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  1. Hello , for two days i try make works the Almar CB radio in TruckersMP i try Xpadder to set it to X key i try Joy program and all is good its recognized as X key but in truckers MP not work... later i test it in Discord push to talk key and the Almar CB radio was detected as a Gamepad 4 (not X key) in steam is X key detection... so where i miss something or cant do it propertly! I need any Recent Help ... cannot find any new topic or info or video or any guyde how to do it ... everything what i find didnt work till now ! (and yes the CB radio its conected and tested and its works perfect... only in TruckersMP not respond when i press it like X key ! Thanks if someone can help me !
  2. Its good idea to have some extra Visual or Sound notification ! For people with 4k screens are really dificult to read the text and sometimes did not see it at all ! Also for 3 monitors sometimes you dont check left corner of the screen ! Its not a problem at all , but gone a help a lot !
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