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  1. Gotta lova the double standarts of some g.m. and how they support more people from they'r nationality and don't look from the other person's perspective.

    1. DeviLee


      If there is something you are not happy about, posting on the forum is not the best way to get your issue solved. You are welcome to contact the Upper staff about any team member or team you are unhappy with. :)


  2. Call of the wild

    Nah.. just get a skoda and a trailer - u'll have more space for sleeping, kitchen, bath - evertything !
  3. CB update

    -1 We already have chaos with the in-game voice system. As @[LKW Tr.] bobi124 told I too turned my CB off, because of the 24/7 spam and abuse of this function. Screaming ; making weird noises ; talk trash ; Listenin someone else's stupid music ; etc. Especially in areas with medium ~ high popularity it's insane. If you want to play with your friend, buddy or company you can use like every normal person who plays multiplayer games external softwares for communications like Skype ; TeamSpeak3 ; Discord and many other. Why should I be forced to listen the B.S. that others are using the CB for?
  4. Viva Trucking | Professional Trucking Company ETS2

    @[VIVA] Quad It was not like huge problem for me and I didn't report him or anything else.. I was already driving too fast, probably I could overtake him, but... I was surprised to see this kind of action from him, because I've seen few or several times VIVA Trucking drivers and usually they drive slower, careful and in the right lane - I mean they followed the rules. It's a holiday these days for me and i'm in a good mood so I have no interest in ruining other's day/night. He may had bad day, who knows.. if it's not too late you could still talk with him and check his opinion. Greetingz & thanks for the respond!
  5. Wintermod Released

    Please stop quoting this everywhere. This is not working for most of the players. I turned this OFF in mid January or somewhere around the end of it. And I'm still having snowing from time to time. It's not always raining/falling snow, but it's like "drive some time witthout snowing and then it starts snowing.." I've checked 2349124 times and I turned OFF the setting in the TAB menu. We have snow every winter, every year's the same over and over again so I personally know how to turn it off. I've seen a lot of people having the same issue as me - still seeing snowing sometimes. And some people said that this should be turned off from TruckersMP themself, not from the users/players. So we have to wait, we can't do nothing. As I said in my status update, probably the "big boss" lives around the Antarctica or North Pole ,cuz for me it's not normal to watch snowing in April - or even March.
  6. Viva Trucking | Professional Trucking Company ETS2

    When you hear everywhere - Truckers.FM , forums etc. how good VIVA Trucking is ..but then outta nowhere u get this driver from VIVA in-front of you who's blocking you on purpose and don't allow you to overtake him. Even after using high-beams & air horn. He clearly knows that I was behind him. At some point around the middle of the video he even drived zig-zag in both lanes for a short time, because why not... I was thinking to overtake him from the right lane.. but this is not really the right thing to do cuz in real life overtaking from the right is not allowed. He had to switch lanes and go in the right lane, so I can be free to overtake him via left /a.k.a. fast/ lane. But instead let's drive like A-hole and block people. Best VTC! Greetingz,
  7. When is this snow falling going to stop?! Is the main dev. living in the antarctica or north pole with the polar bears or..? It's freaking 7 April  and we still have snow ?! LOL

    1. VampireOfSnake


      You can stop that. Press tap>click right>settings>and uncheck the season effect. Good luck! ;)


    2. MHT_



      You can remove the "falling snow" when you press "Tab" in-game. Then you must press the "settings" button, and uncheck the "Season Effects". 

    3. Tosh8


      It's "off" from the TAB menu. I don't have snow on the road after I turned it off /in the middle of january/ but it keeps falling/raining snow. I've seen before some time a topic about this from someone else and others told him it's from the launcher (TMP). But i've done this in the settings of the TAB menu.

  8. Anyone knows what happend with the map and why it isn't working? 
    ETS2 MAP

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      It still works fine expect DLC Italia :) 

      Try to reload website again :) 

    2. Tosh8


      I guess broken only for me.. 


    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      It works for me. Try to restart your Internet :) 


  9. In Swiss u can learn how to drive and get your B license on 350 HP car like the Focus RS?! It's like if someone learns to drive in Bugatti Chiron, lol. It's not impossible, but... In some countries there is limit for the car's power for new drivers /for the first 1-2 years/. Anyway, I learned on BMW 118d (E81) ; 122 hp, back in 2010. And then my very first car with my own money after I graduete from high-school is Honda CRX 1.6 /stock engine is 124 hp, mine had some small changes and get to 144 hp/ Both images are samples from google.
  10. How long do you drive?

    Depends, sometimes i'm not like in "too much" mood for long driving. Usually I take medium to long courses and i'm doing 1 to 3, then I leave the game. I'm not that type of players that can play a game the entire day without a break. Usually in most games I play them 1-2 hours, then leave and do something else.. later maybe play again and so on
  11. Twitter giveaway

    Great event again from TMP Good luck to all participants!
  12. Any recommend bus sim?

    It's sad that there is no really a good Bus Simulator. I've tried some bus games before some years, but they're not even close to how for example Euro Truck Simulator looks like. Probably there is no big enough video game company that shows interest in Bus Simulators... but the graphics are always stunning, doesn't matter if it's omsi2 or something else.. there is just NO good looking Bus Simulator game atm. at least in my eyes. Mega bad infrastructure, bad graphics, superbly bad phisics. I hope in the future someone will make good bus type game.
  13. Overall design of the truck is 9/10 with one huge thing that I dislike. SCSoftware failed so damn hard with the front blinkers. If you stand in front of another Scania Next Gen. truck and look at him while he's with left or right indicator/blinker ON ..u can't really see the light from that blinker that good.. it's so damn slim that u'll have hard time to see if the upcoming truck is going to to turn left or right.. u have to be reaaaally close to him to be able to see his front blinkers. This is NOT how the blinkers looks like in real life. I've seen myself this truck, even been in the driver's seat.. and u can see he's using his indicators/blinkers from a medium-to-long distance. SCS Software should rework and fix the model !
  14. Commend System

    Actually it's not bad idea to make like 3 different ratings for each player like 3 type of players: Friendly | Tolerant / Patient | Aggresive / Risky Scale: 0 ~ 5 The question is how every single one of us is going to recieve this type of ratings. Who's going to give it to us or..? Maybe it can be like Next to the "Report" button in the TAB menu we can have "Rate" button. When u press it u can choose only 1 option from these I mentioned. And you should be able to vote only for another player, NOT rate yourself.
  15. What to do in case of an accident?

    The only way u can respond to an accident is if you record your driving with the proper software. The chance of seeing the guy who cause the accedent with you /the one who ram you, block you, troll u/ get banned via using TAB menu report system is like 10% If you want to be 100% sure that the other guy /if it's his fault/ get punnished then you should visit the official website of TMP and create & send report to the staff with the video for evedence. The respond time is unknown, I had situation when I submit report and they deal with it for less then 1 hour since I submited it. But the same way I have reports that haven't been checked for several days (for example atm. I have 1 report from 15 Mar 12:04 which is still waiting for someone to look at it.. and the funny part is that after this repot I submited 3 other reports and all of them are accepted) In most cases if your truck doesn't start moving after 10-20 secs. after the accedent then you should press F7 and get out of the road - in case there is high or medium traffic around you. I've seen people that twisted they'r truck cabin & trailer so unreal that it is imposibble to move.. but they're keep staying and trying to move they'r trucks while they're blocking the road for minutes .. then these guys should be reported for blocking too Cuz if u're staying 5 minutes blocking the road, because u refuse to go to the garage/repair shop and trying to escape on your own... then you deserve the ban too for stopping other players from playing.