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  1. Sorry for bumping this thread but is there any chance that you guys even consider this to be implemented? I usually drive during night hours when the server is running on half capacity. I understand that during peak hours kicking AFK people is a must but around 2AM CEST where the server is not that crowded you could at least increase the AFK kick period to be a greater value.
  2. Suggestion Name: Dynamic AFK grace period based on server capacity Suggestion Description: Set a default AFK time allowed and extend this if there are less players on the server than than the half of its capacity. Any example images: None. Why should it be added? Currently there's a fixed amount of away from keyboard time after when you'll get automatically kicked. Kicking inactive players after a short amount of time if the servers are busy is a good idea but there are times when this rule is just so strict. Eg.: I usually take a break from the game every hour to go to refresh myself and I do find myself being kicked off the server even if there are only a few players on it. Since there is no quick reconnect option I have to quit and relaunch the game, reload my profile, connect again. This makes the resting places at highways, the petrol stations and hotels in cities absolutely useless.
  3. Hi Guys, Having the same problem when trying to travel between Esbjerg and Hull. Everything works fine in Single Player though. Tried to wait like 20 minutes, nothing happened. Also there were no traffic in Esbjerg at the time, my friend waiting for me on the other side told me that there is only 1 truck in the area beside him.
  4. Hi! I'm using a synced savegame file from ets2sync and found an issue. I have 2 jobs available in Oslo, one of them is at the container terminal and the other one is outside of Oslo near the port. But I can't take those jobs because there is no sign displayed to do so. (I'm talking about the spinning, green-lit thing) The trailers are there I can reverse them but I can't attach them. Thank you for you help in advance!
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