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  1. It was indeed! Many different buildings, cities, climates. You pass the majority of your trip in Europe, and then you go on to Middle East and its a completely new world!
  2. Damn, already thinking about 40k? I still got the 30k trip first It was good! There were some moments in which I had some buddies coming with me, other moments where it was just me and the road. I'm up for business!
  3. It's great to see that 2 months later, I still have people appreciating the milestone. Thank you everyone! Soon 30k. Just waiting for Iberia to come out
  4. Running Red Lights in cities is alot safer than running red lights in Road Works. While in the city, you can see, and normally people go slowly, in these Road Works, people are going high speed. One moment you see no one on the tab, the next moment you see one guy coming high speed and you are already on the lane.
  5. I have alot of hotspots in ProMods! I have once said, and I say again: Iceland is one of the best places in ProMods. Other than Iceland, I would say Middle East. I say this because they are two complete different worlds. You compare both to Europe: One is full of ice, the other is sand. It's another experience. A worthy one.
  6. Yes! As said before, in another quote : The trip started on the 30th December at 11:15. On that day, I stopped at exactly Midnight. Taking 1:30hrs from that for all lunch/dinner/urgent related things, it gets to 11:15hrs of driving. This only got me 11k kilometres, I was in Sweden. Next day, I had to finish it, started at 11:10. On that day I managed to deliver it at around 9 PM. Taking 1:30hrs from that for all lunch/dinner/urgent related things, it gets to 8:20hrs of driving. All calculated, I drove 20 thousand kilometres in 19hrs and 35 minutes.
  7. So what? You don't need to be backed up, have a sponsor and divert money, just to express your solidarity towards the others. You're simply putting money over the meaning of words, which is wrong.
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