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  1. In general what I can hear: it's that the rolling wheels, and window roll up/down sound don't work at populated areas. It's like they shut down when lot of noise is going on. But I understand that we have to wait, it's an update with lot of features that TMP Stuff is working hard (1.38 update also). So at least what I know is that will get fixed soon. Just I'll be patient Greetings.
  2. You're right. I mean, any road can have eventually a lot of people, so if that zone it's not affected by the speed limiter, it could be dangerous for the people who drive well and want to have a good time. So it would need a more complex system that puts the speed limiter at zones where the amount of players is higher than X (a desired number of players). But well, I see this like an unnecesary effort.
  3. Well, in my case I agree with the majotity of opinions here. Increase the speed limit will make the game more preoblematic, specially for those (like me) who travel between 90 and 110 km/h and enjoy the ride with an empty trailer or a light cargo with friends. But what I see here is a little misunderstanding in what the creator of this thread (sorry but your name is a little difficult) wants to say. He wants to, at least, increase the speed limit on less populated areas (out of the "zone" of: Calais, Duisburg, Rotterdam, Brussel, Lille, Amsterdam). What I'm seeing here is that lot of people understand that the idea is increase the speed limit of all TMP (this is what I understood). Anyways I've a neutral opinion. I think that 110 km/h it's OK for populated roads. but, I agree that in some cases, it's a little boring in large, straight and empty roads. But I can say that because I can control such speeds. Obviously the truth is that there're a some players that can't control their braking and make lives impossible for those players that do the things well. So in conclussion, I say that the game needs to stay like now.
  4. +1 I totally agree with this. This is a problem that starts on TMP or the game optimization, because you could have a very powerful PC and still freezing while loading. Not only in Duisburg-Calais city. This also happens to me in Luxembourg (not the busiest city of the game). Also, this "loading screen freeze" just happens on MP; in singleplayer there's no further problem. So we can tell that technically it's not our fault. The problem here is that for reconnect, you have to close the game and repeat the process. This can be avoided if we could have a "/reconnect" command that can be used on the chat and done!. And this solution is also great and more efficient that the previous one I mentioned, but the credit indeed goes on @Mr Lispy (and @butilka123 for the creation of this suggestion). If the game does all those processes before connecting, it's pretty impossible to be kicked while the load of the game.
  5. I personally use 6x2/4 Midlift. I think it's a perfect hybrid between 4x2 and 6x2. When I have my trailer empty, or I'm in a city at low speeds, I have the axle up. When I hit the road loaded, with +18 tons, I let the axle down. That allows me to have better control on those types of cargoes, and maybe have a better luck if I get stuck.
  6. +1 For this feature. The thing is that, mentioned as above, I don't think that TMP will allow to use a mod while we play MP. Maybe it can be implemented as an optional feature, where you can activate/deactivate (obviously, in terms or rights, they will need to talk to the mod creator and see if he doesn't have any problem xd).
  7. I think that I understand what he is saying: he wants that the trucks that "go through you" while you park your trailer (we all know that usually every time the zone where you have to park is the same for every player) might change their visibility (like an opacity %) so it's easier to park. Because there're situations where there're like 3 trucks at the same spot looking for park their trailers and it's a little annoying. Well, I don't know if it's the same thing that the creator of this topic wants, but it's a try xD.
  8. In my opinion, the mod is OK (not great, not terrible). I mean, it's a nice challenge because sometimes you'll need to change your driving type, maybe more cautious and/or slower. You don't know what could happen because now the road is frosty xD. This would work nice in C-D (trucks driving at better speeds like between 60 - 80 km/h) but some players don't give a... and drive at 110 km/h like nothing happened and then well, you know the end of the story. On the other hand, the physics are OK too, but I think that they need a little re-adjust. Anyways it's optional and I personally deactivated it. I like it but in simulation 1 everything can happen. Going 80 km/h and magically loose control of your truck hitting another on the other lane and you'll have a new report. In that case I would appeal with my video of the situation, because: if I was driving at the speed limit and had an accident because a bug of the physics (loosing control at 75 / 80 km/h), I think that I don't deserve any ban because it wasn't my intention to loose control and hit the other player (and driving respecting the rules).
  9. I personally use a G920 + Shifter and both are nice. I'm really happy with these. I bought it two years ago and I'm not having any problems for now.
  10. +1 I think that the general concept of the idea: avoid collision with players that recently connect/reconnect by connecting only in NCZ or (like someone wrote up there) exiting ghost mode when the truck doesn't touch another one it's a nice suggestion just because it's very annoying the fact that you can loose a lot of money and XP because a nice player that doesn't pull over to a side when he quits the game or disconnects by accident.
  11. In SP, it depends of the truck, just to add more realism to the game. If I'm driving a new generation Scania, I would be using an automatic transmission (with some eco / power mode, so the behavior depends on how far do you press the gas pedal), and if I'm using an old Renault, or an old Scania (like a 114h), I would be using a manual, so you know the difference about driving experience between an old truck and a new one. In MP, I always use manual, no matter what truck would I be driving. The experience in MP is different (in SP I use physics and truck mods, where you can't go more than 80 km/h because you will have a rollover crash), and I need total control on my truck, just for emergency situations (example: emergency braking on a hill= with an automatic: 80% of possibilities to get stuck | With a manual: having skills with the clutch is the important thing for not getting stuck.
  12. I think it's a great idea. It happens something similar to me. My loadscreen takes some 10 to 13 seconds (first load after turning on the PC), meanwhile I am already connected, losing seconds of ghost mode. The solution to this is to load the game previously on SP, so the next time, will be faster. Obviously, I never quit the game on the middle of the road, so accidents don't happen to me. Anyways, it's a better idea to change from seconds to units. So more problems will be solved, like @Glada_Laxen situation. Regrettably, it's easier to improve a better (efficient) system, rather that teach players. I mean, TMP can make videos or reports of the correct way to quit the game or make saves (a very easy thing to do, I know). But there'll always be people that wouldn't see them and cause the same problems that nowadays we're argueing for. Thinking of an official rule, so someone could ban those people that don't learn would demand a harder work from the Game moderation team (see if the situation deserves a ban or not, or if he was corrected parked or not), so again: it's easier and more efficiente to improve an existing system, so more problems will be solved.
  13. You're right. Why people used to go 120 km/h? (some of them causing accidents because no braking or overtaking in dangerous zones). Because the game physics allows them, you can see how you can turn at 120 km/h (without heavy load), and the truck won't rollover or loose control. A big potential feature to reduce fast people is the game physics. More realistic driving =less people going 150 km/h because they will crash every second. This has a disadvantage anyways: Some players will keep crashing because no learning of the game physics and I think it will be a bigger problem (more accidents due to control loose / braking issues). So thinking it twice, the speed limits are the best option for now.
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