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  1. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    PSA - QUIT Yielding to Traffic That MUST Yield to YOU!

    Hello. First I'm a bit shocked that this is written by an GM-Leader and not from a Newbie. So, first off all, the 220 DIDN'T stopped abrupt at all. Also it was nice from the 220 to let the other truck pull out, just imagine that you we're in that truck that wanted to pull out and no-one is stopping to let you in. You would never be able to pull away from the "Yield-Point"! Also the other 3 trucks that overtook the slowly braking truck have 100% of the fault, because it were unsafe overtaking maneuvres. That would be the same irl. Also if the other truck would have tailgated, the truck infront didn't brake-checked him, so the truck behind "would" have the fault for crashing in the truck infront, cause of tailgating and reckless driving. Hope you understand it now. If you drive irl you should understand it anyway. Best regards Flying Cat
  2. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    New game mode (an apology)

    Thank you for clearing everything up. Waiting for it, but I'm patient. Best regards Flying Cat
  3. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    1 free game for new users! take the game you want!

    Hello there Thank you very much for the information! Well, should be quite clear that this can't be real, because who gives away free stuff? It makes no sense for a company, because it's to expensive and doesn't help to make money. Anyway, I'm sure you helped some people here! Thanks for warning! Kind regards Flying Cat
  4. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    No plug-in response

    Hello there! Please explain us clearly what the problem is, otherwise we can't help. We don't even know what you plugged in, when it happend and under which circumstances. Please edit your question and quote me, so I get a notification, if you still need any help. If you wish, you can also send me a PM, my inbox is always open. Have a good day Kind regards Flying Cat
  5. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    What does everyone think about the new apex legends battle royale?

    So, I informed me a bit more, also over friends of mine. (We discussed the theme in the bus) So, I have to say that I think it's again just one of those games I don't like to play. So I probably won't touch it at all. Anyway, everyone that enjoys such games, just go and play it, but I'll rather work outdoor or go and play football. Have a great day everyone Best regards Flying Cat
  6. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    What does everyone think about the new apex legends battle royale?

    Hello there! I think it's a good idea to make such a game that competes with fortnite, pubg, battlegrounds and so on. Anyway, I probably won't play it, or if I do, i won't for long, like fornite. (I only played 3 hours or so in fortnite as it first came out, after I didn't touched it again.) Have a good day. Regards Flying Cat
  7. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    laptop dose not connect to server

    Hello! What do you mean with you can't connect to the server. What is the issue? Any warningmessages from the laptop? If yes, please send some screenshots. Also make sure you're internetconnection is working properly. I'm waiting for your answer. Kind regards Flying Cat
  8. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    How do i play with my friend

    To be in the same company/create one, you can take a look at "FPH SpedV". Take a look at in, may consider also to look some videos about it on yt so you know how to work with it. Best regards Flying Cat
  9. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    trailers for cars

    Absolutly! You only have to imagine how much payload you can move in a caravan attached to a car.
  10. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    trailers for cars

    Hello Well I thnk it's good, because you can't transport big and much loads with a caravan attached to a car. So it's normal that it isn't to profitable. The price seems to be much to high since long so I think ti's good that they limit it. Have a good day. Best regards Flying Cat
  11. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    Longest Truck in ETS2? (just trucks, not trailer!)

    Hello there. I think the longest truck would be the new MAN TGX Euro 6 8x4. I hope I could help you Have a good day and enjoy trucking Best regards Flying Cat
  12. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    i have a Version problem/ my friend not me

    I see the problem, you have to make the ETS2 update for the 1.34. It's out already and you have to have it, to play MP now. It's written in the warning-message. You have the and you have to get the So just update the game. I hope I could help. For further questions, feel free to quote me in this topic or send me a PM, my inbox is always open. Good luck. Best regards Flying Cat
  13. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    Hot topic #12: Virtual companies

    Hello everyone! So, I've been in many VTC's. Mostly we used FPH. I absolutly loved spedi4you but sadly they closed. We used some time also TrucksBook but I don't really like it. Now we use again FPH and I made an own Spedition. (Send me a PM if you wanna join ) Now to my experience. Mostly they are nice people in those VTC's but what I really hated, was the minimum we had to drive. Sometimes multiple thousand miles/kilometers and that drove me crazy sometimes. (In my VTC, no minimums are required) Because some weeks I have plenty of time and I'm absolutly willing to drive so much but other weeks I have much to work and much things going on privatly. Also some users/owners of those VTC's are awful and think you have endless time. It even has much people that don't work the whole day and only drive ETS2. Often they think that they are "boss" or better then you because of their stats etc. Even if they have "no life" in my thinking, because they just sit infront of the computer all day long. Take care everyone and enjoy trucking! Kind regards Flying Cat
  14. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    New MAN TGX Euro 6 is out !

    Same from my side. I'm hyped too. Also more for the MAN will come soon. From teh SCS Blog: "In the future, it will be complemented by an up to date current production model, The Efficient Line 3." So, we have to stay tuned for more. Best regards Flying Cat
  15. [E-T CEO] Flying Cat

    Unreliable Connection

    Hello there! Seem like you're having an unreliable internetconnection. Try to restart your internetrouter. Also may consider to plug in your LAN-cable. If you've done all this, go on a server which is the nearest to your current location. I hope I could help you with those informations. If you have any further questions, quote me in this topic or send me a PM. My inbox is always open. Kind regards Flying Cat