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  1. SalePro

    Volvo trailer

    Hello @bikerboy388 To get the Volvo trailer, i think you need to have Scandinavia map expansion DLC. If you already have it, you can get it only from specific company located somewhere on Scandinavia.
  2. SalePro

    Add a Real Life Trucking area to the forums

    Not bad suggestion. There are for sure some people that would like to talk to other real life truckers and share their experiences, so this section on the forum would be nice. I am not yet an real-life trucker but i hope i will be in few years. So i will be interested in reading the content of other people and maybe learn something. +1 from me.
  3. SalePro

    Different gears and wheel configurations

    6 gears are better for sure than 12 gear, at least for me and i'll explain below why. 1. Better optimization for low and medium cargoes up to 24T (haven't tested yet with higher tonnes) 2. Much faster acceleration 3. Much easier to use and control gears in many situations 4. Doesn't need that 1 second time to change between gears like on 12+ do, it just still goes forward like you are still in the same gear I am using 6 manual gearbox on almost every truck and it really feels faster than 12 gear so i recommend you take manual instead of automatic.
  4. SalePro

    Favourite Genre of Music

    Literally any kind of Electronic music is my favorite
  5. Congrats once again mate :) Good luck !

  6. No problem mate. Glad i could help you solve your issue.
  7. @ZeRo Bjoern yes it is allowed. But you will not be able to teleport to your camera for example , or change in-game time and things like that. But you can activate the rain/snow if you have winter mod on ( if you wish ), by typing "g_set_weather 0-1" ( 0 - disable , 1 - activate ).
  8. Winter mod is not an excuse for driving Recklessly. He will be treated like others who don't have winter mod on. If you are using winter physics, make sure you drive carefully and slower so you don't slide into barrier or another trucker and make yourself get banned. So, don't mind that he has "winter mod" in his tag, that doesn't change anything. He is still a driver and must drive based on conditions on the road. Also, you don't need to instantly use F7 ( if you got only damage, but not taken out of the road ) , you can type /fix in the chat and your truck will be fixed ( only if you have trailer attached to it ) and it will not fix the trailer, only truck.
  9. SalePro

    So busy last night

    Servers are usually full when the weekend arrives. Probably because lot of people have those 2 days free so they want to enjoy a bit playing on Multiplayer with their friends. And also i think that lots of convoys happen on weekend, so that is one more reason for full servers.
  10. @andy Suter 1. Go to your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/config.cfg( open this configuration file with notepad ) 2. Find these 2 lines: - uset g_console - uset g_developer 3. It will be set to "0" , you have to change it to "1" on both lines. 4. Save the file and enter the game, click on "Drive". ( you can use console while in main menu as well ) 5. Click ` to open the console. ( It is located right below Esc ) And when you opened it,you know the rest
  11. You can do that easily when you have activated console. Just open the console while in-game and type "s_interior_volume" and press Enter. It will say that it is set to 2.0 for example. So if you want to increase the interior sounds you need to type "s_interior_volume 1-10" ( 1 - most quiet , 10 - most loud ) so you just choose in between based on how much loud you want it to be. About which truck you should drive, i would say New gen or Old gen scania. And if you have Mighty Griffin DLC ( Scania tuning pack DLC ) you will have lots of customisation which is great and so you can make your scania look pretty. Both V8 scania sounds are good enough, but if i could use sound mods i would definitely use open pipe one, or reworked stock one by Kriechbaum ( you can check it on youtube, or SCS forums )
  12. This would be nice addon. As said above, i can confirm that lots of people are spamming their horns for no actual reason other than to annoy other players. I know that there is an option in TMP settings to disable horns, but not all people know this,and horns are sometimes actually usefull so this would be great thing to add. About how it could be modified,is when player presses H or N and if he holds it for 3-5 seconds, he will get a warning that he should release it and not use it for another at least 20 seconds or he will get kicked within the next 5-10 seconds. ( just an example from me )
  13. SalePro

    Winter mod is now available!

    @RedstoneOre25 no it does not. It works only in ETS2.