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  1. Thank you for the follow James! 

    1. .James


      No worries, thank you for the follow also! 

  2. Bugged? That is what it's like to drive in icy / snowy conditions..
  3. tmp is still in alpha btw, and no wonder you're flying you are not even driving, you're legit just abusing the physics at this point.. people like you are the reason why the mod gets removed. Also, you're saying physics aren't realistic but yet you're spinning around in circles in the services.. very clever. I wish I could use the Pepega emote on the forum :')
  4. Correct, I've only been on tmp for a year (0 bans btw ), but physics were like this last year, last years were even worse and never got removed. Also, do you have proof of you just driving and reaching 300 km/h? Because I bet you were going max speed lol
  5. Blind? at least spell correctly before trying to insult me, anyways moving on. Of course you'll have no control if you're going 300 km/h that's just logic.. if you cannot drive to the weather conditions don't use physics simple, you're not meant to go driving max speed on ice lol
  6. Ah yes, let's remove the physics which are broken for those who cannot drive properly but if you can drive, the physics are perfect - but keep the Skodas which probably cause the most accidents and literally use other trucks to stop instead of breaking. Good logic there
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