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  1. Are u kidding me ? I take double trailer in Amsterdam all was fine, drive 10 km away from Amsterdam and got kicked, what the hell ?
  2. It's same double trailers and they are allowed in Netherlands. I'm living here and seeying them every day
  3. Please fix double trailers in Europe (Netherlands and Germany)
  4. This update with an Traffic, would be very good and nice, then we could feel more realistic of this game in Multiplayer. Get us informed about any solutions or moving with this mod, don't forget about us (Simple people and Drivers) Thank you very much for investing new modifications and your time.
  5. Thanks for this map, but i think we need to be able to drive with double-trailers in Netherlands (Cause in real life, double-trailers are allowed to drive here in Netherlands.. And restricting it in game, not fair)
  6. Any of mods gonna answer or no ?
  7. Great update ! But have question about this allowence.. We can drive with double trailers (Tandems) in Europe (That's great), but we cannot deliver to Europe any cargo, when u trying to take cargo (Choise European Country), it's says that u are restricted by law in Europe.... Can you fix it please ? And would be great to make map with restricted areas where Truck Driver's can't drive with Double Trailers (Tandems)
  8. Hello ! is it possible to get "Veteran" rank ? Website (TruckersMP Registration date - Member since: 18 Dec 2016 13:36) Forum (TruckersMP Registration date - Member since: 1 Jan 2018)
  9. Thanks, this app helped me. Close topic please.
  10. Hello, sorry for long answer, had no time. About solutions, noup, nothing helped me... Few days ago before posting this topic, i hadn’t have this problem, wasn’t using VPN or something like that.
  11. Can't connect to TruckersMP servers. Tried to re-install MP, checked local files of ETS2, and anyway the same problem.
  12. так ты закинь сотку на стим и все )))
  13. У меня есть такой, покупал сам, если был бы лишний, то обменялся бы, к сожалению лишних нету
  14. This update would be great, i like it + more realistic come in to the game, awesome !
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