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  1. Thanks for follow James ❤️

  2. Well well well.. I've recently been exploring the Middle East in Promods 2.52 and managed to snag this lovely picture! 


    Happy Easter everyone! 



  3. Have a lovely relaxed weekend everyone, happy trucking! ???????qH38W53.png

    1. Guest


      Happy days ?

  4. I'm Driving in France this evening! ?? Managed to snag this lovely picture!


    1. Rescue193uk


      Looking good in that Outcast Transport VTC livery.  

  5. So, this evening I decided to clean the dust off of my Renault T and do a heavy haul in Italy! ?? 

    I hope everyone is having a lovely week! ? 


  6. So I had a lovely drive this evening with @Sharkie2405 in our new vans. We had some... very.. interesting encounters on the way but hey! We made it to Calais! 

    (P.S. ignore my registration plate ?)


  7. Thank you for the update!
  8. Good Evening! Hope everyone's week is going good so far! This evening I went on a lovely drive and bumped into @StateCA (NL)  on the C-D road! I quickly snagged a photo  when we arrived in Calais ?. Wishing you all a happy and joyful week! 


    Kind Regards,




    1. StateCA [NL]

      StateCA [NL]

      Yeah was nice!

  9. Thank you for the follow! ?

    Appreciated! Stay safe! ?

    1. .James


      No worries, you too!

  10. Thank you for the update! ?
  11. So it begins, the 24hr Charity Stream for 'Santerpaws Bulgarian Rescue' begins. Starting off on Promods until 5pm UTC and then attending the TMP Convoy this evening! Followed by other games ?  @Rescue193uk and @Sharkie2405 will be streaming the event. Then there's @TFM_Mikey and I who are tagging along.


    Enjoy your weekend everyone and happy trucking!



  12. Thank you for the follow James! 

    1. .James


      No worries, thank you for the follow also! 

  13. Bugged? That is what it's like to drive in icy / snowy conditions..
  14. You. Are. One. Of. A. Kind.
  15. tmp is still in alpha btw, and no wonder you're flying you are not even driving, you're legit just abusing the physics at this point.. people like you are the reason why the mod gets removed. Also, you're saying physics aren't realistic but yet you're spinning around in circles in the services.. very clever. I wish I could use the Pepega emote on the forum :')
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