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  4. Hey MiiTyCo, Happy Birthday!! 🥳

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  8. Who will benefit from this rule change will be the trolls who inflicted the same in the past and today earn the right to do it all over again. Whoever broke the rules and was banned perma, will hardly come back with the intention of having fun and respecting the fun of other players. This change is definitely an attempt to refill the servers as they were in the past.
  9. Let's go for another year ?
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  12. MiiTyCo     Happy Birthday!!??

  13. Name color in game chat the same as it appears on top of trucks. I believe the reward for patrons would be well accepted by the community.
  14. Aeeeee Parabéns ?

    1. V.i.c.t.o.r.


      Valeu meu chegado ✌️

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