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  1. I used 6 Speed Transmission on my truck, for me it was good at one point.
  2. I don't drive there much, but there is always a lot of joy there.
  3. The sensitivity of my Brake is almost at its maximum, I do not allow it at the maximum because the truck can skid when braking.
  4. Scandinavia is the one I love most for its beautiful landscapes and roads, perhaps it is my favorite place.
  5. Hi mate, I liked your idea and I hope that SCS will implement this soon.
  6. Hello, I know a place but I don't remember, when I remember I tell you.
  7. Es gibt verschiedene Dinge, damit Ihr Spiel langsam ist, Ihr Internet, die Verbindung zum Server kann stabil sein, versuchen Sie, eine Verbindung zu Ihrem Internet über Kabel herzustellen, da es mit WLAN nicht sehr empfehlenswert ist.
  8. Im Mehrspielermodus gibt es keinen Verkehr mit Autos oder Bussen. Nur Online-Spieler.
  9. Kirkenes is an example of a popular road in Promods, some dirt and winding roads can become popular routes.
  10. I drive at 99 Km/H usually I see some people traveling at this speed too, basically I don't overtake, but when I see that I can overtake, I go.
  11. Sometimes it is really tiring that you are waiting for your report, the administrators do a great job. But remember that they don’t spend all day looking at Reports and more reports, it can really take a while, be patient with it and wait for a response from the Administrators.
  12. So always be recording, and post on the TMP website because it will help you, I know how it is and I have been through it several times.
  13. I really have my company, and I like to drive with my friends. When I drive alone I listen to music so I don't get any sleep.
  14. I really drove the truck through the keyboard for a long time, but I recommend a Logitech G29 steering wheel, in case you are purchasing. He is very good!
  15. This is really sad, here where I live there are already 80 cases that have not yet been confirmed, just now I received the news that the Governor of the State where I live decreed Quarantine for 15 days. This is terrible, we can't leave the house let alone live our normal lives for now.
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