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  1. [BİLGİ] Yol Haklarında Kaza Oranı

    @Carrera18 Evet ban yemeden en sonki günümdü yanılmıyorsam.
  2. Noldu yaaa profil foton gitti :troll:

    1. Carrera18


      engel attı :huh:

    2. izm07


      Biri gider, biri gelir. :truestory:

  3. For the people who don't know this. ^_^


  4. euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer chat problem

    Check your settings of keyboard first try to change to default and go back to game try to write something (my idea)
  5. Başka bir hesabın banlı iken yeniden hesap açıp oynamak perm ban veya günlük, aylık ban oluyordu doğrumu ? Bilgisi olan 

    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. Allpha.


      @Caricature i can talk where ever i want we also stop talking here soo.

    3. Caricature


      I think you are misunderstanding the issue here. I meant I have already responded to your appeal and you can review it. I didn't say you couldn't talk here. 

    4. izm07


      Gerekli cevapların verilmesi ve kullanıcının talebi üzerine paylaşımı kilitliyorum. İhtiyacınız olan cevapları aldığınıza sevindim, keyifli vakit geçirmeniz dileğiyle. :) 



      Forum Moderator

      //Required answers were given, locked due to user request.

  6. Can i make the grill invisible?

    As Nizam Logistics CurlySaga said watch the video, on that picture ( ) is not invisible just the grill of daf is same colored with scania.
  7. Banned because Veteran driver
  8. Cidden yararlı bir konu olmuş teşekkürler
  9. Lets Share Your Home ( Truck's cabin )

    i like more when there is not lot of accessory
  10. Preferred truck brand

    Scania Always the best
  11. i think you are a fan of Fall Out 4 or 3 idk :D do you know orr is there any way to play with friend ? 

  12. It was realy fun withyou guys @Carrera18 @Qandalin

  13. Okey here is the last video for one of my secret follower :wub:  ;) 


    1. teamdeer


      BMW, bested by a sign and mini cooper!

    2. Allpha.


      @teamdeer yeap but always bmw is the best

  14. Just a little bit driving and than sleep :wub: Gn Trucker's and Scout driver's