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  1. Very-very good! I like it so much, after the release Keep up good work! It's an excellent mod! Always, every car mods have some bugs. But it's so good and everything is realistic with the car. I Hope, later you will make other amazing car mods for mp like this! Regards.
  2. Thank you so much! You helped a lot with that video report side and video! regards
  3. Hi! If i want to upload a video report, what do i have to do? I know, to i have to put in a link where the Moderators can check it (for example Youtube). I did it. But if i want to moderators find the rule-braker player, do i have to write in /pinfo in-game, during the recording to the moderators get the TruckersMP ID of the rule-braker player? Thank you for the answer.
  4. Hi! I have got a problem. I've been banned 3 days ago bc i was out of the bounds. It ended today (As Ets2mp says: Ban expires : 2016-07-14 11:46), 11 46 means to i can play now. But i cant, ets2mp still says that same : I have been banned. But it ended!! What may i do? Please help me! Thank you. Hun Anonymous
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