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  1. Hello @ProfessionalGamer1985, How are you? So we are all looking forward to the update to version 1.40 on TruckersMP, but we have to be patient because the TruckersMP team does everything possible for the update to be the best possible, and about having all the DLC to play on the servers of TruckersMP is not necessary, but to play on the servers of ProMods that are separate, there yes are necessary. I hope to have helped you
  2. It is really something to think about and thank you for sharing this discovery with us, we have to be wary of SCS
  3. Happy Birthday @Tuna_ you deserve all the best

  4. Very good suggestion @SgtBreadStick I would just like to add the following: that it should synchronize with the region that is configured on the main site, thus getting the region's weather updated from the internet. It would be interesting to see this in the game
  5. Hi @FBTC XTheBoss1X Welcome! If you have any questions just send them to the help tab and we will be happy to help you
  6. Congratulations to everyone, amazing photos
  7. Thanks for the guide, I liked it very much, but I particularly use Action, it is a great recorder for both a weak PC and a good PC.
  8. Congratulations, this mod is very good.
  9. It looks very good, I won't miss it
  10. 3760km I left the beginning of the UK and finished the trip in the last city in France, passing almost all the DLCS except the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea
  11. Thanks for the guide, I hope it helps a lot of people because these are really good settings
  12. Gracias por la traducción ahora sólo podemos contar con la suerte
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