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  1. Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages yesterday! :D

    1. KacaKTV


      Sa. Happy b.day bro

  2. to be or not to be

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    2. Krewlex


      Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to sufferrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    3. Fading


      That is the question

    4. Bouzbita


      no that is the question :troll:

  3. Just logged in to see all the birthday messages, massive thanks to everyone who said it! :)

    1. Dr'Dri


      You're welcome! This is the best community in the world. What did you expect? haha :lol:B)

    2. Guest


      NP <3 

  4. Something new to hit the VTC scene soon! :D - Image attached!

    (Join the discord to be part of something big! - https://trucknet.biz/discord )



    1. [VIVA HH] Kravatie
    2. SgtBreadStick


      Wow that looks amazing, so much has improved compared to the 1.6.7 update. I really hope this comes out soon because i cannot wait :3


      1.6.7 Screenshot



  5. Should be able to help kickstart some VTCs with help with hosting, hit me up (free). :) 

    1. Penguin
    2. StuartD


      He is already on it! :D @Penguin


    3. Pillow


      Good work Stuart :)

  6. Didn't really like the Teamspeak, happy to see the full move to Discord!
  7. new avatar, what do you think =)

  8. henlo everyone

    1. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      Henlo ? Hello back bud :P 

  9. So the TruckerTracker.xyz giveaway prizes have changed, instead of just the ETS2 Heavy DLC, it includes the ATS Heavy DLC!


    Enter if you wanted! Also check out the site ;)



    1. [VIVA] ismail [TR]

      [VIVA] ismail [TR]

      Good luck guy! :P 

  10. Giving away 3 copies of the Heavy Cargo DLC to celebrate launch of my new tool! - https://www.truckertracker.xyz/giveaway

    1. Hadi Poker Face

      Hadi Poker Face

      I SHALL WIN!!! *Insert evil laugh here*

  11. This would actually be a decent addition, that way if there is say 500 slots available, there is no AFK kicker / an extended AFK time.. It could however cause an issue with people AFKing in the middle of roads? They wouldn't get auto kicked which could potentially increase lag in busier cities.
  12. The tool is now available, let me know what you think (forum topic pending approval

    )! Also a giveaway because why not ;) https://www.truckertracker.xyz

  13. Been working on this for a few days, feedback is appreciated. It's still being developed and the giveaway on the site won't run until it's officially released / forum topic created, but hit me up with suggestions & feedback please! Also if you have an idea for a name for the site, let me know! http://truckersmp.stuartd.co.uk

  14. Happy Easter <3

    1. Mirko9


      Happy Easter too!

    2. johnny4989


      happy easter <3

  15. =)))))))

    1. Mirko9
    2. Stefaaa



  16. Been here 4 years, do I get an award? #feb2013

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    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      you have veteran award already xd 

    3. T.Rucker


      You get a cookie for that, Stuart... :P

  17. does tmp have a discord yet?

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    2. StuartD


      discord is good

    3. SgtBreadStick


      Discord is bae wel i prefer discord than teamspeak as you don't have ur IP stolen :P

  18. How do you describe a VTC? 

    1. Forraz


      A vtc can be both good or bad but I see it more as a group of friends.

    2. [VIVA HH] Kravatie
    3. Syntog


      follow additional rules and drive with annoying people :trollface:

  19. hello best streamer ever right here: https://youtu.be/gd4HlNQTBGg (It's a live stream! :D)


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