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  1. Feliz aniversário or Happy Birthday! o/


  2. Hello, I understand the problem I apologize for the last answer I got confused , but as none of these tips I gave you didn't work try sending a ticket to support because it must be an individual problem with your pc they will surely know how to solve your problem https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets
  3. hello, can you please send a photo of the problem so we can better analyze it
  4. Hello, - Try resetting your Internet by unplugging - You can also restart your pc then try to log in again keeping the option to save credentials active I hope I've helped
  5. you can find this mod in this video
  6. in some parts of the map it's much more congested that it gets really hard to work
  7. I like the DAF very much I think it is an excellent truck to make a good simulation and without getting sick of travelling.
  8. PMGonzaga

    VTC Logo

    Hello, press tab, click the right mouse button, go to the settings button, scroll down until you see the tag field. Enter your company name. hope to have helped
  9. Hello, Unfortunately TruckersMP has no development access from ETS or ATS will have to wait for the developer scs software to add the truck in a game update, as the TruckersMP team has no control over this. I hope to have helped
  10. congratulations as always doing an amazing job and being inspiration to many people keep it up bro you're amazing
  11. Na verdade funciona sim, contato que não infrinja as regras, no seu caso tem que dá uma pesquisada sobre como editor o interior do caminhão pelo save essas coisas são muito especificas teria que dar uma aprofundada no assunto pra conseguir editar o interior de um caminhão vou dar uma pesquisada aqui também e qualquer coisa te mando uma resposta que possa te ajuda
  12. PMGonzaga


    Hello, you can fix this mistake in two ways that I know of: - restarting the game and doing a quick job offline - restart the MP launch and return a save I know these two ways when this mistake happened to me but I recommend that you buy your own truck so you don't suffer this mistake in the MP anymore I hope I helped.
  13. this problem may be due to your internet connection or some launch file is missing, try restarting the launch and your internet, this problem can also be caused by many files open at the same time on your computer if you don't see these posts if they help you you can also send a direct ticket to the support team on the site in case you still can't solve this problem https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets
  14. here's a comment that might help you with this problem if you still can't solve this problem send a ticket to support on the site https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets
  15. Assistir a live pelo youtube da TruckersMP pois não pude participar mas o comboio foi top as equipes estão de parabéns
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