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  1. Browsing the forums for the first time in like three months and the first thing I see is my old boss has retired widepeepoSad... You did a great job, for real, I couldn't have asked for a better leader. I'll always remember the time I spent in the mod team back in the day, it was great fun and everyone was so committed! ?


    Take care Nat ❤️

  2. Morning all! Have a great start of the week ^_^

    1. JJay


      Hello :mlg_doge: Have a wonderful day! 

  3. -Me: you won't get up there, it's too slippery

    -@[RLC] Martin: hold my beer


  4. already told you on fb but happy birthday again ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


  5. Today, from my window, some hours ago ?



  6. :ph34r:KyaM1Ta.png how long has it been?

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    2. El1teZombiezHD


      The one and only... he’s the firestarter





      that song sucks 


      should be 



    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Firestarter, haven't seen you on in ages ?

  7. Just added a new photo to my Flickr gallery which I hadn't updated in almost... 2 years... It's sad how abandoned it's been taking into account the amount of effort I put into it back in the day. Anyway I hope you like it:


    48163906297_e682d16b7d_h.jpgSR 20, Washington, USA by en_field, on Flickr


    You might have noticed it is a bit blurry. I do that on purpose haha. The pic was taken at max settings, then I apply some filters depending on the light and the speed I took it ;)

    I suppose I will try to take pics again, it's something that I still enjoy doing. Have a good night by the way, let's try to face the week with a smile on our faces!

  8. Dunno if anyone here is into IDM, Experimental or Downtempo, I just wanted to share this here:


    It's genius for the time it was created, really. I'm getting deeper into Aphex Twin these days and I'm truly amazed by some of his early works like this.

  9. 2000 posts is a pretty high number...! :ph34r:



  10. @Speedy_TMP caught me off guard there... Wasn't expecting a response at all :lol:



    i know the title is wrong

  11. Happy birthday to my very oldest friend on the internet. Stay safe bud, and enjoy your day <3

  12. Take care bud, hope to see you again soon :(

  13. The Rocket League Championshp is starting in 15 minutes and I couldn't be more excited! Here i am, watching yet another world series ^_^


    Whoever is interested, it's here:


  14. Earth Porn #2




    Took this photo on May of this year, around here. Can't tell the accurate place as it is not on Street View. It was around 6:00 PM and it had been raining all the day, which is the reason why the grass and the flowers look so vivid (as I said on the first Earth Porn, no one of the pics you'll see me post here will be edited). Honestly, the whole week had been very cold and rainy, even for that zone of Spain. Waking up on the morning with 2ºC is way too cold for the time B) 

  15. As of today, I'm gonna start sharing some irl photos I myself take, which I feel they could be good enough for some people here to enjoy. They will mainly be sunsets, sunrises and landscapes that I like, and will be posted on status updates instead of on a topic so I make sure they won't eventually end up in the trash ;) I'll name the series as 'Earth Porn', but there won't be any kind of schedule, I'll just upload them everynow and then. Sometimes I will also add a little explanation about the photo, where it was taken, time/date, some context about it... So, whoever is interested, I hope you like them.


    Here is the first one (aka Earth Porn #1):



    I took this photo yesterday (09/01/2018) with my phone (as you can see this ain't anything professional), on the trip back home. It was around 9:00 PM and it was located around here. Of course, no filters were applied to the pic (nor to anyone i'll post), although it's true that I foucused on a dark area of the screen to enhace more the light of the sun and the shape it creates on its way through the clouds. I'm aware some people here are keen on this kind of stuff, so I hope you liked it ^_^


    PD: to anyone wondering, yes, I took the name from this subreddit


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    2. A N A S

      A N A S

      nice picture


    3. Sticky


      That's a beautiful sunset.:wub: I have never seen such sunsets in my flat country, there are buildings everywhere.

      I'm looking forward to Earth Porn #2.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  16. Good morning ^_^ I had to wake up early today so I took this just a bit after the sunrise 



  17. Can anyone remind me what's the resolution for the profile cover photo?

  18. To all Silver/Gold players, this is how teamplay and positioning looks like:



  19. Could anyone suggest me some good gamepads/controllers for Windows? I'm thinking of buying one these xmas, I'm over playing Rocket League with keyboard <_<

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    2. Martin.


      The 360 controller is the one you're looking for Albie : -)

    3. Rev.


      If you're looking for something durable then get a Xbox 360 controller and the wireless adapter for PC. Should be pretty cheap. Although, I personally swapped from my 360 controller to a Xbox One ever since I got my Xbox One (which I never use <_<) and it's great. Although, it feels like the controllers aren't as durable as the 360 ones and the wireless adapter will set you back slightly more.


      Some links:


    4. Enf099


      Well, seems like the 360 one wins, I'll take into account all the responses I got, many thanks to all! ^_^

  20. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! ^_^

    1. [T.G.E][01] Lorena*
    2. Enf099


      Podías responder al Steam de vez en cuando xD<_<

  21. Happy birthday! ^_^

  22. So, after a long and tiring af day, all I want is 1 hour of Rocket League. Guess what? The RL servers are under maintenance! Hooray...! 

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    2. Enf099


      shut up you two @ThatCrazyPillow @Fading  :-<



    3. NoTime4name


      Rocket League and server maintenance? That's a pretty normal combination.

    4. Enf099


      Yeah, so normal that it pisses me off... 

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