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  1. Hours doesn't matter, if there is nobody "up there" ? If u're childish or u love to break the rules in real life, u'll most likely do it on the internet too. In the real life I have a driving license for 12 years now & for all that time I have like 3 years without driving anything (cuz i've driven both bikes & cars), for that time I don't have a single ticket from the authorities. Ofc. I have my moments of going above the speed limit, but nothing crazy & mostly on a places where I won't hurt anybody, except me. If you have some basic and common sense.. you'll be alright in the multiplayer. In the past i've reported a lot of people with more then just 2 hours for ramming or other bad stuff - so as I said.. it's not about the hours in my opinion.
  2. Happy Birthday! ??

  3. Happy birthday to you!?

  4. Old as me... • CPU - Intel i5-6600 • GPU - ASUS GTX 1060 ROG STRIX, 6GB GDDR5, 192-bit • RAM - Kingston HyperX 16gb (2x8gb) DDR4 • Storage - HDD 2TB Seagate + SSD Samsung Evo 870 - 500gb • OS - Windows 10 Pro • Display - Gigabyte 24" 165Hz • Keyboard / Mouse - Razer Ornata V2 / HyperX Pulsefire Core
  5. Hello, Last night, also this morning.. I tried using the report system (TAB menu) in-game. I decided to report few times other players, but when I select/mark the person in the TAB menu, press "Report" & choose the reason & after I submit my report in the chat I get automated msg. that Player with ID "0000000" (for example) was reported. BUT the problem is that it shows me that I've reported another person. ex. I try to report player with in-game ID: 325 ,but when I submit my report it says that I've successfuly reported player with ID: 110. And for some reason I can't report other players, because it always shows the wrong ID. I'm not missclicking, i'm checking everything, but still... I'll try to cut a short video next time when I try to report someone and show it in case nobody else have experienced this. Thank you!
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