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    Have a relaxing drive after work on the weekend. Get in a respectful convoy time to time. Obey the speed limit +-10km/h.
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    Switzerland: Zürich
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  1. Niuro

    Close C-D road

    Suggestion Name: See the title Suggestion Description: Create an event that would require usage of multiple DLC maps (except for the latest, price wise) for once. Any example images: no Why should it be added?: Give people the insentive to explore the game.
  2. Gemerally speaking, this is doable, but one or two arkade servers would need to close. Also, Terramaps are notorious with unstable maps. My answer is no. On the other hand the EAA is a much better choice overal, but that's just me.
  3. To PandaGreencap, First things first, from those that play on Sim 1 almost ~70% use popato tech. They don't do SP as it propts them to upgrade from the potato to tomato or much better. They are not going to do it, untill the game stops running. Traffic is a no go. To Misha_TMP, the AI is already in the game, but TMP does not use it, because they know that 90% of all users can't drive.
  4. It should be -> Suggestion Name: Unified weather effects for all users on simulation based servers Suggestion Description: the above + weather is at 20% at all times. Seasonal mods are afected as well. Any example images: no need Why should it be added?: To have equal road conditions at all times.
  5. The system is more complicated than the TMP mod.
  6. Redo Calais, because we are uncappable of playing the rest of the game. C-D is not the only fun place on Sim 1, but to access mosst you have to spend some cash.
  7. Niuro

    Calais Workshop

    Then do as the smart people -> use the ferry to UK. UK is not a paid DLC.
  8. Niuro

    Phone App

    Ok... but then what would be the purpose of the web page?
  9. At every single village/town/city entrance you have signs showing its name. Buy a new PC and turn up those graphyc settings.
  10. Nahhhh.... you only need one language - ENGLISH. Go learn some English kiddos!
  11. Yes - you are semi correct. TMP is not SCS and TMP allows more than 8 players to be online at the same time => apropriate changes to the base map should be a general purpose priority. If I was asked ever, the C-D nationnal road should have never existed in the 1st place as it is unrealistic compared to the rest of the game's content. and No - there should be no chages. Better yet - delete it.
  12. I understand the issue. Everybody nowadays knows that wi-fi is only good in the region where the server has been hosted from (in this case - EU). Use cable Internet.
  13. If you like driving a car, buy this game like "City Car Driving". ETS2/ATS are both games about trucks.
  14. It may be helpful, but it is useless as it is already in.
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