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  1. No chance of the permanent ban going. There arcade server for people who want no rules.
  2. Was an interesting read and I'm excited to see truckersMP grow. As for patreon. I'm a patreon because I want to support a awesome project and community. A suggestion for the new patreon tier: longer afk timer . Congrats to @ShawnCZek on ur promotion. Keep up the great work TMP ?
  3. Should be fun. Hope I can make it
  4. Personally I don't see the point in this but thanks and keep tge ideas coming.
  5. Suggestion Name: patreon get new items first. Suggestion Description: I think it would be nice for master trucker badge holder to be able to get new items first. Example: when a new vehicle come out,Or new items such as beacons, horn, accessories etc.. master trucker patreon get them aweek or 2 before other players.. Why should it be added?: it would be a thank you to the patreon and hopefully would bring more master truckers patreon.
  6. My favourite truck is a volvo. Really enjoy that truck. Looks good in and out....
  7. 4 million wow. Congrats truckers mp. Have had some amazing times in tmp and looking forward to any more..?
  8. Suggestion Name: patreon window flag Suggestion Description: A window flag with TMP patreon on it. Any example images: Why should it be added?:. It should be added so patreon can fly the flags and let player now that tmp as patreon.
  9. instead of player? Suggestion Name: patreon rank Suggestion Description: Could patreon get a patreon rank. So in stead of player we get patreon. Any example images: Why should it be added. A thank you to the patreon
  10. Could patreon get a patreon rank. So we get patreon instead of player?
  11. Is it possible to have the special transport working for mp. You could get rid of the escorts and police blocking roads. If player want escorts their friends could be escorts in the pilot cars. Just an idea
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