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  1. oyuna online giremiyorum

    Selam @hakki3474 Bu hata için yapabileceğiniz birkaç seçenek var. Birincisi, launcher'i kapatıp biraz bekleyin ve tekrar deneyin. Sunucuların yoğunluğu sebebiyle bu hatayı alıyor olabilirsiniz. İkincisi, OK butonuna üst üste basın hata aldıkça, muhtemelen böyle yaparak sunucunun talebi kabul etmesini sağlayabilirsiniz. Bir bakıma yukarıdaki yola çıkıyor.^ Üçüncüsü, launcher'i kaldırıp tekrar yükleyebilirsiniz ancak bunu son çare olarak yapın. Umarım herhangi bir yol işe yarar, bol şans.
  2. i can't open truckers mp

    Hi! @[ICE-VTC] Ismail [Driver] Are you using MSI Afterburner, Rivaturner or some kind of 3rd party programs? If you using one of these programs, probably it happens because of them. If you don't, just try to uninstall TruckersMP and install again. I hope it works, good luck!
  3. Thank you for your service. Good luck in the future! ^_^

  4. Downloading Trouble

    Hi @BruhhItsNate Try to install TruckersMP again. When launcher ask directory: If you have American Truck Simulator - Only tick ATS. If you have Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Only tick Euro Truck Simulator 2. If you have both - Tick both of them. So, you don't have ETS 2 and you probably tick both of them. Untick ETS 2 and try to install again, i hope it works. Good luck!
  5. Special Transport - Led Kullanımı

    Save edit yapmadığınız sürece, standart aksesuarlar slotlarini kullanarak problem yaşamazsınız.
  6. Black screen when launching

    Hello @g59nick You can try few solutions for your problem: First of all, just try to verify your game cache. If you don't know how to do: Open Steam, click Libary and find ETS 2 then right click on ETS 2, select Properties. When window shows up, click to Local Files and select Verify Integrity of Game Files. Wait for update and try it again. You can try to upgrade your graphic cards driver. If you're Nvidia user, just check it from Nvidia Geforce Experience. If you're AMD user, use AMD drivers website. Also, open ETS 2 Singleplayer via 64 bit Direct X mode. I hope it works, good luck!
  7. Congrats! Welcome to team. ^_^

  8. Tırlar

  9. MP Launcher says wrong game version

    Hi @Inkzie You can follow these steps: Close the window and wait for update. After short update, you'll be able to play again. I hope it works, good luck!
  10. Snowing with the wintermod turned off

    Hi @Einar Selvik, here is solution for you: Press TAB and open menu then click Options. When window shows up, find "Seasonal effects" and untick. Restart the game. I hope it works, good luck!
  11. Hakkında hayırlısı, yolun açık olsun. Unutma bizi. ^_^