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  1. Fix Skoda gearing or re-texture it's tachometer.

    Hello, As the Developers of TruckersMP haven't made this car theirselfs, this would be impossible for us to do. Also, manual drivers should also be possible to hear the engine, and know when to shift up. The gearing won't the tachometer won't be changed. Rejected.
  2. download truckersmp

    Dag @erikbosch, Heb jij de game wel gekocht? Illegale versies via Steam werken niet, ook familyshare werkt niet met TMP. Als je de game wel hebt gekocht, dan moet je nog de juiste map selecteren. Ik denk dat jij een map in Documenten hebt geselecteerd, en niet de map die je moet hebben. Kijk hier eens, waarschijnlijk helpt dit jou: Laat het even weten als het gelukt is!
  3. TruckersMP - Languages supported by the Support Team

    Edited this message to make it easier for everyone. I will also be editing this message for a changelog, to make you all aware of what has been changed. Changelog: [17/10/2017] - Updated Positions using Team Emblem - Updated colour of Availability (Also made it bold) - Edited hyperlinks (Now saying 'TruckersMP Account' instead of showing the link)
  4. Thank you for the follow. Hope I have done nothing wrong?

    1. ThatCrazyPillow


      Hello, no you haven't done anything wrong. Just thought I'd follow a new member of the forums!


    2. Lester_1981


      oh ok. I seen you are support that is why i was asking. Thank you. 

  5. Game crashes on startup.

    /Locked and moved to Unsolved due to OP's inactivity of 7 days. If your problem wasn't solved yet, please make a new topic.
  6. Question about some rules

    Problem solved. Locked and moved to Solved. Thanks for your participation!
  7. Question about some rules

    Hello @Wolfman93, Have you solved your problem with the answers provided above? If so, please let us know by a message here!
  8. No Audio received from CB Radio

    /Locked and moved to Unsolved due to OP's inactivity of 7 days. If you still need help, please make a new topic.
  9. Just a question

    Problem solved. Locked and moved to solved. Thanks for your participation everyone!
  10. Game crashes on startup.

    Could anyone possibly help this person? Otherwise this topic will be closed tomorrow due to inactivity.
  11. The end of Teamspeak 3

    @mcglynn14 As was stated in the post: It is not 'our' TS3 Server. It's a 3rd party one, most likely created by fans or something along these lines.
  12. The end of Teamspeak 3

    Nowadays almost everyone uses Discord anyways, so I don't see a reason for it to stay anyways.
  13. I guess they play for fun, just like everyone else.. I could also ask: Why do so many English people play the game? Does it really matter where they are from? Also, since this isn't really that important of an discussion, I will move it to Off-Topic Discussion. /Moved to Off-Topic Discussion
  14. Forum display name change

    Hello, In order to change this, you will need to sign out of the forums and sign in again. Then it will be changed. Let me know if this solved your problem!
  15. Just a question

    Hello @Puma303, Have you solved your problem with the answers provided above? If so, please let us know by a message here!