's about it. But then again, for me it doesn't really matter if the transmission, engine (and sound) among other things is 100% like in the real world. What I like about the game is the ability to meet new people while casually driving in-game.
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