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  2. [Retired Team Member] @CreatorInDeep returns to the Game Moderation Team as a Report Moderator.
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  3. [GAME MODERATOR + COMMUNITY MODERATOR TRAINEE] @Snap Dragon promoted to Community Moderator (Forum) while remaining in the Game Moderation team.
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  4. [TRAINEE] @ZaroMW has been promoted to the position of Report Moderator. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Mystere has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  5. [TRAINEE + EVENT TEAM] @Coolio85 has been promoted to the position of Report Moderator. [REPORT MODERATOR + COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Roenz has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  7. this car Would loooooove this exact car as my 2nd car, it looks so good (photo is from a few weeks ago, got lots of photos of cars that i've not posted yet )
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  8. RLC Convoy Loads more photos here ---> https://imgur.com/a/BuvjYDF
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  9. Have a good evening truckers and don't forget to follow the rules! Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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  10. It seems that I'm quite absent here, isn't it? Unfortunately this is due to studies, health and other personal problems that have taken up a lot of my time weekly, however, I would like to present you the ALLIANCE Convoy of November in which my VTC will perform with the "country theme" (mentioned as Country Convoy) on American Truck Simulator through the following teaser: // The video was made by @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel. If you watch the teaser and like the possible event proposal, I leave here my invitation to all players who want to be present on anoth
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  11. Good Night, TruckersMP! MERCEDES-BENZ 1848 ACTROS
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  14. [PROJECT COORDINATOR] @Forerunnertransfers back to Add-On Manager.
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  15. Üdvözlet! Egy újabb hivatalos konvojt terveztünk, ami azt jelenti, hogy újra itt az ideje, hogy összegyűljünk egy újabb eseményre! Úgy döntöttünk, hogy ebben a hónapban elviszünk titeket American Truck Simulator-ben, Idaho csodálatos szívébe, ahol felfedezzük a gyönyörű kanyargós utakat túlméretes pótkocsikkal és magunkkal ragadva a táj egy részét az út során! Csatlakozz hozzánk 2020. november 14-én, szombaton 19:00-kor (CET) (Alternatív időzónák)! Ebben a hónapban Heavy Haul konvojt tartunk, ahol minden túlméretes pótkocsit szívesen
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  16. Hope you all had a great day today!
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  19. Some Pics from my trips 𝓥𝓪𝓷 𝓓𝓮𝓻 𝓡𝓸𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰 - 𝓖𝓸 𝓲𝓷 𝓢𝓽𝔂𝓵𝓮
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  20. RLC Convoy 10/11/2020 @-Elvis- @Beau. @Roenz @Laggy_Lucas Admeeeeen foto plezzz
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  21. [Trainee] @ZaroMW wurde zum Report Moderator befördert.
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  22. @MaverickTD Today we had a nice trip with report modarator we carried vtc load because marvick is now in our vtc admeen nice photo. Thanks for everything, TruckersMP! Mabel Matiz ヅ Driver IRELAND LOGISTICS OWNER Mabel Matiz ヅ
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  23. come back in 1 month there may be some news
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  24. Traveling on the Roads of Russia ^^
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  25. Good morning! The place where I live is at night. Have a nice day, everyone!
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  26. w/ @JamesS014 , @MarcusN , @Monkyofwar İt was a nice day
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  29. Had some spontaneous rides on ProMods with @Koneko this afternoon and I really enjoyed them // Ich hatte heute Nachmittag ein paar spontane Fahrten auf ProMods mit Koneko und habe diese sehr genossen
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  31. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Soul_Lesshas been promoted to Community Moderator Team Leader. [GAME MODERATOR] @flybeljoins the Community Moderation team as a Discord Moderator, whilst remaining as a Game Moderator.
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  32. Good morning/afternoon guys , i have some pics to share with you. It was yesterday if i'm not wrong on ProMods, but i'm not sure :kekw:. Enjoy it! | @Supreme_TMP @Suleyman.53 @TutoriaLs. Kind Regards, El Reja TruckersMP Game Moderator & Translator
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