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  1. No chance of the permanent ban going. There arcade server for people who want no rules.
  2. Was an interesting read and I'm excited to see truckersMP grow. As for patreon. I'm a patreon because I want to support a awesome project and community. A suggestion for the new patreon tier: longer afk timer . Congrats to @ShawnCZek on ur promotion. Keep up the great work TMP
  3. Your an absolute pleasure to watch rescue, Definitely one of my favourite streamer. Your stream are always entertaining and fun to watch and there never a dull moment. Keep up the great work Your doing.
  4. I'm in a awesome vtc called Outcast Transport.
  5. I like Iceland it really interesting drive. It is a challenging drive sometimes in parts. I have noticed more people over there lately
  6. I really like the volvos. I hope they put the volvo FH 2021 in game at some point. That would be nicee
  7. Really like driving the van was really cool. Hoping we get the mini next. That will be cool to.
  8. If you want a difficult near impossible one try going to Hawes Market places. It is really hard.
  9. For me, definitely the volvo
  10. Honestly I tryed it few time. It just boring now...
  11. Dalechall

    Trucky App

    Brilliant app. Seriously if you don't have it try it. It's getting better all the time. And the dispatch feature is so easy and awesome for you own jobs which is really good for convoys
  12. I really like promods the map as larger and nicer scenery
  13. Hmmm. Maybe a recovery vehicle. Or maybe a dump drunk. Or an ice cream truck hehe
  14. I use my vtc colours now. But before I really liked the nature pack and my favourite was the magma heat skin
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