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  1. BattleFog0

    HalkoTrans Logistics | Rekrutacja: OTWARTA

    Nasz CEO złapany na nowym DLC
  2. BattleFog0

    Summer Road |6.07.2019

  3. HalkoTrans Logistics zostało założone przez kierowców @BattleFog0 oraz Człapka. Zrzeszamy kierowców, którzy jazdę traktują jako hobby, a nie obowiązek. Motto Firmy: Jeździsz kiedy masz na to ochotę ... a nie kiedy musisz. SZEF @BattleFog0 CEO @Pubbe Aby dołączyć do naszej wesołej spedycji, musisz spełnić kilka podstawowych warunków: WYMAGANIA 1. Do spedycji przyjmowane są osoby w wieku 17 lat lub więcej 2. Posiadające poczucie humoru oraz dystans do samego siebie 3. Sprawny mikrofon oraz chęci do wspólnej jazdy 4. Znajomość regulaminu firmy HalkoTrans Logistics Oferujemy luźną, przyjacielską atmosferę oraz eventy firmowe. Email: [email protected]
  4. BattleFog0

    Add a Real Life Trucking area to the forums

    That's a good idea. I'd like to read some funny stories from different routes.
  5. BattleFog0

    Link to the Player at Report system

    It looks like a good idea. +1
  6. BattleFog0

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  7. BattleFog0

    Reconnect option

    Hello, Suggestion Name: Reconnect to server Suggestion Description: Add a command to chat which may look like this - /reconnect. It would add you to the queue and then you could reconnect to server without turning the game off. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: It would be easier to relog - no need to restart the game. If it was previously suggested sorry for spam. Could not find any related posts.
  8. BattleFog0


    Great idea - but 5 seconds is not long. If it was at least 30 sec it would be ok. +1
  9. BattleFog0

    Small roads?

    You can find some routes in Poland as well. The graphics may not be as good as Baltic Sea DLC but i think it is worth a visit.
  10. I can't wait for Balkans to be added. I thought it would be added before Romania.
  11. BattleFog0

    CB Radio Buttons

    It may be very useful for some people. Small change, which could help.
  12. +1 Would love to see such thing in game.
  13. BattleFog0

    Inform Truck Drivers of Cars (skoda) approaching

    If driver wants to ram you - he will do it anyway. No alarms will prevent such situation. So i think it's just not worth working on.