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  1. -1 How is this still open for discussion? Should have been locked soon after it was created.... I've been here for nearly 3 years and I just enjoy playing the game and hoping someone doesn't wreck me. If the servers are full you simply wait it out or you go to another server.... I think the people who want special benefits should pay to have their own server that way they can feel special
  2. Hey, eğer hala bu çözülmemiş olsaydın bugün bu problemi yaşadım, bu yüzden bütün yaptığım bir önceki kayıttan SP yüküne geçmek ve MP'ye gitmek oldu.
  3. I'm surprised nobody has mention this... Custom paint jobs use PNG which is normally used by people who want to infect your computer. Now take this for example a dev gets sent hundreds of these files and his computer doesn't pick any of the viruses up now hes putting it in the next patch making thousands if not more infected with a virus so I would rather pass as its too much of a risk. -1
  4. That's true.... To be honest played my 1st game last night when no admins were online as its was at stupid o clock and never saw 1 car haul a trailer so I think it only happens on rare occasions lol... Just depends how long it takes to code it into game but i'm sure it won't be too long considering they have coded alot into the game to make it better
  5. Late reply... So if you was to play online and you want to use your Skoda (Since when you switch to SP the Skoda turns into a truck) For those players then can easily disconnect their wifi so they do not get banned/kicked from the server to haul trailers
  6. @[RusTK] Alex KERNEL Late reply on this 1 been busy.... Respect your opinion but how many players break the rules? How many players have even read the rules? It would be better to get these trolls off of the road and make it so they can't even have the chance to haul a trailer... I get some players like to do it offline but for those players they can just disconnect their WiFi/Ethernet the minute they join online...
  7. Hmm strange... I would suggest try a different browser like Chrome, Firefox or the internet browser nobody uses IE.... If that is still the problem then update flash? If that doesn't solve it then I have no idea what the problem could be but hope someone else can you help you if that's the case
  8. I honestly thought ill get negative feedback on this... But I really do hope the team can add this into the game will stop all the trolls
  9. Suggestion Name: Automatically detect a Skoda with a trailer Suggestion Description: So when someone is in a Skoda they can get a trailer however it automatically kicks/bans Any example images: N/A Why should it be added? We all know Skoda's are like rockets on wheels so I can't imagine what 1 must be like hauling a trailer... So why not make it easier for us and automatically ban or kick those players in question that are doing exactly that...
  10. Hmm strange... Ok try a few other things... First disable your firewall then we can rule out if it is your firewall or not... Secondly are you only using 1 firewall or do you have more than 1 as it can conflict? Try to start TruckersMP as administrator.... Another thing you can try is uninstall TruckersMP make sure all files are deleted to do with TruckersMP and then reinstall.... Also clean your temp files with CCleaner its free... Make sure you have the latest .NET Framework.... Right now that's all I can suggest but mostly this problem happens when either your internet isn't fast enough, Firewall or when you don't have the correct version...
  11. I use to get this error when my internet was crap... Have you tried resetting your router?
  12. Well after shutting down my computer I noticed my windows did an update so i'm guessing that it downloaded it but wasn't functioning 110% and required a restart but now it seems to be working perfectly but thanks for the advise Also I always keep my distance... The amount of times i've gone airborne while being a newbie player is tooo many times (learn't from that mistake) But happy trucking and ofc safe trucking CASE CLOSED... PS thanks to everyone for the help appreciate it
  13. I've only just started playing this week and first time ever it has happened... EU2 its happening on
  14. Sorry if advance if this has already been posted but this has been bugging me and searching for my issue hasn't come up with anything.... Anyway I go to play today (4 hours ago) and noticed that alot of truckers were desyncing a lot and getting stuck in the floor and so on... Some trucks would come to a complete stop then ill see them drive off in the distance... Its not my PC as far as i'm aware since i've had this game for ages and had no issues but it makes this game unplayable... I literally can't drive anywhere without desync/lag or whatever it is
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