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New game mode (an apology)


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Guest Lothaletrus

I can't wait for this new game mode. I hope will be positivity updated, because will be this something in the game and roads will not be empty as well.

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Well said Smoky, I think as a majority of people, we can wait as long as it takes for the new game mode.

And hope that this report system improvement is a lot better. 
In my opinion, i think a better reporting system should be a higher priority as it basically has more benefits than the new game mode.


All the work the development team (and addon team) has done is great, definitely better than before, hopefully during 2019, TruckersMP will improve a lot more...

To be more community friendly, to have more efficient systems, and to... have less flying cars? :thinking: Anyway take your time, don't want it to be rushed ;)

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Guest Hecki_Stafman

I really love this idea :)
It is singleplay combined with multiplayer elements how it should be.
I really hope that it will slow down the racing multiplayer guys who are causing crashes a little bit.


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