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  1. The message he received is "These credentials do not match our records." Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for your fast replys. I am fine for myself, my own TruckersMP account works fine, as well as my Account for these forums (...as you may can see with my posting here ). Nevertheless, the problem is his account that seems to be not actived yet and makes it still impossible to speak about this issures himself in this forums. Unfortunatly he didn't reveived any mail, neither in the spam folders and he only has this only mail accound (same like linked Steam mail address). I already tried to find any sollution by google and noticed once, that there seems to be generally any troubles with Gmail sometimes. Is there any chance to send him just another activation key? We are curious to start playing both together at TruckersMP Without the activation of his account it seems to be unable to him to join TruckersMP yet.
  3. Dear Truckers, yesterday my brother an me started multiplayer trucker career at truckersMP. Whilest my own account ("DrMilzbrand") was able to actived in the standard way by mail code, he didn't received any mail to his Gmail account. According to some forum posts in the Internet, there seems to be any general problems of TruckerMP in combination with Gmail Accounts? Is there any chance to send him a new activation mail or to activate his account ("MattEaglePdm") by the way? Thanks for your help and your replies Regards from Hannover, Germany
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