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  1. This is good, thanks for that and for the information contained here.
  2. There are several reasons for this, ETS2 is really better known by the TruckersMP and SCS Software community.
  3. This is a good idea, a little work to set the example in the image xD.
  4. Die TruckersMP-Community ist wirklich groß und wird immer größer. Als ich sie sah, war ich auch überrascht, weil ich gleichzeitig viel Online-Spieler war.
  5. The time varies a lot for me, so I'm not sure how long I stay in the game.
  6. I currently use two trucks, Volvo and Scania. I use Scania more, I don't like having many trucks.
  7. Hallo, dies ist tagsüber üblich, da die Server überfüllt sind und Personen anwesend sind, die andere Personen im Spiel trollen möchten. Dies ist wirklich nutzlos. Meiner Meinung nach werden solche Dinge unabhängig davon immer im Spiel angezeigt Zeit oder Ort.
  8. I prefer articulated trailers, when driving you have more responsibility and it's fun.
  9. Hello, I am currently using my Xbox Controller to play, but soon I will have a G29 which is a very good steering wheel.
  10. Dies sollte bald abnehmen und zu dem zurückkehren, was es vorher war.
  11. I have been playing since 2017, a while ago I was discouraged to play and now I have 516 Hours.
  12. Hello friend, as the other users said, the Administrators are at different times. I believe there are more than 50 Administrators in the game, everyone has their duties, or stay with the family or work. Moderators cannot be online 24 hours a day, moreover, they also have reports on the site to be checking and this is tiring, if you don't see that there are Moderators in the game, you must record a video of a player breaking the rules of the game and you can report on the TruckersMP Site but be patient in waiting for a response from a Administrator.
  13. I used 6 Speed Transmission on my truck, for me it was good at one point.
  14. I don't drive there much, but there is always a lot of joy there.
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