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  1. your yes Support ? steam eorror  truckeersmp euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Selveri 

  2. I feel it would be better if the screen did not fade out, it does disrupt driving, very good suggestion. +1
  3. Hello all, I noticed this topic has been sitting in open for discussion for a while, I feel this feature should be added to make it particularly easier for wheel users to speak on CB while driving - it is really difficult to press X while driving and in fact brings lack of concentration which could lead to an accident on the road. This may be a bit of work on the Dev's side but I feel it is definitely something to consider for future projects.
  4. Suggestion Name: Reporting Players In Game (Tab Menu) Suggestion Description: For long enough I've noticed a commonly repeating issue in game which even I've struggled with when someone decides to break the rules in front of me. Like Game Moderators, I would like to have a feature available to users to open the tab menu and click on the suspected person who broke the rule and then identifying the rule they broke, such as ramming. I feel this would make it much easier for users to submit a report without having to try and find the suspect in the list. I do understand you also have /pinfo to report on the website but I just wanted to try make it easier to report players in game. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I think this feature should be added to the game as it would make it so much easier for users to report others breaking the rules as stated above. Though I do feel this could increase the volume of reports as well, I would like to hear others thoughts on this topic and whether others in the community share this particular thought.
  5. @Melmon remember the developers also have real life commitments and do not always have time to create patches for the game. Be patient and wait for them to finish adding to the scripts - it will be released when it is ready. If you pressure the Development Team then it will take them even longer to finish the patch for the update. Thanks, Welshboy
  6. Welshboy346

    Donator Tags

    Hi Everyone, I do feel like users who donate should receive more recognition to contributing to the running of the community. However I feel the 30 days period and then having to donate again to keep the tag contradicts what you are saying here. I think they should just be given the tag regardless if they donate again after that point on because it shows appreciation. I just feel it would be better not to have an expiration and also it would be a lot of work for the Forum Team to keep track of all the donator's unless they can put an automated script in place. I will support this thread if they changed the period of time you have the role to non expiry. Thanks, Welshboy
  7. Good Evening Everyone, This topic particularly caught my eye with the concern for user privacy. Currently every user actively playing the game can be found just by using their username or in game ID if they are streaming on Twitch. It is becoming exceedingly obvious that more players are being targeted by those with the intent to troll and to ruin the experience for other road users. @Petrova has raised such an important point when it comes to the community, having that option to hide your location from public view on the ETS2 Live Map. I feel this would slightly cut down on the amount of trolling cases and therefore will make it harder for a user to find you. In conclusin, @Petrova has my full support with this topic and I hope from the feedback in this thread; the suggestion will be added to the current project plan. regards, Welshboy
  8. Hello TruckersMP Community Members, This discussion has been sitting in open discussion for sometime now.... However I feel @Speedy_TMP has raised an important topic, right now you must press the letter "X" in order to talk on the CB. Being mentioned that this diverts the attention of drivers trying to find this particular key in order to communicate. Furthermore I believe this is one of the main causes of crashes on populated roads causing more people to get in trouble. I think this feature would be something useful to add because it can be preset to a button of preference either on a wheel, controller or somewhere else on the keyboard. In conclusion, Speedy has my support on this topic and I feel the Development Team should look into this feature further. Thanks, Rhys
  9. Hi TMP Community Members, In regards to the topic above, I think this is a good idea because it will allow for players to report issues on the forums easier, make the job of the admins easier by having the ID available to them with a glance and also as a whole be better for more severe situations such as blocking. This could be show under the name as displayed or beside it, it is something that could be looked into further. In conclusion, I think this is a good idea and would be a great future. You have my support. Thanks, Rhys
  10. Welshboy346


    Hi TMP Community Members, I think this suggestion is not something that should be added as a feature into the game, as mentioned there is the option of removing that sound from your game. There are many reasons for people pressing the horn including to greet passing trucks, in road rage or to warn of an accident or other drivers of a hazard. I feel this feature would be more work for the Development Team as a whole. Furthermore I could see this feature causing further issues in the future with players including complaints. In conclusion, I feel this feature should not be implemented and therefore I do not support this topic. Thanks, Rhys
  11. Hi TruckersMP Community Members, In regards to this topic, I don't think it is necessary to add an alarm for every car on the game approaching and to warn you of the speed limit of that person. It is useless work for the Development Team and isn't a feature that'd make much of a different. Furthermore it would spam if you went on for example the C-D road, it would be an endless sound and therefore would annoy users. In conclusion, I am not in support of this topic due to this reason it is a useless feature and won't make any significant change. Thanks, Rhys
  12. Greetings TMP Community Members, I think this a rather good suggestion on the side of making the notification more noticeable for players, the current system isn't very good and just flags up with the message that you'll be kicked in 15 seconds for no headlights in chat. Currently not a lot of people look in the chat therefore people might not see this notification and this is when people are kicked from the game. I support having a notification that pops up on the screen which tells you to turn on the screen, similar to the one when you try open the map or something else why driving, it would be a good idea and therefore make it more noticeable for people to see the message to turn the headlights on. This would be more work for the Development Team however this would be a worth it in the long run I think. This suggestion should therefore be accepted and I show my support for this topic. Thanks, Rhys
  13. Greetings TruckersMP Community Members, I think this is a good suggestion as whole for further development with the game allowing for you to have more accurate distances but also indication of how close they are coming by others means by colour. However I think it would also be a bit of work for the development team to carry out in order to implement this type of feature to the servers furthermore having the graphs could cause further strain to user systems and also in regards to the colours, these are used a lot of the time therefore the whole thing would need redone in order to go by this. When you have friends in the game usually their blip is green and normal are white but these are different depending on user settings. To reiterate my point in this topic, this is a good suggestion however there's a lot of work involved in adding this feature and therefore wouldn't be seen for the far future even if it were accepted. In conclusion, I am not in support of this particular topic since it is not really need right now. This could be considered in future updates though. Thanks, Rhys
  14. Suggestion Name: Skoda Superb - Fuel Range when driving Suggestion Description: Greetings fellow truckers, For some time now I've had something really bothering me when playing the game and furthermore using the Skoda add on vehicle on TruckersMP. You may ask what this post is about? Well I'll tell you..... So every once and a while I use the Skoda in order to go on road trips with friends, supervise and direct a convoy and lastly to check out different area of the map. When I have been driving the Skoda however I've been running into the problem of needing to refuel the car, bare in mind I've also not traveled a large distance. It gets annoying when I constantly need to fuel the car and in my opinion it currently is not realistic. The add on team claimed to have fixed this issue but so far I see no change in the fuel economy at all. I understand that they have their own lives but this is something that should've been looking into prior to adding the mod into the game. I want to hear your thoughts on the matter! Any example images: Unavailable, would be hard to capture in an image. Why should it be added?: The add on team should consider looking into the issue because right now I dislike using the Skoda due to this issue, it has properly affected other users as well.
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