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  1. Really depends... what wrong did the other person do, how much it effected me, maybe also my mood. For example - I see A LOT of players going on red lights in the cities and i'm not talking about the times when it's only 2-3 players in the city, but more. I honestly want to report them everytime, especially sometimes when then get close to ram me, but I just ignore it, cuz i'm mostly sure they'll also be Declined, because it's probably just kickable, not for ban. Also I may avoid reporting IF I think it's not the person's fault. Example again - I'm driving towards 2 upcoming trucks, but the 1st of the upcoming trucks decide to troll or something and hardbrake, so the guy behind him instinctively turns left/right to avoid ramming the 1st guy. And IF he turns left and we ram, I most likely won't report him, but actually I may report the 1st guy for trolling. As I said it depends, sometimes I'm too lazy to do all the video cutting, uploading etc. i'm always recording while i'm driving, but sometimes.. I just swear & let it go.
  2. Volvo, and still to this date I think both Volvo models are with my higher km. range of all the trucks I got.
  3. This HQ route is fun until the traffic jam is really reaally really long - mostly at night, when all the kids are back from school & others from work. It's pretty much hell driving then. 1 course is around 1-2 hours minimum. Honestly atm. I'm waiting for this HQ op. to be over, because a lot of the players stick around this area & the C-D route ..and the other parts of the map are empty - which pretty much makes playing in the TMP pointless, because u're driving alone - no Ai traffic, no actual humans with truck.. just you..
  4. Can't agree more. Thats why I prefer clear/sunny weather.
  5. Drink lots of tea and medicaments (but try avoiding antibiotics for now, unless it's too bad) there are some medicines that are mostly against colds & also some immunostimulants. And if u have luck.. u'll be alright soon. Also as others said - isolate yourself, don't keep walking around other people.
  6. Hello, Last night, also this morning.. I tried using the report system (TAB menu) in-game. I decided to report few times other players, but when I select/mark the person in the TAB menu, press "Report" & choose the reason & after I submit my report in the chat I get automated msg. that Player with ID "0000000" (for example) was reported. BUT the problem is that it shows me that I've reported another person. ex. I try to report player with in-game ID: 325 ,but when I submit my report it says that I've successfuly reported player with ID: 110. And for some reason I can't report other players, because it always shows the wrong ID. I'm not missclicking, i'm checking everything, but still... I'll try to cut a short video next time when I try to report someone and show it in case nobody else have experienced this. Thank you!
  7. Mostly driving: - Volvo - DAF XF 105 - DAF XF Euro 6 - Scania
  8. Mostly in Scandinavia, also on Italy DLC & the Iberia DLC. From time to time ofc. i'm going on the other dlc's.
  9. Happy Birthday 

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