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  1. I am so glad that promods isn't available for everyone. But only for those with all DLC's, a proper pc and some IT know how. Lately I've spend a lot of time on promods, I only got flanked hit once, because of a drunk skoda driver. Today I've spend some time on sim1, to check something out. Within 4 minutes of heading of to my destination, I was rammed by someone head on.... If more experienced drivers would go to promods, that would be more fun.
  2. Since yesterday I was beginning to wonder, how does the in-game report tool work? I've searched for information via the search tool, but could not find relevant topics. So the player presses tab. Selects the driver that needs to be reported. Press report. Click on the offence. And press submit. But what happens then? Is the report tool giving a small video to the admin, clicking on the report, showing what happened? Is it only a live tool, like if the admin clicks on it, he goes to the location: If he is in time, he sees what's going on. If he is too late, no
  3. If you press tab when you are ingame, then you get a list of all drivers in the area, the top one being yourself. There you will see how much ms your ping is, with the server. It could be if you have a high ping, even with your fiber broadband. That your firewall (Windows or the modem) is blocking TMP internet access.
  4. Hold up there, you can't be winning for that long.
  5. Almost all my trucks have a 12 speed gearbox. For my 8x4 I use a 12+2 speed gearbox. (the crawler gear is useful, to crawl up steep/slippery slopes). I used a 18 speed gearbox in a peterbilt 379 in ETS2, for special transport, but I couldn't make it up a highway ramp in old ETS2....
  6. I advise IF you have dlc's, to avoid western Europe all together. If you draw a triangle from Calais to Luxembourg and then to Kiel and back to Calais. You have the Bermuda triangle where 70% off all accidents happen ><
  7. How to win this game. Become a moderator. Post a comment about locking this topic. Lock topic. Place it in the trash, so nobody can find it again. ... profit you're now the winner of this game, but you're trash
  8. My favourite promod roads for me are: östersund to Bergen Utsjoki to Honningvag Vik i Myrdal via Akureyri to Bolungarvik (both ways).
  9. I don't think that Promods has a lot of influence on the sale rate. At most there are only 2400 people driving in promods at the same time. That's why there are only 2 promods servers in the EU. But I do think that TMP, has made this game a lot more popular, than if it was only a SP game. Also people don't have to pay for all the DLC's, to have a great experience. A lot of people, only have the base game. And I don't think ETS2 is a different game with the DLC. There are 2 dlc's that really influence the way you drive: Heavy cargo and Special transport, but also only if you take that
  10. If the VTC has a vtlog, you can contribute to the their stats, by playing SP. All the stats for ETS2SP and MP + ATSSP and MP, are converted into the global stats and global VTC rank. Be sure to find a VTC that doesn't require convoy attendance if you won't play MP.
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