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Suggestion to "10 seconds no headlights"

Team NLD Gaming

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I myself never got kicked for no lights, but i think it's a very good idea to do this. It's very dangerous driving at night without lights and you can't see them till the last second. For newcommers and people who don't understand english, it would be a very good and understandable addition to make the roads safer. +1 


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I think adding that little extra addition would help people who may be abit fixed on things happening on the road at the time as i isnt the most visible when your not looking for it as id agree so simple noise to get your attention would be a good addition to the game.

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Greetings TMP Community Members,


I think this a rather good suggestion on the side of making the notification more noticeable for players, the current system isn't very good and just flags up with the message that you'll be kicked in 15 seconds for no headlights in chat. Currently not a lot of people look in the chat therefore people might not see this notification and this is when people are kicked from the game.

I support having a notification that pops up on the screen which tells you to turn on the screen, similar to the one when you try open the map or something else why driving, it would be a good idea and therefore make it more noticeable for people to see the message to turn the headlights on. This would be more work for the Development Team however this would be a worth it in the long run I think.


This suggestion should therefore be accepted and I show my support for this topic.







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