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  1. am back  just like a bent penny   pml  jpm @ sons are back if you see me on road say hi ? 


  2. i am sorry tp say that this is the last day i will be part  off truckers mp its been good to drive with like minded drivers but tmp has got worse over the past year and  i carnt see things gettin any better so farewell have fun . 

  3. jimmy mack


    i know how to downgrade just asking how long ?? ATS has been waiting for some while new map due in summer ??
  4. jimmy mack


    when we gettin up grades been waiting like mouths ??
  5. when we gettin upgrades 1.37 be waiting  like mouths ???


    1. Pillow


      Soon, that's all we can say. Patience is key :) 

  6. hi  my names on TMP IS JIMMY MACK  when on road dont be shy say hi  i am a 68 year old trucker retired i run for a vtc called northwoods uk look us up on trucksbook come and join us 


  7. wed host sayin its down  whats up ?? 


  8. morning hope all is well ?? 


    1. smackywacky_


      Good morning Jimmy - Everything is good here, i hope it is for you as well

  9. re moving the blanket off 43k, 37mph , limit on motorways , ring roads ,bypasses . that don't go anywhere need towns an city's. . how can this be not simple and straight . ?? all I am asking can you was asked for any suggestions on how to make sim better ??
  10. Right its not a bout the upper speed limit ?. Its about blanket speed on bypasses and ring roads that do not go ant where near the city's an towns they should be set at the right speed ??? YOU ALL MISSED MY POINT OR DIDNT READ IT RIGHT ???
  11. morning all hope you are all well  not been on for a while  due to  bad health but am back hope you have a safe and full drive   

  12. I did drive for real 40 years on road never had a speeding ticket trucks are limited to 56 mph in uk , its up to the driver if he,s daft enough to speed , not been on for a while due to bad health
  13. hope you all had a good chrismass an new year  hope 202 is better than 2019 for you all  cyas on road injoy 


  14. am back to jpm @ sons  don't know why > but I am better off on me own anyway just me and me lads  say hi if you see me on road 


  15. happy new year all  lets hope 2020 is better than 2019 for you all 


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