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    well, i consider it a bug, because i usually had rain, but now it only snows nonstop... and was slippery also perhaps (altho it might have been the 140km/h speed also...)
  2. w7xx Released

    another bug - i switch off the winter mode, but it still snows and is kind of slippery as well i guess
  3. nice. seems to be a lot better than this: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/38654-how-to-properly-create-a-report-and-give-valid-evidence which i cant even remember after reading it for "a bit".... although not sure what records then and what does not...... and what opens the report window then...
  4. w7xx Released

    i found a bug - if you press Y and then type /pinfo <anynumber> and take a screenshot, the chat/command window will never open again until you restart the whole game! plus it will even delete the command result text from the screen before it takes the screenshot, lol! and how can one take evidence of the lamers then?
  5. ...to review/finish a complaint report with proper video evidence? like are there any statistics somewhere?
  6. ok, this is no joke now, but What the actual F**** ?? i finally got some video recorded and also edited(took me like 4-5 days), but is now removed from youtube because it does not fit community guidelines ?????
  7. w7xx

    how can this be vulnerable against abuse and can you reopen the topic, please?
    Very simple proof: if groups of people want to abuse the system, then its obviously very easy to see who and how many reports have they submitted - if certain groups with the same exact names submit too many reports and the victims start to complain, then the abusers will get a permanent ban themselves instead? But who would want a permanent ban for this kind of thing? Absolutely noone, which means that it will work flawlessly.

    1. Scar


      All a convoy just needs to do is to press the report button to get someone instantly banned. Even if we can fix it afterwards if the ban is false, it's not a pleasant experience for the victim to get banned that easy for something he didn't do.


      The topic remains closed since your suggestion will not be accepted.


      We are working all the times to improve the experience of our players. We are looking at other ways to improve the reporting.

  8. ok i tried the freecam a bit, but why does it disable all player names and even keyboard buttons most of the times? so you can basically just fly around, but cant see any player names and cant even press any keys to get out of the situation.... maybe can press 1 and start driving, but the names and all keys are still disabled (like tab, Y, etc...) so how to fix that when it happens and why does it even happen? and the other thing - how could i extend the range of the freecam, so i could follow the lamers on the whole map and record at the same time? at the moment they just dissapear after 800 meters or something?
  9. ok, but how can you start a recording then? and a screenshot can be taken only when the truck has stopped?
  10. this fixed it for me: https://support.truckersmp.com/knowledgebase.php?article=15 and later i just used the "job market" button, instead of the "Drive" button because i did not have any trucks. and i think this big "Drive" button then caused some error in the system, as i did not have any trucks to take the jobs with.... so try to use ONLY the "Job Market" button instead if you do not have any trucks yet. (or was it Quick Job, dunno...) NB! and maybe it only shows jobs when you dont run the tMP shortcut as admin? because i never had any problems when i just clicked on it (without right-click->run as admin)
  11. ok nvm... i just fixed it with that opengl+directx thingie... so it basically does not work with opengl ?
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