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  1. GCEE Official Convoy (Brazil Logística) with @sQCF - VCouto, @DJFrontier, @Black Wolf Harmful etc..


    1. saadzinho


      Linda Foto ❤️ 

  2. Happy Birthday! 👏

    1. El Reja

      El Reja

      Thank you mate! ❤️ 

  3. There are many, but I will send only one. - Losing My Religion R.E.M.
  4. I agree, all of my suggestions have already been given above.
  5. vFanti

    New car?

    It would be nice to have one more option in the game, but unfortunately cars are misused many times.
  6. Touristic point of TMP. lol
  7. Hey VFanti! Happy birthday :) 

  8. Great tutorial, very complete and detailed.
  9. Hello. Does the FPS fall with only one truck nearby? If the FPS goes down with a lot of trucks or when you have the tab open, this will be "normal", but if it happens when there are only a few trucks around, may it can be a problem with your game or your computer's performance. It would help if you could tell what quality you are playing and the configuration of your computer.
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