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  1. #HaulingHope

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      Great picture :)

      Nice composition colour

  2. About American Truck achievements, 100% completed! 🚛💨


  3. Hello everyone in the community, how are you? I Hope you are very well! We will leave Milan in the direction of the famous city of Rome. On this route, we will pass through several wide and narrow roads, stretches with many beautiful landscapes and the best, our convoy control team will be ready to keep us safe and guida all participants. Do you like the event? So call your friends, start your engines and come celebrate together with GCEE. Event Information: ROUTE: Additional Information: CB Rád
  4. 🚛💨 #Colorado ...

  5. Happy New Year... #GCEEGroup 🎉



  6. The change really is very good, congratulations for the update! Now I have a question: We will be able to add a bot to our Discord Server where with a reaction the participant already confirms his presence, without having to access the TruckersMP website? TruckyEvent offers this option...
  7. Happy Birthday Teaguuuu! I wish you much success in your life ♥️

  8. Merry Christmas! #GCEEGroup 🎅


  9. Thank you very much for the news! Finally snow
  10. Good afternoon! 

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      Good afternoon to you :wub:

    2. S.S.Logistics-Rogerio 01

      S.S.Logistics-Rogerio 01

      Já estou começando as minhas cargas


  11. Olá Diego, tudo bom? Aqui esta um tópico em Português do nosso Tradutor Tuna, nele você pode encontrar a solução do seu problema e também outros problemas técnicos.
  12. Olá Antonio, tudo bom? Esse erro veio devido a última atualização do American Truck Simulator (ATS), que não permitia os usuários retroceder a versão e continuar a utilizar o modo multijogador. Entretanto, a equipe de desenvolvedores da TruckersMP já veio a realizar a atualização do Launcher e agora a nova atualização do ATS já é aceita no modo multijogador. Espero ter sanado sua dúvida, tenha uma boa noite e uma boa semana!
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