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  1. Don't give me that. I already said they are volunteers and I know they are busy. But the issue is for months now, and we didn't receive any update about it. They could at least share with us where they are bumping into. Maybe they need new equipment, but due to the chip shortage they don't get the equipment. Maybe they have problem buying new equipment, because of a financial issue (solution crowdfund). Maybe they don't communicate with us, because they think everything must be perfect and communicating about issues, is demeaning. Hello were not in China or Russia. People kn
  2. So this morning around 05.45 I couldn't sleep and decided to do some TMP trucking. After 3 minutes of loading on ProMods and then another 3 minutes of loading for the job, I finally set off. (some navigation update error in promods). At 06:00, the server closed the connection. And my client wanted to reconnect, but it couldn't. Was this due to maintenance? I don't know, because it didn't say in chat why the server closed the connection. Or was it just to have everyone mandatory accept the new rules? Because that popped up when I logged in again. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme
  3. If SCS Convoys gets mod support (Especially promods), it might be a good alternative, for when the TMP servers are having issues. And if SCS would go further and also allow like, 32 players to be on one server. Then I think the TMP servers will be less full. What I'm hoping for is that SCS Convoys, will get rid of the players, who want to drive like IRL and get angry if you try to overtake. While the road is completely empty and straight. Shoo shoo you can make your own server and even with traffic now. So go sim drive there. It is more realistic and less frustrating for you and me
  4. Dit is een slechte suggestie, de Firewall beschermt je voor aanvallen van buitenaf en blokkeert de communicatie van ongewenste software. Als je slechte ping hebt in 1 spel, is het beter om uit te zoeken welke poorten dit spel gebruikt. En op de modem/router in te loggen, en portforwarding in te stellen voor het betreffende spel. Dit is wel categorie moeilijk. Omdat elke modem / router weer een andere interface heeft. Voor hulp kun je het beste zoeken op google: handleiding portforwarding *modem/routermerk en uitvoering*. Nog een suggestie: Controleer na opstarten van je PC, of
  5. Virtual SPeditor has been updated to 2.15.3 Download link here: https://www.adrive.com/public/fwcmNc/Virtual_Speditor2_15_3.rar Original topic that is being updated here: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=199114
  6. Yes I created it, a 825K load 5481KM 4,10hrs of driving. XD
    Wish me luck 😄R7YRs37.jpg

  7. I've joined BVAR Trucking.
    Be the best. Be BVAR

    The day before TMP was ETS2 1.40 compatible, I decided to do one last drive through Spain.


  8. thanks man Traveling to garage fixed it!!

  9. It is just because TMP requires ETS2/ATS 1.39 to play, and WoT requires ETS2/ATS 1.40. If you want to drive WoT jobs, you will have to upgrade to 1.40, but then you can't play on TMP. And vice-versa. You could download a job generator, if you can't find any jobs. Like Trucky or Virtual_SPeditor. Or you need to reset your economy.
  10. I know how you can avoid hitting the 30 report limit. Stop driving C-D... Or go on a other sim server. I've been driving through western Europe for several days now on sim 1, about 4hrs / 6hrs a day. And only had to report like 2 people *Knocks on wood*. If you can drive more in the DLC area's, and avoid western Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, North of France and western Germany), your TMP experience will be so much better. Also choose what you report. Someone lightly bumped into you. Is that even worth reporting? Someone overtaking the wrong way?
  11. Why would a driving school on TMP be unfair for the younger ages? Just wondering @SpeedyThomas Great suggestion, but TMP hasn't approve any suggestions to test newbs. Suggestions things like: a driving test, minimum of hours played SP, number of WoT jobs, KM's driven. Have been suggested by the community, and till now they were declined. Also the programming of a automated driving test, would be impossible for TMP, as they are all volunteers. For that a full development team would be needed, like the big gaming companies have. And there aren't enough mods available to play as
  12. I seen some photo's and compared the 1.40 Renault T with the one in 1.39.. They got everyone exited for a new truck. Everyone hyped up. And they only changed the headlights on the exterior Late April fools joke?
  13. TMP defiantly going to update after the 8th of April. Why release 2 updates to TMP, if you can do 1.
  14. Making the bridge on C-D road go up and down. Adding gates on the C-D road that randomly open and close. Or tollbooth gates at the start of the C-D road, letting people pay 10,000 euro to get through. Make all trucks and trailers the size of RC cars When entering a city, you get teleported to a garage in a other city
  15. Suggestion Name: Change the ingame time on event server(s) Suggestion Description: If most convoys start at 18:00 UTC, maybe the ingame time on the event server could be changed? If possible, when a convoy on the event server starts, that the ingame time is set to like 06:00. So everyone can enjoy a nice route during the day. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Now if the convoy starts at 18:00 UTC Summertime, ingame it is 20:00, meaning the entire convoy is being driven in the dark. And when it is night time ingame, you can't see anything of the envir
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