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  1. For example: /login euro2 Suggestion Name: Command login after leaving the server abnormally Suggestion Description: When we are in the game, we will leave the server abnormally. We can reconnect to the server without leaving the game. Why should it be added?: This saves the player's time and repeated login operations.
  2. 建议名称: 从服务器异常离开后的命令登录 例如:/login euro2 建议说明: 当我们在游戏中时,我们将异常地离开服务器。我们可以在不离开游戏的情况下重新连接到服务器。 为什么要添加?: 这节省了玩家的时间和重复登录操作。
  3. Suggestion Name: Archive on the server Suggestion Description: english Advantage: 1. The online archiving of games is placed on a separate server, which solves the problem of illegal modification. 2. Make it easy for players to play their own archives on another computer. 3. Goods should also be synchronized so that players can play together. Disadvantages: 1. Some players will take up server resources if they don't play for a long time. 2. Adding new servers will increase expenses. 3. Peak period may be more stressful to the server. 中文 优点: 1.游戏联机的存档放在单独的服务器上,解决了非法改装的问题。 2.便于球员在另一台电脑玩自己的存档。 3.货物最好也能同步,这样方便球员一起玩。 缺点: 1.有一部分球员很长时间不玩的话会占用服务器资源。 2.新增加服务器会增加开支。 3.高峰期可能对服务器压力较大。
  4. This is a great tool. Thank you.
  5. Nuo_Ke

    Spring giveaway

    This is Calais spring. Server:EU2
  6. Thank you very much. I like this feature.
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