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  1. Happy birthday mate!! ^_^

  2. Its half and half for me. Advantages= You could make the founder/owner of the VTC to have access to commands to allow players to choose it Trucks will stand out and will be professional Disadvantages= Install time Code New VTC Skins/VTC Skin Updates
  3. Goodnight my fellow truckers!! ^_^

    1. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      Sleep Well :) /

  4. Just levelled up to Veteran Driver 2 ^_^ I'm happy

  5. I honestly wonder what I click on to get virus's... ((Don't worry. I don't have another one))

    1. .Rhys.


      Ok, cos its still coming up on virus total... so it must be a false report. And I done full reset. No programs and no personal files, and adware couldn't find anything

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      so what the problem ?


    3. .Rhys.


      I dunno hahaha, so I re-installed windows for no reason :mellow: At least I get a fresh restart :troll:

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  6. Well I was about to release a tool for everyone to use today. BUT for some reason there are virus issues with it, trying to get them to go away while keeping what it is meant to do. :( Might get released tomorrow, I honestly don't know


  7. Happy birthday have a great one my dude!! ^_^

    1. T.Rucker


      Thanks a lot! :)

  8. How is everyone?? ^_^ Finally, Saturday B)

    1. .Rhys.


      Yeah im good @CrackPrewier , @Crashon . Thanks for asking!  ^_^

  9. Hope everyone within the TruckersMP Community is having a great day! ^_^ Especially the staff!

  10. Happy birthday. Have a good one my dude ;)

    1. NightSword^



      Thank you Dragon :wub:

    2. .Rhys.


      No problemo @King^ Thanks for your help within the TruckersMP Community! ^_^

  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday!! Hope ya have a good day ^_^

  13. Happy birthday! Have a good one my dude ^_^

  14. Happy birthday mate! Have a good one

  15. Happy birthday ma dude! Have a good one

  16. Happy birthday!! Have a good one where ever you are ^_^

  17. Happy birthday!! Have a good one ^_^

    1. Ashley


      Thanks very much! :)

  18. So bored... Hope everyone doing okay ^_^ It be my birthday next month. Might get a Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector. My village goes back many many years so I might find old coins in the woods

  19. To @izm07 @Allpha. @Reaper @Sven67 that said happy birthday. He said thank you!

    1. Reaper


      No worries at all :) Hope he had a good day

    2. Sven67


      No problem :)

  20. Small question. Its my mates birthday today and I want anyone that see's this to comment "Happy Birthday" or something on the lines of that so I can send him a screenshot. If you do comment happy birthday then I will be highly grateful. I have been friends with him for many many years. He has helped me out through the toughest things in my life which I regret doing.

    He doesn't have ETS2/ETS2MP so he wont be able to see this so its a surprise for him! ^_^

    Many Thanks
    - Dragon
    - Diamond Heavy Haulage Founder/Owner

    1. i z m

      i z m

      Happy birthday mate! We all love you so much! :wub:

    2. Reaper


      Happy Birthday to your buddy, wish him all the best from us :) 

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  21. Happy Birthday captain slow (The Grand Tour Joke) :troll:^_^

    1. Fading


      (Except he's pfp is Jeremy... not James)

    2. .Rhys.


      I know his profile picture is Jeremy. I just wanted to say that hahaha

  22. Question = Are the beacons from the new DLC allowed within ets2mp?? The LED strobe beacons for the grill and bullbars

    1. .Rhys.


      Well that was fast :o thanks everyone, I just had to know because my VTC trucks will have them on so just wanted to make sure.

    2. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      It's the same as paintjobs DLCs, you can use them but people without the DLC won't be able to see them. You won't be kicked for installing them, the only "kickable offense" with this DLC is if you try to drive one of the Special Transport trailers, the accesories are all allowed.

    3. .Rhys.


      Ah I see. Thank you

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  23. Happy birthday. Hope ya have a great day! ^_^

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