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  1. i think its not problem to active TMP account
  2. il agree with you .. but when VTC want to use a custom skin must be authorized by a truckersmp team
  3. the special Transport DLC is not yet supported in Multiplayer .. if you use this DLC you will kicked auto
  4. Check if there is a hidden download .. you can use this programe https://netbalancer.com/ it give to you all information
  5. Dear @LordBenji Shadowplay it never work in my GTX670M
  6. i agree with you .. Discord is better
  7. H>>>>>>>>B :wub:

  8. good job .. thanks for your efforts
  9. i have same problem i think is shadowplay it will never work on your 960M because ShadowPlay requires a newer generation of graphics card than what you have.
  10. change the serveur to Europe serveur and try egain .. if that not working please book a ticket here https://support.truckersmp.com/
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