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Hi I'm introducing myself. Bye

Hi, My name is Craig, I am from the UK and joined the team in August 2014, I took the role of Admin-In-Game on 28th August and have been playing ETS2 then started playing ETS2MP soon after finding it

Hi i`m ProXy form Romania Age - 35 City - Athens Nick in game: [Ro] Express ProXy



My username is LondonLad but my real name is Alex ;)

- I am from London, UK! (duh) 

- I am 22 years of age

- I am a Senior DJ @ Eurotruckradio.com (DJ London)

- My Hobbies are Film/Photography - Games - Theatre - Tech etc etc.

- I have played ETS2 and ETS2MP since.. that time I don't remember.. 

- I lived in Australia for 2 years.. from 2011-2013 (19-21 years old)

- aannnddd... other things and stuff I does goes here sorta.


churs :D good to meet you all!

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Here goes, Lets began with the details about me :D 


Name: Empire KickAss (don't like telling my real name) people call me Empire

Location: I live in Australia, the small State of Tasmania. In the Next 3 months I'm moving to United Kingdom.

Age: (don't like telling private information) But I'm 21


I'm Studying in IT (information Technology). and Love doing gaming. You can follow me.


You tube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQtbO8weWWuLz8jWiDi_dQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/empire24453   

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Guest Tuxy Fluffyclaws

Hi ya,


I'm TuxyQ, I live in Norway, roughly 25 years old(less than a month out now ;)), Mod @ CCTV and your "friendly" statistician with ets2mpstats.com where I do stats around ETS2MP, ETR, and the twitch chat.

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Hello. My name is Neven (nickname: Zulnex) and I am 32 years old. I have finally found some free time to register again on these new and improved forums.


I have been playing ETS2 since release and SCS Software games since their lovely "Bus Driver" game.


I am a truck driver in real life and have been driving for several years now (licensed for: straight truck, truck+trailer, intercity coach /city bus/minibus).


During my day off I also drive a truck in ETS2 mp. :)


Greetings from a Canadian truck driver.

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Hey yall, I'm Travis, 23 years old, from Kansas, and run a wrecker service with my step dad.

I've been playing SCS games since the original 'Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel' and ETS2 MP since its release.

Gotta give a big thanks to SCS, Rootkiller, MP Team, Modders, and the overall community for making this game what it is today!

Oh and I love to build Sim game setups- https://scontent-b-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/10711045_847699408582361_6915652065955065804_n.jpg?oh=7ce6464865ff4d4cd6841e0006ca7852&oe=54D2BC5F

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Hi everybody,

I'm yankor (real live Yannick Kordel)

Country : Germany

City : Fell by Trier in Rheinland-Pfalz(don't know the english name... )

Age : 17 years old

Glass Explorer :)

I play to ETS2 since 1 year

Ingame name : yankor (GER)

I also play Farming Simulator 13/15, and more.

I hope to see you soon in the game.

Best regards

Yankor :)

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Hey there. Im antrax737, u can call me anti, my real name is Klemen, im 18 im from Slovenia, Postojna ( u might heared of that city before- one of the biggest caves in the world)

Im student who is gaming a lot, maybe too much. I also drive enduro just for fun.

Im playing/have played so many games in past 6 months i probably wont remember em all:

BF4, BF3, Thief, gta 4, Grid 2, asseto corsa, Ets2, farming sim 15, and wainting for The Crew.

Cya on the road ;D

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Hello, my name is PaKe (Paulus) and im from finland.

I've driven in ETS2 already over 200 000km so i know what to do :D

I've played lots of different games like: mw2, Live for speed, wolfestein enemy territory, delta force extreme, bf3 and bf4 :)

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Might as well.


Clarkinator, 21 from Australia. One of the TS3 admins. Currently on summer holidays from university so bring on the sweltering 3 months off. Don't play as much any more but got 144 hours of gameplay before the patch. Now I'm just chilling being a part of the community and helping people wherever I can.

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Hey guys, must say i love your intruductions so far! :D here's mine 


My name is Joe and i am 21 years old. I come from Norway and I love playing ets2 mp and i will continue as far as i can see forward. I am a bodybuilder and my 3 things i love most is gaming, working out and driving my forest harvester. I will work in the forest for about 2-3 more years before i start in the army. 


I heard about the mp mod 3 days before the actual mod came out so i was very excited about how it would be.


Got any questions about anything? just send me a pm, and i will see what i can do about it ;)

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Since this topic was brought out of its grave, I think I'd might as well give myself a proper introduction...

Hello, my name is The Leeds Lad, formerly OfficialGHG (which is also my twitch name) and I live in the town Morley in the Leeds area.


I am 15 years old and my real life name is Alex(ander). I play simulators and occasionly my Xbox. Though next year is my final year if school, which means that exams will be coming to me left right and centre.

I also take your requests to create crazy looking trucks and turn slow and dreary trucks into super speed fast ones.

Many thanks! :D

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Hi I'm Miles

My real name is Miles, I live in the UK.

Studying TEFL (Teaching English As a Foreign Language) & Czech To teach English abroad for a year in multiple countries, then settle in the Czech Republic to teach English there.


Been with the community since Beta (Kinda, Made an account on the old forums and like, 2 posts but the mod didn't work for me so I left) and started playing in January, Then, I went away recently, for a long time. Mainly due to persistent fatal errors, work, and GTA V. :( 


Current job: IT Repairs, Opsec & security, Encrypting hard drives for small businesses and individuals, Malware removal, Data cleansing and securing as well as PC repairs and upgrades (because I hate how local shops can charge £90 to open the side of a case and put 2 pieces of RAM into the motherboard) 

I also make and sell Eliquid for Vapers :) 


Vehicle: Black Golf MK5 S


That's about it :) 

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I'm FaanDean as always in another games, youtube, twitch also FaanDean. My real name is Fint, I'm currently in second grade of University, Faculty of Art and Design. I love gaming and play a lot, since i only have class 3 days a week (6 class) and bunch of sketching homework. I'm from anywhere, i move a lot when i was young until i arrived in this asian country, the food is amazing! 


I've been playing ETS2 since its released and stop for years until the MP is released. I just active in Forum for the past few month because i used to just read it and i don't no what to reply. I can speak 3 language but not all is perfect, since i hear many different language everyday and the most of it is chinese language but i can't understand it even a word  :D

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